Reverb im 500er Serie API Format

  • Zugriff auf die grundlegenden Hallparameter jedes Programms (Pre-Delay, Decay Time und Decay Filter)
  • Delay Programm mit bis zu 810 Millisekunden
  • Input, Output und Mix (Wet/Dry) Pegel können global festgelegt werden
  • 18 verschiedene Hallprogramme
  • 100 User Presets
  • 2.4" OLED Display
  • Design: API Serie 500 format (3 Slots)
Erhältlich seit März 2020
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Excellent !!
Mr. Nelson 01.07.2020
I bought this reverb module - because I needed an outboard reverb unit.

In my compositions, I use it as the reverb/delay for my Moog Sirin, or DFAM to add depth and dimension; to take the mono sound of the synths and spread it across the stereo field. It does the job very well depending on the settings. It is very easy to use, and comprehensible.

The build quality is excellent, and there is no other 500 series unit on the market that is like it with it's many features and presets.

It does take up three slots in a 500 series rack, but who cares if it is what you really need.

To resume, if you like to work outside of the box, and if you are looking to add dimension & effects to a mono sources such as synths, drums or vocals; and you also have space in your 500 series rack, this unit is definitely a solution.

Excellent product.
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