Here to get heard Event Thomann
Here To Get Heard – Thomann Event at The Reeperbahn Festival 2023

Here To Get Heard – Thomann Event at The Reeperbahn Festival 2023

Are you ready for a full day of musiclive podcasts and entertainment? Join us at our Thomann event at the Reeperbahn Festival 2023 .

We cordially invite you to join us on 21 September 2023 at our event “Here to Get Heard” as part of the Reeperbahn Festival. From 2pm onwards, you can expect live performances, podcasts and panel talks featuring musicians at Hamburg’s Indra64 music club, stretching into the night.

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Here’s where you can find the Indra Musikclub on Google Maps !

“Here to Get Heard” – Event schedule:


NOTE: There are minor changes to the lineup and schedule. Unfortunately Luna is out due to illness (get well soon!), but Mathea is at the start instead.

SECRET GIG: Here we reveal the secret about the Secret Gig… It’s Wilhelmine! 😊🤘

14.00 – 14.30: Ivana

14.45 – 15.30: Panel Talk with Jovanka von Wilsdorf, Antje Schomaker, Melanie Gollin and Karolina Schrader

15.45 – 16.15: Soukou

16.30 – 17.15: Live Podcast with Wilhelmine

18.00 – 18.45: Senta

19.00 – 19.50: Secret Gig: Wilhelmine

20.15 – 21.05: Cloudy June

21.20 – 22.10: Mathea

22.30 – 23.20: Nova Twins

23.35 – 0:20: AYMZ

“Here to Get Heard” – 4 Perspectives on the Music Industry

The way we produce and listen to music today has undergone profound changes in recent years and decades. We talk with our esteemed guests, such as musicians and songwriters Antje Schomaker and Karolina Schrader, shedding light on shifts in listening habits, label contracts, and songwriting.

Melanie Gollin will offer insights into music journalism, drawing from her extensive experiences as a successful journalist. Furthermore, we’ll explore the involvement of artificial intelligence, as shared by Jovanka von Wilsdorf, a creative consultant and artist coach who spearheaded the Diana AI Song Contest. You can hear this and much more in our “Here to Get Heard” panel talk at 14.45 at Indra64 Musikclub in Hamburg.

“Here to Get Heard” – the music podcast

powered by Shure

“Here to Get Heard” is the music podcast for all music lovers and aspiring musicians. Together with our host Senta-Sofia Delliponti and our partner Shure, we delve behind the scenes of the music industry.

👉 Here’s the linktree of the podcast! 👈

Podcast Here to get heard

What’s life like for the artists behind the music? What challenges do they face, and how do they navigate the pressures of the industry? What do they envision for the future of music in society? All these intriguing aspects will be covered and more.

We aim to lend an ear to exceptional artists and creators within the music industry, providing them with a platform to express themselves, gain insights into their personal experiences in the music business, and engage in captivating discussions on a wide range of exciting topics.

Our lineup begins with Wilhelmine, a German pop musician, as she discusses queer issues within the music industry and her development as a musician. Find out why music has its own unique timing in the new episode of “Here to Get Heard.”

We look forward to both emerging talents and the hottest acts in the industry, all live from the Indra music club, on the Thomann stage, as part of the Reeperbahn Festival.

Shure SM 7 B microphone

Shure SM 7 B

Does the sound in the podcast sound familiar? That’s probably because our podcast was recorded with the legendary Shure SM 7 B microphone. The Shure SM 7 B is your perfect companion, whether you’re making music, streaming or recording a podcast. Use it on your drums or in front of your amp: There’s hardly an application where the SM7B does not deliver the best sound, and it’s robust to boot.

Come on down, we can’t wait to see you there!

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