Brexit: An Update for our valued UK Customers

Brexit: An Update for our valued UK Customers

“I placed my new order at Thomann as I frequently do but now I see that I will have to pay duties on delivery?”

“I didn’t know that now extra fees will apply on deliveries from EU based stores”

“VAT is not included in the prices?” 

“VAT stands for Vicious Aggressive Tone, right?” 🙂 

Lately, these are some of the most frequently asked questions we have been receiving from you; our amazing UK customers. Now, we’d much rather be chatting to you about whether the White Album is superior to Sgt. Peppers (it is), or if our warranty covers damage caused by setting fire to your guitar during a gig (it doesn’t) but we feel we should take some time and try to sum up the key changes to ordering with us since the implementation of Brexit on the 1st of January, 2021.

First of all, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the UK team at Thomann and we are based in a tiny village in Bavaria, Germany called Treppendorf – where there are more drum kits in our store than residents. We are the beautiful, sexy, hipster, talented….modest people that process your orders, answer your emails, take your calls and chat with you online at Please do forgive us if we appear a little forward. For those who know us, we are primarily musicians, audio engineers, music producers, DJs and performing artists just like you, and sometimes we tend to forget we’re not talking to bandmates!

Now to the serious part

When the UK was part of the European Union’s customs union and single market, goods could move freely between the country and member states without customs duties or other fees being charged. However, as of 01.01.2021 the two distinct markets no longer share the same regulatory and legal space. Now all orders between the two markets have to be processed and cleared by the local customs authorities and all goods entering the country have to be declared. 

Post Brexit costs

All EU based retailers sending parcels to the UK now have to fill out customs declaration forms and customers may also have to pay customs or VAT (Value Added Tax) charges, depending on the value of the products and the destination of the order. 

As it is customary with all our customers from outside of the EU, we provide VAT free prices online and any additional customs charges are the responsibility of the customer. 

Now, we understand that with more than 40 years of the UK being part of the EU, many customers may be caught unaware of the fact that the rules have changed since the UK’s official exit. This is why we have been communicating this information with you in various ways, on our products pages, at the shopping basket, on the check-out page, on our FAQ and shipping pages and on our Order Confirmation emails. 

So, according to these new regulations, VAT will be added and charged by us after processing an order only if the net value of the items is equal or less than 135.00 GBP or if the delivery will be to Northern Ireland (we’ll get back to you lovely folks a little later). We will then send you an Order Confirmation email that will include the new price inclusive of VAT. In these cases, no additional fee should be paid upon delivery.

Orders on or below 135,00 GBP will incur a 8,00 GBP shipping fee. Please note, this is paid to Thomann and is not related to the fees paid to the courier.

The VAT (20%) and possible additional handling fees will have to be paid to the courier upon delivery for all other orders with the only exception being special VAT-free zones (e.g Channel Islands). Additionally, we no longer accept UK VAT numbers except for Northern Ireland.

If you are wondering what those additional fees will be, allow us to share all the information we have gathered so far below:

Government Charges: UPS will take care of all the official paperwork and payment of the VAT on your behalf and they will pass that cost to you on their invoice. From our limited experience so far, the Government Charges consist of the 20% VAT plus a small amount for the paperwork involved (usually around 2.5%).

Brokerage Charges: UPS will charge a minimum of 11.50 GBP for their service.

Important! Don’t forget that this is indicative information based on the feedback we have received so far as not every order has the same customs requirements. For further information we advise that you check the costs and procedures in advance with the courier or the customs authorities locally.

Payment Methods: If there is any customs duties payment required for your order, UPS will provide a link that will allow you to make payment online. This can be found on the tracking page and you can track your parcel with the tracking number we will send you with your shipping confirmation email.

Post Brexit deliveries

Retailers are not the only party affected by these new regulations. Couriers have had to adjust their procedures and routes according to the new customs requirements as well and this may now be causing small delays on certain occasions.

