Orange Little Bass Thing


Topteil für E-Bass

  • 1 Kanal
  • Class D Endstufe
  • Ausgangsleistung: 500 W
  • min. 4 Ohm gesamt
  • FX Loop
  • Kompressor
  • fußschaltbar
  • DI Ausgang
  • 2 Speaker Ausgänge
  • 3-Band-Klangregelung mit semi-parametrischem Mittenregler
  • Abmessungen (B x H x T): 27,6 x 8,5 x 25,1 cm
  • Gewicht: 2,95 kg
  • Farbe: Weiß
Erhältlich seit Januar 2020
Artikelnummer 478652
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Leistung 500 W
Equalizer 3-Band
Kompressor Ja
Limiter Nein
Effektprozessor Nein
Externer Effektweg Ja
Lautsprecheranschluss Speakon
Kopfhöreranschluss Nein
DI-Ausgang Ja
Tuner-Out Nein
Rackformat Nein
629 €
829,43 €
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Sofort lieferbar

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No-nonsense amp with build-in compressor
Tyler Crash 19.03.2021
The Little Bass thing is a 500 watt RMS at 4 Ω Class D amp. It weighs about 3 kg and has a build in compressor that is footswitchable (which I will get to later). I pair it with an 8 Ω OBC112 cab that weighs about 12 kg.

There are a couple of reasons why I picked this amp.

-It is relatively simple, just a 3 band EQ with sweepable mids, a volume knob and a knob for the compressor. I always get a bit seasick when I look at amps with too many buttons. Some people might love it, I am more of a plug and play kinda guy. That might also explain my love for the Precision bass.

-It is light, powerful and scalable. I can easily add a second 8 Ω cab to make use of the full 500 watt. I had an Orange Crush 100 and I really loved that amp. However, at 24 kg with a 15 inch speaker, carrying it up and down the stairs and to my car became a bit of a hassle. Not a dealbreaker but this is a nice alternative.

-Following with my plug and play mantra, having the compressor already in the amp is a great idea (to me). I don’t need much more than this 80% of the time.

The good: It has a great clean sound, full and warm and the EQ makes it possible to shape your tone quite a bit. The amp and cab work great with my basses, a Jazz sounds like a Jazz, a P like a P. Within a few minutes I had a great tone for reggae dialed in, a few twists of a few knobs later and I was in solid rock territory. It serves my styles of music quite well but since the cab lacks a tweeter, it might not be crisp and clear enough for some. I also like the compressor. Turning it up does cause quite an increase in volume. And speaking of volume, this thing is loud enough as it is. If I ever plan on removing some walls in my house, I can always add a second cab and I’ll be done in about .2 of a nanosecond.

The bad: Because the knobs are notched (is that the word? What I mean is, they have about 20 clicks instead of a seamless turn) it is a bit difficult to play at a low volume. It is either too soft or too loud to use as a practice amp. Some fiddling with the EQ fixes this, but you can’t rely on just the volume knob. Although the compressor can be turned on and off using a footswitch, the volume increase when you switch it on is quite extreme after the 8 or 9 o’ clock setting. So the footswitch is only useful when you go from no to just a tad of compressing. Anything above that and the difference becomes too large (IMHO).

The ugly: Well, maybe Orange isn’t for everyone. They do make the cab in black as well, if that is what you prefer.
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Tiny bass monster
Greg5rio 23.12.2020
3kg weight is NOT a light weight in Class D bass head amp but if it sounds like ClassAB, It's reasonable. It sounds reminds me 80-90's dinosaurs. Thunder like loud, little bit power amp saturation.
Compressor, perfect. Powerful and sweet. Don't need any other additional pedal. Warm enhance and smooth opto compressing gives both rich low-end and punch.
Preamp-EQ simulates tube well. Basically warm like tube, but mid frequency knob make this amp really versatile. From beefy low mid to modern crispy high mid.
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Petite par la taille mais son énorme
NIC WO 21.01.2022
Cette petite tête d'ampli orange permet de sculpter le son d'une basse.
Utilisée avec un baffle Markbass 12'
La puissance est au rendez-vous et permet de jouer en répétition et en concert sans problème.
Elle est aussi très intéressante dans le contexte du home studio en utilisant une loadbox et des simulations de baffles.
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