Sandberg California TT Martin Mendez VW



  • Martin Mendez (Opeth) Signature Model
  • eingeschwungener Korpus
  • Korpus: Erle
  • geschraubter Hals: Ahorn
  • Griffbrett: Ebenholz
  • Mensur: 864 mm (34,02")
  • 22 Bünde
  • Tonabnehmer: 2 Delano JMVC Single Coils
  • passive Elektronik
  • Regler für Volume, Balance, Ton
  • schwarzes Schlagbrett
  • Sandberg Steg
  • schwarze Hardware
  • Finish: soft aged
  • Farbe: Virgin White
  • inkl. Gigbag
  • made in Germany
Erhältlich seit Juni 2020
Artikelnummer 483336
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Farbe Weiß
Korpus Erle
Hals Ahorn
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Bünde 22
Mensur Longscale
Tonabnehmerbestückung JJ
Elektronik Passiv
Inkl. Koffer Nein
Inkl. Gigbag Ja
Signature Martin Mendez
Decke Keine
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1.940 €
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Lieferbar in mehreren Monaten

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Marvelous bass!
dannyfeanor 17.12.2020
I had owned this bass for 4 months now. This is by far one of the most comfortable basses that I have ever played.

The finish is slightly aged (vibration treatment) - there are minor visible traces on the finish, most noticeable on the pickguard (scratches) and few spots/dots on the body.

The bass came with the perfect(!) setup - low action without any fret buzz, intonation in place, and stock Sandberg strings were still fresh (pleasantly surprised by the quality, feel and sound of the strings).

The bass is well-balanced, and neck is so comfortable that you can't put it down. It also features zero-fret - after putting on a fresh set of strings, I noticed some slight buzz (more like "twang") coming from it on E string, but it disappeared after strings lost that first-few-days freshness.

Delano pickups are amazing! Lots of headroom for a passive pickups and ideal with some overdrive or distortion, but easy to tame - volume knob is the key. With solo middle pickup it almost sounds like P bass.

Absolutely marvelous and masterpiece bass! I'm happy with the experience with Thomann and Sandberg, and looking forward to many upcoming years playing this bass.
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