New logistics procedures have to be implemented and new sorting sequences have to be introduced to different collection centres. At the same time the increase in volume of parcels along with new border controls, reduced staff and local quarantine measures are not making things easier. However, our courier partners have assured us that they are doing their very best to deliver packages on time and we are happy to inform you that the vast majority of our orders to the UK have been delivered within 3-6 working days from the date of dispatch.

For items exceeding 31 kilos, or heavy goods such as PA equipment, pianos, etc., we have to employ the services of a heavy haulage company. Heavy haulage forwarders have unfortunately not been able to deal with the additional paperwork and customs requirements as yet so they have temporarily suspended all deliveries to the UK.

Should this affect your order, we will inform you in your Order Confirmation email. We are currently working on this matter and we hope we will be able to confirm shortly that this method of shipment is again available for the UK.

Northern Ireland

We think Van Morrison must have been preemptively referring to couriers in post-Brexit Northern Ireland when he sang ‘I shall drive my chariot down your streets and cry ‘Hey, it’s me, I’m dynamite’. As Northern Ireland remains in the single market for goods, we will apply VAT (20%) after you have placed your order and we will then send you an Order Confirmation email with the new price inclusive of VAT. In these cases, no additional fee should be paid upon delivery. Please note, we cannot guarantee your package will be delivered by chariot.

We do accept VAT numbers for companies registered in Northern Ireland and the new VAT number should start with XI. Additionally, large or heavy items that require the services of a heavy haulage company are not affected by Brexit.

Post Brexit returns

We are very happy to inform you that we still offer the 30 day Money Back Guarantee and 3 Year Warranty on most items.

Should you have any questions regarding return procedures after the implementation of Brexit, how much it will cost you to send something back and how customs usually deal with such shipments, please check our online information or contact our Customer Care department:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

3-Year Warranty


Tel: 0049 (0) 9546 9223 476

Thomann’s plan for the future

While we would truly love to serve you from a store next to KOKO in Camden, or looking over the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, maybe a location in the Barras in Glasgow or next to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, sadly this is not likely to happen in the near future. We remain however focused on being able to offer great prices, Europe’s largest selection of instruments and simplified processes to our rocking UK musicians.

As these new regulations only came into effect a few days before the end of the transition period, we are obliged to follow these new procedures immediately. However, as we do understand the frustration of not being able to see the full price on our website as it was before Brexit, we are working on new solutions that would allow us to provide the final prices for you online with no additional charges on delivery.

We are happy to inform you that we have made excellent progress on that front and we hope to implement this shortly, possibly within only a few weeks! So we kindly ask that you refer back to our website for updates as the new process is, you could say, ‘oven ready’ (too soon?).

We hope you made it this far and that we have covered most of your questions and concerns, even though discussing government regulations may be the single worst New Year’s gift ever (even beats the annual gym membership you never asked for). If you have any further questions you know where you can find us!

Phone: +44-2038850020


PS: Please forgive any small delay in our email responses. As you know, it usually doesn’t take more than a day to get a response from us, however, due to the increased volume of questions and their inevitable complexity given the new regulations, it may temporarily take a little bit longer

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    Looks like it’s Gibsons and Epiphones again. Oh well I did manage to get a Harley Benton Les Paul in gloss black delivered before Xmas, and before all this extra costs arrived. So it looks like it’s going to be my only one now as I refuse to pay so much more for the same item!
    So it’s a sad goodbye….

    It’s inevitable and regrettable that many of us will purchase our items from within the U.K. l have always preferred buying from Thomson but sadly this will change

    All seems fair to me the prices on line have been dropped to reflect the VAT charges and I’d normally pay up to £10 for delivery on certain items I think your all doing a great job and thanks!

    Thanks for the detailed update about future orders. Its early days but I am sure it will all settle down at some point. Thanks for the great service I have had over the years from you guys and I look forward to many more. Cheers 🙂🤟🥁🎸

    Living in Northern Ireland I’m hoping these changes won’t affect me too much, but regardless of any extra cost the Harley Benton range of products and quality will suffice for me over other more expensive and inferior quality brands fom the US.

