Thomann Powercord UK - C5


UK Netzkabel

  • mit BS Winkelstecker auf C5-Kupplung gerade
  • mit 5 A Sicherung im Stecker
  • Leitung: 3G0.75mm², H05VV-F
  • Länge: 1,8 m
  • Farbe: Schwarz
Erhältlich seit Mai 2014
Artikelnummer 342124
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Typ (UK) BS 1363
Von Stecker Netzstecker BS1363 UK male
Auf Stecker Netzstecker "Kleeblatt" C5 female
Länge [m] 1,80 m
Outdoor geeignet? Nein
mit Kabeltrommel? Nein
Farbe Schwarz
6,90 €
Inkl. MwSt. zzgl. 2,99 € Versand
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Sofort lieferbar

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Thomann Apower ord UK - C5
Gammamaster 30.12.2017
Thomann Powercord UK - C5
I purchased the Yamaha THR10C from Thomann and as they are a German company the amp is supplied as a European specification package.
I am in the United Kingdom.
The European specification package differs from a UK package only in that it is supplied with a European spec powercord, the rest of the package is identical.
The mains electric supply in Germany is 230V 50Hz which is the same as the supply in the United Kingdom (so the Yamaha THR power supply unit is the same) but the sockets outlets used are different so i required a different powercord.
Thomann kindly included an additional UK spec powercord at no extra charge, it's a 1.8m long black cable fitted with a moulded BS1363 fused plugtop which includes a 5A cartridge BS1363 fuse at one end and a cloverleaf IEC 320-C5 jack at the other.
In the past I would have simply removed the European plugtop and fitted a UK plugtop but now with portable appliance testing being a requirement in many places in the UK it's great to have a factory fitted plugtop on the lead to avoid problems.
It's also a much nicer solution than the "Thomann Adaptor Safety-Plug - UK" which they supply with some other items, it's simply attaches to the European plug with a couple if screws holding it in place but it's a rather bulky and ugly solution.
This lead is great, well done Thomann.
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Gratis y necesario
M'B 05.11.2018
Thomann brinda este cable para los productos cuyo destino es en Reino Unido.
Muy necesario para la estadía en el país, y además gratis. Gracias!
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