SOMA Terra Organic Dark


Digitaler Synthesizer mit Touch-Keyboard

  • 12-stimmig polyphon
  • 12 dynamische Noten-Sensoren aus Metall, anschlagdynamisch und mit Aftertouch
  • 4 dynamische Sensoren aus Metall zur Steuerung verschiedener Klangparameter
  • weitere Touch-Sensoren zur Transponierung der Tastatur in Oktaven und Halbtönen
  • einfrieren der momentanen Klangparameter und Noten und zur Stimmung der Tastatur
  • frei programmierbare Microtonale Stimmung der Tastatur
  • 32 unterschiedliche Synthese-Algorithmen, darunter polyphone Synth-Sounds, Acoustic Modelling, Klangschalen, Glocken, Bässe, Solo Lead-Sounds, Drums, Percussion und experimentelle Algorithmen
  • 8 Regler für Syntheseparameter, Lautstärke und Effektsektion
  • weitere Touch-Sensoren zur Auswahl der Presets, globalen Einstellungen und Editierung weiterer Syntheseparameter
  • integriertes Gyroskop für Vibrato und weiterte Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten
  • Effektsektion mit wählbarem Reverb- oder Echo-Modus
  • Speicherplätze für 96 Presets
  • MIDI-Controler Modus inkl. MPE-Support
  • 2x Line-Ausgang: 6,3 mm Klinke
  • Stereo Kopfhörerausgang: 6,3 mm Klinke
  • MIDI In/Out (5-Pol DIN)
  • USB-A Port für Flash Drive
  • solides Gehäuse aus dunkel gebeiztem Eichenholz, klar lackiert
  • Abmessungen (B x T x H): 405 x 365 x 57 mm
  • Gewicht: 2,2 kg
  • inkl. externes Netzteil (12 V DC)
Erhältlich seit August 2023
Artikelnummer 569111
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Anzahl der Tasten 12
Anschlagdynamik Ja
Aftertouch Ja
Keyboard Split Nein
Modulation Wheel Nein
Anzahl der Stimmen 12
Tonerzeugung Digital
Speichermedium USB Medien
USB Anschluss Ja
Effekte Reverb, Delay
Arpeggiator Ja
Anzahl der analogen Ausgänge 2
Digitalausgang Nein
Display Nein
Pedal Anschlüsse Keine
Maße 405 x 365 x 57 mm
Gewicht 2,2 kg
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1.599 €
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TERRA - first impressions
stereofonico 11.09.2023
Terra is a highly versatile polyphonic and microtonal synthesizer. Its capabilities range from producing beautiful tones to intricate atonal noise, all with smooth and rapid transitions between these sonic extremes. Its sound is exceptionally expansive, evoking a sense of spaciousness in the pads it generates (Digs into your soul!). The inclusion of microtonality allows you to delve into more complex soundscapes, to craft your own scales and break free from the conventional Western note system. Online you will find plenty of examples, just dig a bit and you will see that you can grow from sci-fi stuff, to noise to church oriented soundscapes in matter of seconds.

The Interface:
Despite its unconventional shape, TERRA's interface proves surprisingly intuitive. Its absence of a screen means you won't find yourself navigating through labyrinthine menus. Virtually everything you need is readily accessible (or nearly so). However, I strongly recommend reading the manual (RTFM); dedicating just 30 minutes to this will significantly enhance your learning curve, enabling you to focus on the joy of playing and creating beautiful soundscapes.

Note: If you have particularly large or small hands, I would advise you to test it out in a shop first, as this may impact the instrument's usability (distance between the sensors is same for everyone)

Core of the Product (why buying it?)
Terra is fundamentally designed for PLAYING and PERFORMING. Its sensors exhibit remarkable sensitivity, providing a delightful level of expressiveness. In my opinion, Terra caters to those who relish the tactile experience of "touching" and "playing" rather than extensive programming. It's the kind of instrument that, once opened, throw you into a meditative session lasting hours, fostering a deep connection between "gesture" and "sound".

Yes, Terra comes with a substantial price tag. Why? Well, it's because the components used are of exceptional quality, and considerable effort has gone into conceptualizing and designing the instrument. We all understand that inexpensive equipment often falls short in durability. Personally, I have no regrets about the investment I made in this instrument (thus far). Sometimes, I simply open it and use it as a meditative practice.
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google translate gb
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Intriguing and awesome
Anonym 03.09.2023
A big fan of Soma and been waiting for this since it was announced. It does not disappoint. So much to dig into and explore but also very intuitive to just plug in and play. The presets are all interesting and all can be tinkered with to unusual end. Paired with the Cosmos it really shines.

Typically great Thomann ordering and delivery too
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