Jody Jazz Alto HR* 7M


Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

  • Tip opening: 2.11 mm
  • Material: Hard rubber
  • Suitable for both professionals and students
  • Beautiful, warm sound and feel
  • Includes mouthpiece pouch
Facing Length 22,00 mm
Tip Opening 2,11 mm
Chamber Horseshoe Shape
Material Hard Rubber
Cap No
Ligature No
K dostání od Září 2016
Číslo produktu 395337
Prodejní jednotka 1 ks
169 € 4 136,87 Kč
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Odešleme pravděpodobně do Čtvrtek, 27.01.
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Poor tone quality in upper register
grenadilla 30.12.2021
Bought two of those which varied much in quality but both were pretty bad - one was almost usable. In the lower register they played pretty well, nice response and quite good tone quality but around upper g and upwards, the tone quality was terrible - thin sound with some high-pitched resonance (or buzz) on the verge of cracking. Might have something to do with that the facing was a bit uneven. Maybe if refaced it can become a good mouthpiece.

Tested on a Selmer SBA in excellent condition.
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