Top 5 Guitar Effects 2022

Top 5 Guitar Effects 2022

Overdrives, distortions and delays… Kris and Guillaume present to you with 5 of the best guitar effects pedals released in 2022! 🎸👇


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Keeley HALO Andy Timmons Dual Echo

Andy Timmons is a guitarist’s favorite guitarist, and while we all agree that there isn’t ONE best sounding guitar in the world, Andy’s is the exception. This double delay pedal developed by Robert Keeley will bring you a little closer 😉

Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire Overdrive/Pre-Amp

The Greek geniuses of Crazy Tube Circuit have put Stevie Ray Vaughan in a box with this Crossfire, double overdrive inspired by a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp from the ’60s on one side, and the famous green overdrive pedal on the other! This pedal also has an effects loop that allows you to introduce any other pedal between the two parts of the circuit!

Boss RE-2 Space Echo Delay/Reverb

Boss has nothing left to prove. But they still prove it, by offering this superb RE-2, delay and reverb pedal which perfectly reproduces the old “Space Echo” units, manufactured by Roland and popularized by lesser-known artists like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, or Bob Marley… 😉

Revv Tilt Overdrive

The Canadian giants have established themselves on the guitar amp market for a few years now, before landing, with a bang, into the world of effect pedals! They therefore continue in their momentum with this collaboration with their friend and artist Shawn Tubbs, outstanding session guitarist in Nashville. This gives the Tilt, ultra organic and natural Overdrive, accompanied by a parametric boost circuit, which will take you from the most warm and delicate overdrives to big rock and hard rock sounds.

Strymon Deco V2

We finish this list with the incomparable (really, there is no other pedal that competes) Strymon Deco. This “Delay” which is not a delay, this “overdrive” which is not an overdrive, this “modulation” which is not a modulation, but quite simply a love letter to magnetic tape machines, all their flaws and quirks, and their absolutely magical sound. You have to listen to it to understand it.

Here are 5 of the best effect pedals released this year! Which did you prefer? What other pedal would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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