    It is what it is. I’ve been a customer of yours for many years and I hope to remain as one for a long time to come.
    Hope your business survives well into the future. Keep up the good work..!

    Thank you so much for the fantastic service you’ve given me whenever I’ve come and bought from you. You’ve been my go-to supplier for many years.
    My best wishes for the future.
    I can only hope a future UK government will reverse the damage being done.

    The bit I object to paying is the courier admin charge for handling the VAT. Import duty is sadly unavoidable and you guys can charge what you need to for delivery, but having the courier charge an unknown amount to take one online payment that would have rathe have been taken at checkout is a discouragement.

    Thank you so much for your years of great value and service . Luckily my entire pa system and other large instruments and add ons where delivered before this started.I only hope once this has calmed down and things become a lot clearer we can continue to use you more in the future!👍👍

    Thank you for the information….
    As a UK resident I have always strongly disagreed with this shitshow…

    I wish I was still an EU citizen.

    Living in Northern Ireland I very recently made a £180 order.
    I noticed that the website was showing the ex VAT price and was interested to see how you’d process it.
    I see you initially processed it for the ex VAT price , but , before dispatch , you adjusted the PayPal debit for the full price inc. VAT.
    Transaction completed extra charges levied by UPS at delivery.
    All good! Thanks

    As long as you keep banging out astonishingly good value guitars, I’ll continue to buy one whenever I can afford one. I have quite a long wishlist to complete!

    Why doesn’t Thomann register with HMRC for VAT in the UK? Anyone from the EU can do this? It wont stop the possible handling charges but at least the VAT portion will be covered.

    Sorry I’m a bit slow wrapping my head around this.
    If my order is over £135 I pay 20% VAT on delivery.. Plus the Courier Handling Fees?
    Or is that for orders less than £135

    Thanks for the clear description of the situation our idiot boomers have caused. Bollocks to Brexit.

    Agree with confused customer. You could simply register for UK VAT and stop f**king your customers unnecessarily. As one of my colleagues said, Thomann is not a tinpot operation. I’ve pointed out numerous times in emails that the measures you’ve introduced against UK customers are, at least in part, NOT required of you by the new regulations, but seemingly as a result of you not being bothered to simply register once and be done with it. Sure, paperwork sucks. I get it. But why not? As others, I wont be shopping at Thomann for the foreseeable future. Why would I, when practically zero other EU stores are taking such absurd measures? Just register, get over it, stop screwing people for no reason.

    To be clear, I have NO problem with the additional fees related to couriers etc. That’s totally understandable. But this VAT issue is just blatant nonsense. You’re better than this.

    Can’t really see any reason to purchase goods from Thomann anymore due to the Brexit fiasco. Far too complicated and unnecessary, alas. I will go to local UK stores!

    Ok so after digging for about 5+ hours I slightly understand this rats nest of a system a bit better.
    If my order is over £135 I pay the VAT to the courier PLUS A further 2% for Government Fees.
    Here’s the bit that gets my back up..
    UPS Will ask a MINIMUM Of £11.50 for “HANDLING FEES” But there is no set amount and it depends on the Nature of the item and how Complicated they deem the item to be. (Basically this grant’s the courier the ability to skyrocket that brokerage fee which is causing a total sh*t show) I must say that not specifying a maximum amount a Courier can charge a customer for “Taking care of the item” doesn’t help if they’re going to charge the customer ridiculous amounts. It gets to the stage where the value of the product isn’t worth the money to import.

    Indeed I have just been to pick up an order delivered to a local shop (which I wasn’t notified of) and been confronted with a £104 ‘import fee’. I of course didn’t pay such a ludicrous sum so what the fuck happens now!?

    Yeah same here, I bought a 2×12 cab and UPS want £50 for them to deliver it, I’m not paying them, but will I get a refund and will I have to pay to send it back?

    You can tell the quitlings whinging in the comments here by them blaming Thomann for something they voted for, instead of sucking up the consequences of their own actions. Twats.

