Top 5 Bass Effects 2022

Top 5 Bass Effects 2022

Many “purist” bassists will tell you that the instrument straight into an amp or console is all you need. Yes, in some contexts it’s the ideal recipe, but a large number of dedicated bass effects are born every year for those of you looking to add a bit of “flavour” to your bass sound 🙂

Here is our top 5 bass effects released in 2022! 😎


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Source Audio Atlas Compressor

Source Audio has released its SA 252 Atlas Compressor effects pedal, dedicated to both bass and guitar. With a switchable bass mode, all factory presets are tuned to the dynamic range and attack characteristics of the instrument. With a total of 6 compressor styles available, the ability to save your presets, and super quality sounds, this is definitely the only compressor you’ll ever need!

Darkglass Alpha·Omega Photon

Darkglass Electronics have once again presented an impressive pedal. The Alpha Omega Photon allows every part of the pedal to be programmed: compression, distortion and cabinet simulation in great detail, down to presets via MIDI and Darkglass Suite software. The Finnish company has long established itself as the industry benchmark for heavy, modern sounds, and this multi-effects pedal delivers even more!

Jam Pedals Rattler Bass

A classic reinvented? The Rattler Bass Pedal from Jam Pedals is their take on the legendary RAT, based on a hand painted LM308N chip, made to deliver all the classic distortion of this circuit, refined in the lowest frequencies! Intentionally dirty, and perfectly executed.

Harley Benton Double Down

Harley Benton’s Double Down polyphonic octave generator and compressor provides a total of eleven impressive presets. Both effects can be used individually or combined in any order. The volume of the individual octave ranges as well as the “dry” signal can be adjusted separately and can also be completely filtered. The Double Down is a multi-function pedal that perfectly blends analog and digital.

Beetronics Zzombee

The Beetronics Zzombee is aimed at creative and experimental bassists. It’s a fairly complex pedal that offers a wide variety of sounds, from the most traditional to the craziest! Three filter modulation modes as well as three amplitude modulation modes enable effects ranging from wah and overdrive to low octave, fuzz (bzzzz) and more.

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