Dynaudio 18S


Aktiver Subwoofer

  • besonders niedriger unterer Frequenzbereich 16 Hz
  • Leistung: 500 W
  • Bestückung: 2x 9.5" (24 cm) Langhub-Tieftöner
  • Class-D Verstärker
  • Frequenzbereich: 16 - 230 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Maximalpegel (1m): 110 dB
  • Trennfrequenz: 50 - 150 Hz einstellbarer Lowpass Filter
  • Master/Slave Funktion
  • erweiterter DSP mit Presets
  • Anschlüsse: XLR, Cinch
  • SAT Ausgang mit abschaltbaren Highpass Filter
  • LC-Display
  • Auto On/Off Funktion
  • Abmessungen (B x T x H): 470 x 268 x 333 mm
  • Gewicht: 20.5 kg
Erhältlich seit Oktober 2017
Artikelnummer 424003
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Bestückung 2x 9,45"
Leistung 500 W
Frequenzgang 16 Hz – 230 Hz
Anschlüsse XLR, RCA
Maße 470 x 268 x 333 mm
Gewicht 20,5 kg
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1.399 €
1.785 €
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Browni 06.02.2021
Ich bin voll begeistert von dem Sub -hab jetzt einiges probiert .Mit dem bin ich voll und ganz zufrieden :-) Integriert sich voll zu den Adam Audio AX77X
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paparapa 04.06.2020
I have no complaints about the build and sound quality. I have lots of positive things to say about them, but honestly, I can't be bothered at this point.
It arrived with default DSP firmware, and while I was playing with that for a couple of days I upgraded to the newest one at that time (and this time, unfortunately). It did bring improvements/features, but some went missing or introduced bugs.
While going through the settings and testing I noticed the following:
- missing 40-120Hz LPF, only Dynaudio speaker presets available. I was using 80hz one cause they didn't even bother making a BM5 MKIII preset. New FW forced me to settle for one of the speakers. Regardless, integration was very good in my case, but I can see how this may pose a challenge for someone wanting to use very low or high frequency - there aren't any!
- changing sub's sensitivity would change the sensitivity of speakers. This was no more, very good.
- auto-standby would kick in no sooner than 1h I believe. Now it's down to 10min - very good
- introduced HPF, which was a Godsend as it turned out. I was fighting nasty peak at ~40hz and whatever I'd do in sub's PEQ, it wouldn't go away entirely. I realized afterward that speakers still had a decent output at 40hz, no matter if HPF at speakers was engaged or not. Switched to sub's higher-order HPF, which stopped speakers in their tracks, so there was no more interference. PEQ worked with no issues all along - very good. Not so good was distortion right around 80Hz with HPF ON for the first time. Did a factory reset/power on/off and never heard it again
- SUBstantial improvement of performance below 40Hz. Bass didn't roll off below 40ish as it did before. Improved SPL handling at those frequencies. Before I could barely reach 90dB in my room at the lowest frequencies before overload protection kicking in at those frequencies, now it's closer to 100dB. Higher the input from there, the higher the frequency being clipped. Still, it did about 115dB at 40Hz and up, below is rolled off/clipped. Probably could've gone higher, but... neighbors. So don't expect from this fairly small enclosure to rock your world with 110dB of 20Hz goodness - very good anyway.
- screen doesn't time out after 5 seconds of inactivity while being in the middle of menu options, trying something out - very good


- PEQ allows you to bring the level down to the middle of the Earth, but doesn't allow you to raise it at all. While I understand and agree that huge dips shouldn't be messed with, it would be useful to have +6dB option at hand for some different situations and purposes.

So, am I dissatisfied because I encountered some of the FW issues and bugs?! No, what so ever.
I brought the attention to Dynaudio regarding LPFilters missing, and they responded promptly, saying that they 'disappeared' from the update and that there will be a new one by the end of March if everything goes according to plan - obviously hasn't. I understand the Corona outbreak has been nasty, but it doesn't seem to justify why a feature-packed, 1400€, midrange-high end flagship doesn't have a properly coded firmware after 3 years?!
I agreed to postpone my review until after I get a hold on the new FW, but this is getting too much. Might revise it after they release it eventually.

Edit #1: Mostly grammar. Support assured me the update is going through the final testing and should be out by the end of the month. The job was bigger than anticipated. Hopefully, I'll eat my own words.

Edit #2: Update has been finalized, YAY. Couldn't find anything wrong with it, it's mostly bug fixes.
Added bm5 preset. Auto standby isn't variable anymore, it's fixed to 20min now That's about it.
If you want to get most out of your DSP, I'd recommend taking a look at KH750 DSP. I certainly wish I had.
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GroZours 19.04.2021
Si jamais vous avez besoin de virer du crépi, une dale, des voisins, du papier peint, ou des plombages, c'est... parfait.

chez moi, si je le règle au dessus de 2.... j'ai le toit qui pleure, et je me fais des fractures des petits os.

gros gros son, mais ouais....c'est vraiment cher
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Brutal! Inmejorable relación precio-calidad-prestaciones al más alto nivel.
Juan JoséV 08.12.2020
Tengo 2 instalados en un sistema estéreo 2.1 (o, si se quiere, 2.2) acompañando a unos minimonitores ATC SCM-7.
Su rendimiento es impresionante y los ajustes del DSP (he decidido no actualizar el firmware aún. Tampoco lo veo necesario para el uso que les doy a los subs) muy precisos y los justos y necesarios para adaptarse a un sinfín de posibilidades.
Los graves son limpios, opulentos y su capacidad en potencia impresionan.
La misma versión doméstica del fabricante cuestan más del doble y son exactamente iguales (salvo por la ausencia de rejilla protectora del modelo pro. Algo que no es inconveniente si no tienes mascotas o niños pequeños).
Su funcionamiento en suspensión neumática hace que todo esté bajo control.
Y si al sistema le añades las posibilidades de un ecualizador paramétrico, entonces prepárate para echar abajo las paredes!
Bravo, Dynaudio!
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