    Just to remind you that ups screwing us all over is not because of brexit. It’s thanks to brexit because ups have realised they can take thep*iss. Keep your minority political rudeness to yourself.

    Howard – I didn’t vote to leave. What I and others are saying is entirely true – the VAT situation is nonsense, and if we’re going to be needlessly punished for this, we’ll go elsewhere. It isn’t whinging. It’s just what’s happening. Maybe instead of telling others to ‘suck up the consequences’ you should actually go do some independent research on the topic? But that might be a bit too much like hard work, I guess.

    I guess you could always ship from China. After all, thats where most of the stuff is made.
    Outside the EU so no problem.

    I voted remain. And I’m disgusted by our Tory government. Not just over Brexit, either. Right now it’s embarrassing being British. But when it comes to buying from you, or anyone else in the EU, it’ll be simple brutal econonics, for me. Any added complexity or difficult in ordering will be a major deterrent, obviously. Even more so, any added costs. I hope one day soon a better government will return us to the EU. But for now I suspect I won’t be ordering from you anymore. Sad!

    Dealing with UPS and providing £120.42 in VAT and Admin was stressful to say the least, paid a woman over the phone, as the online bit wouldn’t take my card, I thought it was a scam, her English was poor, helpful tho, they did eventually deliver it, a week late, the delivery guy called me and asked for payment, I explained to him I’d paid, 15 mins later he released it and I got my 2600.

    Calling an 0303 number 4 times for a total of 90 mins when I should be work. That’s a stress.

    Thank Brexshit.

    Register your company here, as some of ours are in Europe. Easing the issues massively..

    Yes, register your company overthere, hire one or two more people to handle all the paperwork that comes with the uk registration and refer all those cost back to your wise ass “do your research, stoopid” UK customers.
    But seriously, you almost think they all run international online retail businesses, while all they can do is google and they’re not even good at that, bloody know it alls, blaming Thomann for the shitshow their government brought onto them.

    Really sorry to hear this and I appreciate you have done what you can.

    I sincerely hope that one day this country will come to its senses and rejoin the free world, but I am not holding my breath.

    Unlikely to order again until the broker fee is sorted out, VAT yes, carriage yes, but giving UPS a minimum level just gives them an excuse for extortion.

    Would still be good value but for UPS.

    It’s interesting how DV247/Musicstore (Germany) and Bax Musc (Netherlands) haven’t changed their prices or ordering arrangements at all. It currently makes them a far more attractive proposition. I love Thomann but I feel that my loyalty is unjustified these days.

    Thomann is just ahead of their competitors. If the other stores you mentioned are still charging VAT at point of sale (as they appear to be, with no option to remove VAT, even when shipping to UK, although admittedly, I didn’t actually ‘checkout’), then you will most likely end up paying VAT TWICE as you will be charged again (by the courier) upon delivery. So watch out for any retailer who has not updated their website to reflect the new arrangements! It’s all quite a mess at the moment…

    I have enjoyed shopping with Thomann up until now. With these extra charges (brokerage, etc) and the hassle of having to pay for these separately, it’s just not going to be viable for me to continue to use Thomann. It’s such a shame, especially as I was/am opposed to Brexit.

    I’ve now discovered that my item has been delayed in Germany because of Brexit issues, and that the delivery is likely to take a week from the time of order. I don’t need this hassle.

    Could someone at Thomann write about the contentious UPS ‘handling charge’, which appears to be highly anarchic and potentially corrupt ? This seems to be the one scary issue at the heart if customer anxiety and frustration.

    Item (under £135)ordered on the 4th of Jan in the hands of UPS on the 21st and delivery date postponed 3 times already with an estimated delivery date of 4th of Feb. Checked tracking today and it has not even left the depot in Germany!
    Don’t think I will be ordering any thing from the continent for the next 6 months at least

    Thanks for the explanation. I agree with those who are unhappy with paying the UPS fee. Sadly, that will make Thomann less competitive on price. Very sad, I like dealing with Thomann and I’ll continue to consider them, but other suppliers are now more likely to get my custom.

