EV RE320


Dynamic Large Diaphragm Microphone

  • For studio and live applications
  • Cardioid
  • 30 - 18000 Hz
  • 150 Ohm
  • Switchable frequency response for kick drum or linear
  • Robust steel construction
  • Dimensions: 216.7 x 54.4 x 49.2 mm
  • Weight 681 g
  • Incl. clamp and storage box
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Ideal for bass drum, wind instruments, speaking
available since March 2011
Item number 261952
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Tube No
Switchable Polar Pattern Yes
Omnidirectional No
Cardioid Yes
Figure-8 No
Low Cut No
Pad No
shockmount included No
USB Microphone No
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Microphone Clamp 1
Dynamic Microphone 1
Microphone Set For Guitars 1
Microphone Set For Drums 1
Microphone Set For Vocals & Speech 1
Microphone Set For Wind Instruments 1
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Good quality, dynamic microphone
No Nayme 17.11.2020
I use the RE320 teaching online - alongside a fethead, and a scarlett 212.
It's a great sounding dynamic - good directionality, no proximity effect really, rugged.

The tonal balance feels like when other microphones (421, 57, beyerdynamic mkii, which I was using before) were compressed. Just that touch more warmth, and brightness in the top end. It's not a wildly open sound - I wouldn't describe it as open or natural, like say the AKG 417PP lapell mic which I also use from time to time, it sounds like a broadcast ready microphone - nice radio friendly tone.

There is a tone switch to swap between kick and voice tones - haven't had a chance to test on kick - but I do prefer the voice setting for my voice - the kick setting seems to take out some stuff between 250-and 320 (ish - haven't gotten forensic with it) - which probably cuts out boxiness on kick, but on my voice just pulled out quite a bit of warmth.

Comes with a protective case - though I'm not sure why you'd need it - as the mic itself feels very very robust - I think you'd have to work hard to damage it - that being said the case is strong and sturdy, and looks like it could take a beating itself - it's not a weak leatherette bag, like you get with some microphones.

I had tried an SM7b, and for my voice preferred the tone of this. Though there is a little more tone shaping on the sm7b - so If I was going at it blind - I possibly would have made that decision. I think having gotten and used this mic, the ease of use and the sound, I wouldn't swap, if anything happened - I'd buy another straight away.

The microphone is a little on the larger side - but thats the price to pay for the variable D (proximity reducing design), but not too unwieldy, fits in a tight enough space on my desk on a fairly basic desk mic stand - without issue.

Although not really advertised - works well with plosives - I haven't really had any pop issues, even though I'm 3 inches from the mic roughly, and working without a pop shield.

For some situations depending on your set up, perhaps you have the need for a high pass filter - so perhaps would prefer the re27 0r re20, I'd spring instead for the triton fethead that also has the filter - or a little bit of post processing - unless its something that you have to have at source.

It's starting to tip into the expensive side for a dynamic - but worth it - sounds every penny and more.


EV microphone with dual purpose usefulness - plus no proximity effect!
UK Beachboys 04.04.2015
I was recommended this microphone because I needed a radio style mic, and noticed it also was useful on kick drum.

I did a bit of research and discovered the EV Variable-D system - where the usual cardioid bass tip-up when you get close to the mic doesn't happen. The usual base proximity effect is hardly there at all, and it sounds like an omni, but with a useful cardioid response. At about 150mm you can go off to each side of the mic without the sound changing in tone - the thin sound you usually get as you move off is nowhere near so obvious. It's a BIG microphone - the Variable-D system means the capsule itself is quite big so the housing is bigger still. So for the job I had in mind, I'm very happy. Then I tried it on the kick drum. My band is a tribute band - the Beach Boys, and we try to sound as authentic as we can, so a kick drum that goes BOOOOOM is not on the list. I quite like the AKG112 which we use, but that is maybe a little too light. Selecting the kick position on the EV 320 works really well, and the shape allows it to sit closer to the head than the 112. Using a stand is a bit tricky because the hole in the front head is quite low, so the longer reach of the 320 helps. If you use it without the kick position being selected, you DO get the bigger boomy sound, which I guess some people might like.

The mic clamp supplied fits over the XLR socket tube, and is pretty sturdy and well made, and there is a small grub screw that prevents the thing sliding off. For radio station use there is a suspension mount to stick it on an anglepoise type arm, but for me, I don't need that.

There are lots of comments on the net about the dire effects of covering up the side vents, which some people feel the need to do, but I tried it with hardly any impact at all. It certainly didn't make the mic more prone to feedback, which is what I expected.

It's not a bad price and does two jobs - a shame I didn't discover it earlier!


Nice mic for bass and kick
MoGreen 19.10.2019
Always loved the EV RE's and tis is no exception. Great sound, great bottom and nice filter.


Full sound, Solid construction.
Buffski 15.05.2021
Very pleased with the sound of this mic, being used mainly as a studio broadcast mic, the sound is full and dynamic.
Construction is solid and robust.
I cannot report any bad points.
A top quality product.


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