Sony C-80


Großmembran Kondensatormikrofon

  • Kapseltyp: Doppelmembran Kondensator
  • Richtcharakteristik: Niere
  • Frequenzbereich: 20 bis 20.000 kHz
  • Empfindlichkeit: -30 dB (Abweichung ±3 dB), (0 dB=1 V/Pa, 1 kHz)
  • Dynamikbereich: mehr als 125,5 dB
  • max. Schalldruck des Eingangssignals: mehr als 138 dB SPL
  • Signalrauschabstand: 81,5 dB
  • Hi-Pass Filter, -10dB Pad
  • benötigt +48V Phantomspeisung (44 bis 52 V DC)
  • Abmessungen (Durchmesser x Länge): 40 x 158 mm
  • Gewicht: 215 g
  • inkl. Spinne und Tragetasche
Erhältlich seit November 2022
Artikelnummer 555720
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Röhre Nein
Richtcharakteristik umschaltbar Nein
Richtcharakteristik Kugel Nein
Richtcharakteristik Niere Ja
Richtcharakteristik Acht Nein
Low Cut Ja
Pad Ja
Inkl. Spinne Ja
USB Mikrofon Nein
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Sounds better than mics 3 times the price
fairlylocal 14.12.2022
The sound is great. It's a bit different from other microphones as it has a lot of clarity in the mids. They are controlled and focused. When recording vocals they almost sound compressed, I barely have to mix them for them to cut through in a mix. Now, I produce and record a lot of modern pop music. This microphone certainly has that "modern" sound. If you are going for that sound then you'll find this mic useful. However, I wouldn't use it on a vocal in an acoustic performance for example.

Con: The only giveaway that it's on the cheaper side sound-wise is in the highs and high-mids. There isn't a lot of "air" to this microphone, which isn't a problem in dense songs, but definitely more audible in minimalistic/organic songs. Air can be added in the mixing stage however.

Conclusion: I own a lot of microphones and this one blew my "famous brand"-microphones that are 3 times the price out of the water.
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