Thomann Lute Guitar Large Body CYP


Gitarrenlaute mit großem Korpus

  • massive Fichtendecke
  • große Korpusmuschel aus Zypresse mit 15 Spänen
  • Hals aus Akazie
  • Steg aus hitzebehandelter Akazie
  • Griffbrett aus schwarz gebeiztem Akazienholz
  • Kopfplatte aus dunkler Eiche
  • Mensur: 650 mm
  • Stimmung: E-A-D-g-h-e
  • Griffbrettbreite am Obersattel: 5 cm
  • Korpusubreite: 40 cm
  • Korpuslänge: 54 cm
  • Korpustiefe: 18 cm
  • Saiten ab Werk: Galli LG40
  • inkl. Tasche
  • hergestellt in Europa
Erhältlich seit Juli 2017
Artikelnummer 417934
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Lautenart Gitarrenlaute
Stimmung E, A, d, g, h, e
Mensur 650 mm
Griffbrett Akazie
inkl. Koffer / Hard Case Nein
749 €
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Eine Laute, die nicht leise ist
Axel E. 18.12.2017
Ich bin fast wöchentlich auf Mittelalterfesten unterwegs. Für mich bisher negativ, ein Instrument das sich ohne Verstärkertechnik kaum durchsetzte. Nach langer Recherche, stieß ich auf diese Gitarrlaute aus dem Hause Thomann.
Das Teil bestellt, ausgepackt und probiert. Positiv - die Verarbeitung - saubere Bunde, gerader Hals, ein Saitenabstand, mit dem auch meine ?Wurstfinger? sehr gut klarkommen und ein warmer, fetter Klang. Diese Laute ist richtig laut!
Zur Endeinstellung nur noch minimale Nacharbeit des Sattels. Anschließend stramme Saiten (Daddario EJ46-3D) aufgezogen und siehe da, 100% Bundreinheit. Gewöhnungsbedürftig ist der ?fette? Body ? dies lässt sich jedoch nach kurzer Zeit sehr gut handeln.
Die fehlende Patina darf sich die Laute bei den nächsten Gigs verdienen.
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Great sounding but difficult to hold in your lap
Jaanus L 18.07.2022
I ordered the lute for my acoustic sad acoustic music duo, to get a bit of a different sound than a regular guitar.

The lute guitar's sound has a more historic vibe than a regular classical guitar, which is great. The craftsmanship is also lovely - nice, sturdy and pretty. While the carvings are clearly machine-cut, you can't really expect a 500 EUR instrument to be fully handcrafted.

The downside is the inconvenience of playing. It's near impossible to hold it in your lap and play without either the instrument slipping away or your back getting twisted.

If you consider ordering this instrument, be ready to drill pegs in it for a strap.
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EASY venture to a Renaissance tone/feeling with gutair neck/tunning
trrrrrrrrrrg 02.12.2022
If wanna try the old music / sound by the easiest way and affordable instrument, try skip from class.guitar to this great "mandoloncello" (as label written inside) or its smaller sister clas.Lute - it has only 6 strings and same tunning like guitar. Simple.
- A very beautifull instrument from massive - all used woods are nice, upper desk has some minor imperfections - at the one I have got.
- classic tunnig mechanics works good and keep tunning fine
- classic guitar neck, where is "D2" near body !!! Look carefully to photos! Get to E2oct possible, but play higher - no easy way. Last possible barre chord E-type is Db !!!
SOUND: it is NOT a doubled strings (courses) choir instrument as classic lute - by single strings its much close to a classic guitar. You can play a Flamenco or classic gt pieces. Also tunning it is much easier!!!
BUT: tonal characteristics are different - lute body, lute sound. With its great body - massive, brilliant basses - all wired fat strings excelent (Galli LG 40), but G not unfortunately wired - only nylon.
CONS: = MINIMUM, but the last one is heavy crucial..
- due its great, rounded body is really problematic keep & play without a support or a strap - It is still slipping! But there are no strap-pegs..
- theres no adjustable truss rod in the neck - surely, understand its a copy of an ancient instrument - but no space for neck/string adjustment !
- AND THE WORST: THE STRINGS ARE REALLY HIGH - WAY ABOVE THE NECK !!! From 5th fret - DAMM! I believe, it was an obvious fact at renaissance times, but we are hundred years later - no craftmanship improvement? Such fantastic looking and sounding instrument must torture a player??? Even with a nylon strings...
I own a classic guitar of the same Portugal producer and THE SAME PROBLEM! Think (for this considerable money) the instrument is to be a much better adjusted!
So - look carefully, if the Lute you get is fit for hanging on the wall, or ready for a hours of playing... !!!
Really sad to write..
ADDITIONALLY - SUITABLE BAG included: fine idea!!! But should have thicker padding (min20-30mm instead 3!!) as premium Thomann bags - such a fragille instrument needs it badly and think, evrybody pay 30-40E more for this gladly.
CONCLUSION: a very nice instrument you cant find by this price at the market !!! But care on - if its PLAYER-FRIENDLY...
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