Dynaudio LYD-48 Black Right


Aktiver 3-Wege Near-/Midfield Monitor

  • rechter Monitor
  • 8" Tieftöner
  • 4" Mitteltöner
  • 1" Gewebehochtöner
  • Tri-Amp Design Class D Verstärker
  • Leistung: 50 / 50 / 80 Watt
  • Frequenzbereich: 40 - 21.000 Hz
  • Maximalpegel: 114 dB (1m, Paar)
  • einstellbare Eingangsempfindlichkeit
  • wählbarer Auto-Standby-Modus
  • Position Control für freie oder wandnahe Aufstellung
  • Sound Balance Control: Tilt-Filter (Dark, Neutral, Bright) für Geschmacksanpassung
  • Bass Extension Control
  • Eingänge: XLR, Cinch
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 369 x 234 x 328 mm
  • Gewicht: 12 kg
  • Farbe: Schwarz
Erhältlich seit Mai 2017
Artikelnummer 406866
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Bestückung (gerundet) 1x 8", 1x 4", 1x 1"
Verstärkerleistung pro Stück (RMS) 50 W
Magnetische Abschirmung Ja
Analoger Eingang XLR Ja
Analoger Eingang Klinke Nein
Analoger Eingang Miniklinke Nein
Analoger Eingang Cinch Ja
Digitaleingang Nein
Manuelle Frequenzkorrektur Ja
Bestückung 1x 8", 1x 4", 1x 1"
Leistung 80 W, 2x 50 W
Frequenzgang von 40 Hz
Frequenzgang bis 21000 Hz
Anschlüsse XLR, Cinch
Maße 369 x 234 x 328 mm
Gewicht 12,0 kg
Gehäusebauform - Bassabstimmung Bassreflex
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965 €
1.416 €
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Gewohnte Dynaudio Qualität
Anonym 26.11.2021
Ich hatte bereits BM5A, BM6A und BM15A. Waren aller der Hammer.
LYT48 Topt das ganze. Super Auflösung. Nicht schwammig, immer present.
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Pas convaincu
GuYLusK 17.10.2017
J?ai testé ces nouvelles enceintes en studio (Alhambra Colbert Rochefort) et chez moi. Je n?ai pas été convaincu, je les retourne.

Je tiens à préciser que tout ce que je vais dire est subjectif :
Le bas est très précis, léger, un poil en retenu mais efficace, les mid et hi-mid sont très en retrait et le tweeter fait très bien son boulot. Le son semble alors déséquilibré, dû à ce manque dans les mid et dans une moindre mesure dans le bas. Il en résulte une sonorité un peu « canard » en exagérant, des voix avec un cruel manque de bas, pas de gorge, pas de chaleur. Il en résulte également une fatigue auditive car passé les 5k, tout sort.

Par ailleurs je ne retrouve pas du tout les mix des grands standards de ma bibliothèque. Je les trouve creux, punchis mais creux.

Voilà ma brève analyse. Ces enceintes ne ME conviennent pas, je ne me sentirai pas serein sur toute la partie mid (200-4000).

Merci de m?avoir lu.
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Simply brilliant.
Telegraf 76 25.11.2021
I bought these mostly from the reviews I read online, and being familiar with the old BM6As we used to have in a studio many years ago, I felt somewhat comfortable with my purchase.

I had been wanting a 3-way monitor for some time now, just to get more mid-range clarity, and considered many brands and models; the usual suspects (EVE, Hedd, Focal, etc), yet something always steered me back to the LYD 48s, not only because they are relative cheaper than their closest competition, but mostly because it's, well...Dynaudio.

The packaging is second to none, nice clear instructions (really not much to soak in, basic stuff) and once all was plugged in and ready, I turned them on and started playing some of my go-to reference tracks and my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

Absolute perfection.

The depth, the tight and controlled low-end, the clear mids and highs, the separation, I could clearly hear the panning in mixes like never before, I'm simply in awe. My room isn't even that big, it's quite small in fact, but treated, and these guys deliver a punch. They not only met my expectations (and this after only 20 min of them being turned on for the very first time, haven't even 'burned them in' yet ), but they surpassed them beyond my wildest expectations.

If you had been thinking about these, or had any inclination to give them a spin, by all means, do it. Since late spring I've had them on my wishlist and as soon as they get a shipment, they sell out within days. And now, I can totally see why.

This was also my very first Thomann purchase, and certainly not my last.
Very responsive with any concerns I had, excellent customer support.
Package even arrived a tad earlier than expected, well packed, etc.
Fantastic experience, thank you.
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Overall, the LYD 48's stereo soundstage is vast and solid, giving a real sense of depth in which instruments and other sources c
Heartstring 13.03.2022
Never before have you encountered a monitor with such a wide frequency coverage of the midrange monoblock, and there are no anomalies in the midrange domain caused by the sub, so the sound and instrument reproduction in that area is impressive. The ability to express all the details clearly and effortlessly allows you to find the problem. The soft dome tweeter is smooth and the fine sound performance allows the monitor to be listened to for a long time without interruption.
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