Dynaudio LYD-48 White Left


Aktiver 3-Wege Near-/Midfield Monitor

  • linker Monitor
  • 8" Tieftöner
  • 4" Mitteltöner
  • 1" Gewebehochtöner
  • Tri-Amp Design Class D Verstärker
  • Leistung: 50 / 50 / 80 Watt
  • Frequenzbereich: 40 - 21.000 Hz
  • Maximalpegel: 114 dB (1m, Paar)
  • einstellbare Eingangsempfindlichkeit
  • wählbarer Auto-Standby-Modus
  • Position Control für freie oder wandnahe Aufstellung
  • Sound Balance Control: Tilt-Filter (Dark, Neutral, Bright) für Geschmacksanpassung
  • Bass Extension Control
  • Eingänge: XLR, Cinch
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 369 x 234 x 328 mm
  • Gewicht: 12 kg
  • Farbe: Weiß
Erhältlich seit Mai 2017
Artikelnummer 406869
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Verstärkerleistung pro Stück (RMS) 50 W
Magnetische Abschirmung Ja
Analoger Eingang XLR Ja
Analoger Eingang Klinke Nein
Analoger Eingang Miniklinke Nein
Analoger Eingang Cinch Ja
Digitaleingang Nein
Manuelle Frequenzkorrektur Ja
Bestückung 2x 8", 1x 4", 1x 1"
Leistung 80 W, 2x 50 W
Frequenzgang von 40 Hz
Frequenzgang bis 21000 Hz
Anschlüsse XLR, Cinch
Maße 369 x 234 x 328 mm
Gewicht 12,0 kg
Gehäusebauform - Bassabstimmung Bassreflex
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1.099 €
1.416 €
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Great sound and great price
Ciaran Birch 05.08.2018
I'd read many reviews of the LYD 48 monitors on SOS and MusicTech etc. which rated these monitors very highly. And I had the fortune of owning the LYD 5 before upgrading to the LYD 48, so I did have experience of the type of sound I could be getting from the LYD range. The LYD 48 certainly didn't disappoint. The bass is fantastic from the 8" woofer but it's the 4" mid range speaker that was the big surprise for me and the extra dimension I now get from my mixes. The footprint of the LYD 48 as well is smaller than you would typically see from other midrange/nearfield monitors in the same bracket which is great if you're trying to save a bit of space in a home studio. All in all very happy with the purchase and would definitely be recommending them.
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Bewertung melden

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Beyond expectations
al-cool 24.10.2021
I've been meaning to listen to these before buying them but having not found any in stock near where I lived I decided to take a leap of faith and order them regardless. For context, I transitioned from a pair of venerable jbl LSR305 which were amazing for me when I started out but not comparable in any real aspect with the LYD48s. I had listened to some Dynaudio's before, some BM5's I believe and was most pleased with the type of sound they reproduced when compared with other manufacturers. When researching I listened to what I could get my hands on, some Adam's A8x, the Yamaha's HS8's, and the Dynaudio's i previously mentioned. I know these are not all in this price range but still, you cannot compare the way the sound actually comes alive with these speakers. Pristine quality, absolultely mesmerising soundstage and an overall great experience whenever I listen to them. This review doesn't do much for people used to speakers in this price range but for someone planning on upgrading from something lower in price/range, these cannot disappoint you. Worth the 1 month wait between when I first ordered and when they dispatched.
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Dynaudio monitor
EllBee 05.01.2022
Köpte dessa då jag har ett par passiva Dynaudio sedan tidigare som referenshögtalare i studion.
Förväntade mej ett liknande resultat. Tight och puncy bas.
Men här var det helt annorlunda. Filtreringen på baksidan gav väldigt lite skillnad på ljudet. Om någon? Var det fel på mitt par?
Ljudet extremt bra på att separera de olika instrumenten, men det uppvägde inte det faktum att ljudet var tunt och metalliskt på ett sätt som omöjliggjorde mixning på annat än väldigt låg volym. Vi talar om 50db och ner.
Ljud är som bekant subjektivt men de fick gå i retur och Genelec 8341 som är betydligt dyrare får bli lösningen trots allt.
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