My First Instrument – Ages 10 & Up

My First Instrument – Ages 10 & Up

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It’s back to school! Parents who are thinking about music lessons and an instrument for their child will receive tips about which first instrument to choose for an entry into music making.

With the transition to a secondary school, the daily life of most students changes considerably. They encounter many changes and challenges and their leisure time (namely music-making time) is dwindling. To make matters worse, music subjects in many secondary schools have a shadowy existence and do not receive the appreciation they deserve. This makes it all the more important to give your child the opportunity to play extracurricular music, which soothes, in many ways, the growing pains of becoming a teenager.

It may now also be time to switch to “adult instruments” and thus to the sizes and designs that their own idols play – an exciting and new experience that electrifies and inspires. There may also be a place in the school orchestra or in the music school band and the student instruments played so far are simply not suitable for this purpose. The start in this new world is usually connected with a massive motivation boost and for parents it is important to use this opportunity. The instruments we have compiled here prove that the purchases do not require a huge budget at all…

Drum Set

If they start drumming now, a complete acoustic set like the Mapex TNM5044ZBL Tornado Studio with cymbal and drummer stool is more than adequate. Drums like these are suitable for every style, from heavy metal to big band jazz.

Very important: never use without hearing protection!

Drums are noisy, and not very “neighbour-friendly”. For the rented apartment an electronic drum set would be worth considering. Our Millenium MPS-750 E-Drum Mesh Set consists of a snare pad, three toms, kick pad with pedal, hi-hat pad with controller, four cymbal pads and contains 20 preset kits and 456 different sounds. A comfortable drum stool is also available at a small price, just like a pair of good-sounding headphones.


At this age, the electric guitar is clearly the focus of many people. With the entry into a band, however, the performance and the sound of the amplifier also count. If you choose a Les Paul style guitar with humbuckers, the Harley Benton SC-450 BK Classic Series Bundle is not only an excellent guitar, but the 40-watt amplifier is well equipped for rehearsal room and the stage! Even 65 watts are available on the Harley Benton HB-80R Electric Guitar Combo, which comes in the Harley Benton ST-70 Rosewood Deluxe S Bundle at a “pocket money” price. Otherwise, our electric guitar department, with 3,600 products in every price range and design, doesn’t leave anyone stranded when choosing guitars, amps and accessories.

Students who have already played on a concert guitar usually change to a 4/4 size at the age of 12, depending on their physical development. The Thomann Classica S 4/4 concert guitar with maple back and sides and a solid spruce top shows that this is even possible at a very reasonable price.

Acoustic guitars with steel strings are found on every stage and in almost every style. Unlike a concert guitar, they deliver a higher volume and a brighter sound, making them ideal for accompanying songs. So if you’re looking for a singer-songwriter or if you want to enrich your house party with your own songs, a guitar like the Harley Benton HB Custom Line CLG-414CE NT RW is indispensable. This attractive instrument in grand auditorium design comes with a built-in pickup with tuner, so that even the largest stage can be graced.


Of course, a piano is and remains the classical keyboard instrument. However, as soon as band playing becomes important, a portable instrument is required. Depending on the music style and ensemble size, a keyboard like the Thomann SP-5600 Keyboard/Stage-Piano is ideal. Eighty-eight keys with hammer action, 600 sounds, 230 styles and everything you need for home and stage.  We also recommend the digital piano Kawai CN-27 SB Set for digital pianos. If the new generation has special desires or would like to strike a completely unique sound, we offer a huge keyboard selection to satisfy their hearts’ desires. And if you have any questions, our product specialists are at your disposal.

Wind instruments

From about the age of 12, almost the entire world of wind instruments is open to every child, depending on their physical development. Whether it is in the direction of brass instruments with trumpet (we recommend the Thomann TR 400 G Bb trumpet and the Thomann CR 400 Bb cornet), trombone (Thomann Classic TB500 S, Jupiter JTB1100FRQ Bb/F-Tenor Trombone or Thomann Classic TF525 L), French horn (Thomann HR-101 F-French Horn and the Hans Hoyer 3702-L or tuba (Thomann Bb-Tuba Model “Junior” and Jupiter JTU1140L Bb-Tuba).

If they prefer woodwinds like saxophone (especially the Thomann TAS-150 alto saxophone, the Startone SAS-75 alto saxophone or the Thomann Antique alto saxophone, clarinet (the Thomann GCL-420 MKII Bb Clarinet or F.A. Uebel 621KH Bb-Clarinet Children) or maybe oboe (Oscar Adler & Co. 100 Oboe Children Model or bassoon (Guntram Wolf Fg 5 Plus Quint-Bassoon) are the focus of interest – the right instrument for every requirement and every budget can be found on the corresponding Thomann pages. Usually the respective teacher of the child is ready and able to help in the search for the suitable instrument. But our specialists are also at your side with words and deeds.

Bowed instruments

What is true for wind instruments is also true for bowed / string instruments at the age of about 10 to 12 years: depending on the child’s development, it is possible to consider switching to instruments in 4/4 size. When it comes to violins, we recommend the Roth & Junius RJVE Antiqued Violin Set 4/4 and the Thomann Classic Violinset 4/4. The recommended violas are the inexpensive Thomann Student Violaset 15.5″ and the Roth & Junius RJVAE 15″ Student Viola Set. In the cello range we recommend the Thomann Classic Cello Set 3/4 and the Roth & Junius RJCE 3/4 Student Cello Set.

Consulting & Service

Here, too, the respective specialist department will be happy to help. Important: All string instruments of our own brands are checked and made ready for playing by our instrument makers before dispatch. And if a violin or cello does not meet your expectations, it can easily be returned.

If you have any questions about instruments for children or special instruments, our specialists from the specialist departments are always available, whether online or in our Treppendorf shop:


Thomann Music
96138 Burgebrach / district of Treppendorf


Online guidance

Parents, children and interested parties are also welcome to inform themselves about various instruments in our online guide (free of charge!).

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