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Harley Benton G212 Vintage

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Guitar Cabinet

  • Equipped with: 2x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
  • Power rating: 120 W at 8 Ohm or 2 x 60 W at 16 Ohm
  • Inputs: 2x 6.3 mm jack
  • Mono / stereo switchable
  • Housing made of 16 mm poplar plywood
  • Grille with decorative strips
  • Made with black Tolex
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 520 x 742 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Suitable protective dust cover: Article number


    (not included)
Max. Load 120 W
Impedance 8, 16
Stereo Yes
Weight 25,0 kg
available since February 2007
Item number 198064
249 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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The best 2x12 cab i have ever used!
Daniel G. 770 12.10.2018
So let me start by saying that i bought this HB 2x12 because i gigged with Marshall 4x12 cabs for many years and got tired of carrying around heavy cabs.

I needed a 2x12 that could sound big but would be lighter to carry. Ideally i needed something with Celestion V30's or similar.

After looking around the internet, i discovered the Harley Benton G212 Vintage and my first impression was :
"How can they sell a V30 loaded cab for less money than 2 separate Celestion V30 speakers?"

At this point, i immediately placed the order because this is a total bargain. You're basically getting the cab for free when you think about it.

When the cab arrived, it looked fantastic and the overall quality was even better than i had expected.

I plugged it in and A/B tested it against my trust old Marshall 4x12. Here's what i discovered:

The HB 2x12 sounded more defined than the Marshall 4x12. It handled the low end better and actually seemed to be more 'punchy' in those lower mid and bass frequencies.

The HB 2x12 also sounds a little more aggressive in the midrange in comparison. This is likely because the speakers are front loaded, which gives a bit more of that direct sound. This makes it extremely good for rock or metal tones! However, it'll do just about anything you can think of and still sound great.

The top end is clear and cuts through the mix always, but it never sounds shrill or harsh.

I have now owned this cab for 7 years and gigged with it many times and it's still holding strong and performing flawlessly. The tolex is still attached, the grill cloth isn't damaged... This is pretty impressive for a cab that is priced so low!

If you're reading this review and you're trying to decide on purchasing this cab... My advice is just to go for it. I really don't think you'll find a better cab until you spend 3 or 4x more money. And even then, it won't sound 4x better or last 4x longer.

This cab is perfect for me and i will for sure own more than one in future for my new rig!


Absolutely fantastic Cab, nothing to be ashamed of
Mattblues 01.09.2017
I own one of the first Vintage G212's, before the "Celestion" logo was added. To start any HB review, you should know already that any product Thomann sells under their own brand is a product you can trust. The quality is absolutely amazing and you don't have to pay for the middle man. The customer service is the best in the world and you should not be worried about ordering it.

I bought this for home use, right now a Carvin X100b series III (carpet) is plugged into it. The speakers bought seperately without this cab would cost more than the cab itself! As You probably know, the Celestion Vintage 30 is pretty much the standard for rock and blues music, being featured in many famous cabs and combos, including the famous Marshall Silver Jubilees. This is a great way to get into some of that magic on the cheap. Buy a Harley Benton Cab, and use the savings for a better head than what you're planning to get.

The sound is very well balanced, with the lows sounding natural and note definition being clear, mids coming through nicely (or not if you tone them down) and the highs being able to almost get a "buzzsaw" tone. It reacts very well to guitar swaps and any character coming from the instrument shines through very well both clean and distorted. It does everything you could ever want it to. What can I say. It's a guitar cab with two great speakers that just... works. I've been using it non-stop for 5 years almost daily for hours without any problems. If the name bothers you, the logo is easy to take off. I wouldn't however - be proud of how smart you are with your money and ears!

It is, like most cabs, pretty heavy, and if you want to take it gigging, it'd be wise to make sure you have someone available to help you unload it and set it up. With a standard Marshall-sized tube head it weighs enough to not be possible to lift it alone.

In the end, this is a great cab for very little compared to so called "brand" ones with absolutely no flaws in the worksmanship and gives you tone you just can't improve on... provided you have a good head, of course.


What else do you want from a 2x12
HAM21 08.10.2020
Exactly as advertised. Two Celestion Vintage 30's, in a poplar plywood cab. The poplar plywood is decent enough for its intended purpose, no cracks or warping. The V30's are made in China but if that bothers you than dont buy this cab. They sound perfectly fine in my opinion and I play a little bit of everything from metal to funk, and have no issues with any of my tones. The black tolex is no different than any other cab same quality as a "higher" end cab, though can be damaged in shipping. (blame ups not the manufacturer ) Mono/Stereo input which is a welcome addition, as well as the metal carrying handles on either side of the cab. The front grill is as expected no issues.

Pros: As advertised, good build quality, sounds great.

Cons: Only one I can think of is how UPS decides they want to treat it during shipping.

If your debating, why? Two Vintage 30's in a well build cab housing for $230 USD with mono/stereo selection , amazing deal.


Cannot beat the quality vs price
shail3n 21.06.2019
You simply cannot beat the quality vs the price of this cab! I was simply amazed how loud this thing can be with by 15 watt tube amp. It is very sturdy and has a very good sound. I play mostly metal and this cab makes it sound perfect for it! The 2 Celestion v30 speakers simply scream and allows you to play smoothly. I was also amazed how great the natural and pinch harmonics from my guitars sounded compared to other cabs I have played.

Buying only two Celestion Vintage 30 speaker alone would have cost me more so, no doubt, this thing is a steal! I have also watched lots of reviews online where this cab was compared to Marshalls and Orange cabs for example before buying. While there is surely a difference in quality, sound wise, it has nothing to envy these cabs that also cost at least 4 times more!

I was also surprised how the Harley Benton products are quality wise vs the price you pay for them. While I sincerely do not know how many years this cab will last, for the price i'd buy another one without hesitating if I had to.

One last thing that I have appreciated with this cab, is that it allows you to remove the Harley Benton badge from it if you want to. You just have to remove the two screws and leave only the ''Celestion Equipped'' badge at the bottom and it gives it a more ''stealthy'' and mean look.


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