    You can only register for VAT in the UK if you have a physical presence in the UK and Thomson doesn’t, it is NOT their fault. Can I say as “boomer” that I did not vote leave and most people I know of my age didn’t. Unfortunately some fxxxwits did…

    For those disagreeing with the VAT situation, and oversampling the solution:

    Thomann are obliged to register for UK VAT with HMRC in order to collect the VAT on <£135/€150 orders; that is one of the new rules imposed as part of the agreement.

    This doesn't solve the problems they have with orders over the duty threshold. For those goods, because they are shipping from the other side of the EU duty border, they are unable to collect the VAT, and the goods will attract VAT from the UK authorities alongside import duty.

    There is no simple way for them to circumvent this despite the many suggestions that there is.

    Unfortunately the EU missed the lesson on trade being a 2 way street, so now people will buy locally, second hand or direct from China, where most of the Thomann stuff comes from anyway. Its a shame but there ya go

    No, the EU didn’t “miss the memo”.

    The people who voted for Brexit, believing the patent bull that nothing would change except for getting £350m for the NHS (How’s that coming on, btw?) are the ones who missed the repeated abd very clear memos that they chose to dismiss as “project fear”.

    I might have to move to Norn Iron.
    Need my regular Harley Benton fix. I’m already getting twitchy.

    I will not shopping with Thomann or any other EU company after the the way the EU has treated and indeed still is treating the UK. I have nothing against Thomann, you are a good and reliable company, but until the UK gets some respect from the EU I will take all my business elsewhere – my holiday to Majorca has already been cancelled!

    I will not be shopping with Thomann or any other EU company after the way the EU has treated and indeed still is treating the UK over vaccines. I have nothing against Thomann, you are a good and reliable company, but until the UK gets some respect from the EU I will take all my business elsewhere – my holiday to Majorca has already been cancelled!

    Good work Thomann, thanks for the updates. To all the moaners, this problem is completely of the UK’s making and is exactly the same as if you buy something from the USA or China. I remember when the Thomann leaflets appeared in the 90’s and all the rip off British dealers said they were cheap because they were copies or fraudsters, they changed the whole landscape.

    I have used Thomann for a long time – you are the best.
    Sadly, thanks to the stupidity of the English meaning we have left the EU, I will probably be using a UK-based company now.
    Thanks for all your great service in the past.

    I am a fan of your selection of stage lighting products and these changes had put me off ordering from outside the UK. I’m really pleased you are looking at solutions so the price in the website is the final price and hope you can do something to sort out the problems created by brexit.

    Of course its sad news. As a UK resident it is of course difficult and more expensive. I am a regular user for decades now. Brexit was such a stupid idea, soon everyone will get to understand it. I laugh at the guys who mention buying from China OR from UK stores..Good luck with QC from China and where do you think the UK stores get their good from eh??? Don’t tell me they go through…boarders….

    Thomann’s comments about Brexit have been very restrained, so I’ll say it for them. Brexit is monumentally stupid, catastrophic and destructive. There is not a single benefit (just ask touring musicians). Give it 6 months and it’ll be hard to find anyone who’ll admit to voting for this nonsense. Thomann is fully entitled to be frustrated about its processes now being needlessly choked with extra bureaucracy and red tape. I’ll be sticking with them, however, as their quality, value and customer service is second to none. Thanks guys.

    I’d just like say how regrettable the situation is and send sincere best wishes to Thomann, other businesses and my many lifelong friends in Germany.

    I’ll be honest and it could be completely circumstantial, I took the risk of placing a high value order (£190+) with you after the changes to see if it was still viable for me to order from you in future, as I prefer buying from you…. After all was said and done and the additional costs were paid, buying from you still worked out cheaper that buying from within the UK…

    “If the other stores you mentioned are still charging VAT at point of sale (as they appear to be, with no option to remove VAT, even when shipping to UK, although admittedly, I didn’t actually ‘checkout’), then you will most likely end up paying VAT TWICE as you will be charged again (by the courier) upon delivery. So watch out for any retailer who has not updated their website to reflect the new arrangements!” – false. Don’t spread misinformation.

