Stanford Thinline 35 AV



  • Bauform: Semi-Hollowbody
  • Crossroads-Serie
  • Boden & Zargen: Ahorn furniert
  • Decke: Ahorn furniert
  • Hals: Ahorn massiv
  • Griffbrett: Ebenholz
  • Griffbretteinlagen: Mother of pearl Split-Block
  • Halsprofil: C
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Bünde
  • Knochensattel
  • Sattelbreite: 43 mm
  • Mensur: 630 mm
  • Tonabnehmer: 2 Humbucker
  • Regler: 2 Volume und 2 Tone
  • Tune-o-matic Steg mit Stoptailpiece
  • Kluson-Style Tulip Mechaniken
  • Saiten: Daddario EXL 110 .010 - .046
  • Nitrocelluloselack
  • Farbe: Antique Violin matt
  • inkl. Koffer
Erhältlich seit Dezember 2017
Artikelnummer 420758
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Farbe Braun
Korpus Ahorn
Decke Ahorn
Hals Ahorn
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Bünde 22
Mensur 630 mm
Tonabnehmerbestückung HH
Tremolo Nein
Inkl. Koffer Ja
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
1.299 €
1.499 €
Versandkostenfrei und inkl. MwSt.
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In 1-2 Wochen lieferbar

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Best Semi-Acoustic I've Played/Owned
GF. Big 19.04.2021
I was looking for a semi-acoustic in the €300-€600 range, but due to current logistical problems, they were not available for months. I looked at a couple in my range that were available but didn't like the headstock, so passed. So, I see this one, double what I was willing to spend. Circumstances allowed me to make this purchase anyway.

The guitar is superb. Out of the box, it was faultless. No need for further setup expense at all. Frets are perfectly dressed, intonation is spot on, tuners hold their tuning, no fret buzz even with low action, the PAF-style pups are just fine. The guitar is reasonably light, the neck is quite comfortable in my hands. The nitrocellulose lacquer is well applied, but I think it would a mistake to call it 'matte.' It isn't high gloss, but it is glossy. Some pictures on the internet show this guitar with a pickguard. Mine did not have one, which is fine. I usually take them off anyway, and this way, no screw holes.
Big question: is this guitar 2x 'better' than a €600 guitar? Subjective, but based on my experience with semi-acoustics in the lower price class, I'd say 'yes.' This is a really good instrument. There's very little information on this model out there. It's a sleeper.

The case is on the cheap end, but will do the job.

Anyone considering a semi-acoustic that's a cut above the usual brands should try one. If it's anything like the one I received, they won't be sending it back.
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Einmalig für den Preis
Tom96er 19.04.2018
Die Gitarre überzeugt in jedem Detail und lässt sich wunderbar leicht bespielen. Das Tuning wird gehalten, der Sound ist kraftvoll und läßt keine Wünsche offen - bin überzeugt das richtige Instrument gekauft zu haben- von der 1A optik ganz zu schweigen ....
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