Eich Amplification BassBoard S


Bass Box

  • Subwoofer für Bühne, Studio, Proberaum oder zu Hause
  • 2x TS300-Shaker
  • Belastbarkeit: 600 W an 8 Ohm
  • 2 Neutrik Speaker Twist/Klinke Anschlüsse
  • 1x 3,5 mm Klinke Kopfhörer Anschluss
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 80 x 55 x 10 cm
  • Gewicht: 13,2 kg
  • made in Germany
Erhältlich seit März 2016
Artikelnummer 383846
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Typ Bassboard
Belastbarkeit 600 W
Gewicht 13,2 kg
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Eich Amplification BassBoard S
Anonym 27.10.2016
o.K. zugegeben, ein wenig teuer ...
Aber wenn man so wie ich InEar Bass spielt, geht jegliche Spiellaune, besser gesagt Spielgefühl verloren.
Jetzt nicht mehr !!!!
Das Teil ist einfach perfekt. Man meint, man steht vor einer Boxenwand.
Im Stehen, auf dem Hocker, egal ....klasse Umstetzung der tiefen Töne. Jeder Ton sitzt im Magen.
Ich möchte nicht mehr OHNE spielen ....
(Habe anschließend meine Couch mit Körperschallwandler aufgerüstet....)
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A good complement to in-ear monitors
Projekt Göthenburg 20.01.2018
This review is more a compilation of observations, as there is very little information about the product available online:

1) Just a bit will do. You don't need it to feel like an earthquake to do the job. I'm prone to motion sickness and didn't fell too good after pushing it very hard for a while;

2) It will not contribute to stage volume significantly (it is designed to move itself, not push air). You'll here your bass through it, but it will sound like a passive bass with the tone turned most of the way off;

3) It complements IEM well, but doesn't replace them. IEM are still required to hear the top end, but also hear note definition. I play fretless 66% of the time, so I need that. I could however turn down my instrument more in my IEM mix while using the Bass Board.

4) When paired with a regular cab (in this case a Hartke Hydrive 2x10), the "tremor effect" and the volume were following a similar progression, with both reaching uncomfortable levels approximately at the same time.

5) There is a headphone out under the board which is fed by your speaker output. The "tremor effect" and headphone volume are well matched (better than when it is paired with a cab, or than if you use the headphone output on the head)

6) It is power hungry. I'd say use a 500+ watt head for best results. 7) This is the small one (80 cm x 50 cm). It is easy to carry around using the handle. I can see however that the bigger models might be more difficult to carry around, especially the largest one (imagine yourself carrying a sheet of plywood of that size...).

Combined with IEM, I now use the Bassboard all the time for personal practice. I plan on using it with IEM in live situations where I can trust the PA to deliver to the font of house. I might have to use it in parallel with a traditional cab for venues where I don?t trust that the PA will deliver on the low end. For stage presence?s sake, I don?t plan on standing on it for the whole gig either.
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