Chandler Limited TG Microphone



  • TG-Transistorschaltung
  • Richtcharakteristik: Niere und Kugel
  • eingebaute 4-stufige EMI "Tape Equalizer"-Sektion zur Klangformung
  • "Dual Tone System" - Schaltung A für klassisch mittenbetonten TG-Transistorsound
  • Schaltung B für pegelstarke Klangquellen
  • schaltbarer Hochpassfilter mit 50 Hz oder 90 Hz
  • schaltbares -10 dB Pad
  • inkl. externem Netzteil, elastischer Aufhängung, Mogami-Mikrofonkabel (ca. 7,5 m) und Holzschatulle
Erhältlich seit März 2019
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Röhre Nein
Richtcharakteristik umschaltbar Ja
Richtcharakteristik Kugel Ja
Richtcharakteristik Niere Ja
Richtcharakteristik Acht Nein
Low Cut Ja
Pad Ja
Inkl. Spinne Ja
USB Mikrofon Nein
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Amazin piece of History
Alex Yky 09.01.2020
About the undeniable reputation of the company "Chandler Limited" wich I do not speak here, those who read this know at least partially the history and tradition of this name.
The product itself is spectacular, as it offers certain features that are different from the usual studio microphones in this price range. The first thing to mention here is the separate power supply, very inspired and very well built, hard to find at this price.
Beyond the standard filter and the two polar features and the 10 dB pad, we find the System A - B button very useful for normal or slightly louder sound sources.
By far, the "Tape Equalization" switch on the back of the microphone is one of the most interesting and complex microphone settings. Beyond the "Flat" setting, there are still 4 specific features of the famous EMI mixers at Abbey Road in London from the '70, which make this microphone a sensational one. It is up to you to test and choose, depending on the situation, which setting you choose.
In general, it is built flawlessly, the elastic suspension is superb, and the connection between the microphone and the power box is made with a Mogami cable (7 meters) that you receive in the box.
Basically, you get a piece of EMI history, packaged in a wonderful and versatile product.
Don't stress for just the two polar features, in 99% of cases I used the cardioid feature, and when I recorded ambiental instruments and backing vocals, I used the omnidirectional characteristic.
Note 10 of 10!
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Amazing overall quality
Nick Name 24.02.2021
I thought about writing a long and lengthy review, but I think I´ll just get right to the point

This microphone has excellent build quality, and comes with a great set of features having different voicings, one that is very similar to the U47, and one that sounds more like the FET 47, which I find fantastic.

The microphones´ sound is smooth, and it is very good for people who struggle with sibiliance. This is not a tube mic, however the microphone comes with a PSU which gives it that larger than life tube sound.

The microphone also has very little self noise which is a very good thing considering that most condensers very often pick up unwanted sounds.

This a great overall microphone that can be used on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, kick drum and overhead or as a room mic, and has many more applications.

It has a high SPL tolerance though it is as detailed as a Rembrandt painting.

If you want to get one professional microphone this is it, don´t make your head explode with all the options and go for this wonderful microphone.
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