Recording King RM-977-VG Resonator


Resonator Gitarre

  • Bauform: Roundneck Style-O
  • Korpus: vernickeltes Glockenmessing
  • Hals: Mahagoni
  • Griffbrett: Revebound
  • Mensur: 632 mm
  • Sattelbreite: 44,5 mm
  • 19 Bünde
  • 9,5" Aluminium Cone
  • Ahornsteg mit Ebenholz & Ahorn Einlage
  • European Recording King Handspun Resonator Cone
  • Chicken Foot Cover Plate
  • Farbe: Distressed Vintage Green
Erhältlich seit März 2020
Artikelnummer 484004
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Korpus Glockenbronze
Griffbrett Revebond
Halsform Roundneck
Tonabnehmer Nein
Sattelbreite in mm 44,50 mm
Bünde 19
Farbe Grün
Koffer Nein
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
649 €
799,99 €
Versandkostenfrei und inkl. MwSt.
In ca. einer Woche lieferbar
In ca. einer Woche lieferbar

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tolles Instrument
Ezzr 07.10.2020
meine erste Dobro sollte sowohl zum Sliden, als auch für Pickings geeignet sein.
Das ist hier der Fall. Tolle Saitenlage, toller Sound und eine sehr gute Verarbeitung.
Auch mit der Optik bin ich sehr zufrieden.
Klare Kaufempfehlung von mir.
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Bewertung melden

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I love this guitar
Jimbobs 11.08.2020
Safe to say I was apprenhensive buying it, but I'm so glad I did. The only slight issue I came across was in the cosmetic end with paint at the neck and probably an extra polish on the frets. The truss rod certainly needed to be adjusted and they provide you with the corrrect tool for doing so. When this is properly set up whilst taking measurements the relief and action will likely be like mine and the whole thing plays like butter. The neck is smooth and really allows you to go places. I would recommend that you buy it, get some string changing done and have the fret rubber and truss rod adjustment and this baby will play beautifully. My other half even loves this item. It's gorgeous and so too is the sound. I should say it is also a very comfortable weight and the dimesions also provide comfortable playing. If you're in the marker for a reso, but don't want a cheap one that will turn you off, yet are not interest in +£3K, recording king provide a great lifelong companion.
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