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  1. Ari Jalokinos -

    I fully agree with all that, and in addition, just in case your song is not that much played by the band, make good notes with font big enough to be read from distance. These will include not only the chords but also a song structure. Good easy-to-read notes might save quite a bit of time vs. explaining it verbally.

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  2. Mark Rivers -

    I would dispute that an active DI is necessary for an electro-acoustic guitar. I use passive DIs for everything. No batteries to worry about, no inherent circuit noise, no clipping, and dirt cheap. I can have ten of them for next to nothing. When the 4th band on a festival line up turn up with their electric glockenspiel, I just get another one out of the box. And, as you point out, they can be used in reverse. If you need a return from the desk to feed an unbalanced input, an XLR gender bender will do the trick.

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  3. Simon Senger -

    How do i set things up if i want to reamp with a Palmer PAN 01?? Do i run a cable from the output of my interface into the DI box, then use the link out into my amp, or??

    All About Direct Boxes
  4. Joe -

    Amped B-15 N...remember?lol

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  5. Conan -

    So when I use two trs cables out of my R and L(mono) outputs on a synth I have. I can only hear one of the outputs and the other is basically in audible. If I only use one trs cable at a time, I can hear each of them individually without any loss of volume when I compare them. So what cables do I need to be able to get a consistent stereo output? The synths outputs are unbalanced.

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