    “You can only register for VAT in the UK if you have a physical presence in the UK and Thomson doesn’t, it is NOT their fault” – false. Don’t spread misinformation. Any company in the EU can register for UK VAT without a local presence. There’s absolutely no reason why Thomann can’t do this.

    “do your research, stoopid” – I never called anyone stupid – I simply urged them to actually spend a couple minutes reading up on the real changes, rather than listening to nonsense.

    The only country ever that imposed tarrifs on itself.
    Bad news for importing, exporting and freedom of movement, great news for GAK, GuitarGuitar etc as Thomann is no longer a rival

    So, anyone complaining about the Import and handling fees charged by UPS has never ordered anything over £35 from outside the EU before I take it?

    Hate to break it to all of you saying you’ll just order it from China… You’re still going to get charged. Import duty from a none EU country has always been a thing. A letter from DHL, UPS, TNT with an invoice for VAT and duty and a fee which you had to pay before goods would be released had always been a thing.

    Now it just happens from everywhere.

    Thank you for this detailed update. While it is not, of course, good news, I really do appreciate you providing as much information as you can. Moreover, having been one of the customers you mentioned who have asked you directly, I must express my appreciation for the detailed email response you set on that (even when you didn’t have as clear an idea of charges as you do now). I was particularly impressed by that.

    Unfortunately, while you have been as transparent as possible, it’s UPS’ rather vague charges (where I note they claim a minimum of 11.50 on some parts of their website, and a minimum of 4.50 on others – not technically a contradiction, but quite unsatisfactory) which make me wary of putting orders in.

    Well it will get sorted, it must, I am sure Thoman is losing trade and all the EU lovers, well it would of been fine if they only Free Trade Deal, but the EU wanted more the EU wanted control over borders laws, etc, mark my word there will be more countries getting ready to leave,,
    There is a loads to work out the courier companies, everyone, but I do agree with many stating getting VAT registered should be done, that would help, but the courier companies they also have to get their acts together,

    “mark my word there will be more countries getting ready to leave”

    I don’t think so. All Brexit has done for the EU is strengthened it and made it realise how much the Brits are full of themselves.

    In case you hadn’t been paying attention, most of the anti-EU political leaders in Europe have now been shown the door, and even people like Marine Le Pen are no longer pushing for EU exit.

    I know you don’t like to see the EU flourishing but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The UK on the other hand will split up and the economy will tank (well worse than it already has).

    But you carry on being bitter reading the Express and enjoy your import charges.

    Thanks for the clarification, Thomann.

    Apologies to the rest of Europe for the shit-show that is Brexit. Unfortunately, our general populace have Stockholm Syndrome with the Tories and are generally, quite unwilling to see things for what they are, even when it’s slapping them in the face.

    I can only hope a future government reverse this catastrophic decision.

    I’ll still continue to order from Thomann where possible.

    So, just bought an Amorok 6 for £278 b stock. Item arrived to UK and then to local depot at Swansea. Customs charges of £78 before item released and deliverd. I payed a 28% increase of guitar’s value. What if the item is faulty and have to send it back, do I lose £78??

    Goodbye Thomann, until next time

    So you have paid about £22 for docs and handling paperwork. The other £56 was VAT that you would have paid anyway.
    Main question is, after all that, is the guitar still good value?
    If yes, maybe buy something again.
    If no – move next order to a.n.other in UK – but who, and for what quality ?

    Very sad state of affairs.

    The Tories sold off everything british many years ago yet their voters scream “buy british”

    I sure hope things get ironed out soon, I truly miss thomann and especially HB products.

    Thanks for nothing Tories. ;-(

    Just to add that prominent british musicians who voted for this shower of brexsh** are actually petitioning the Tory party to allow them to gig in europe freely.


    Move on mate, we’ve left get over it…life is too short 🙂

    Time to move on mate, we’ve left get over it…life is too short 🙂

    I find it deceptive that in search listings like duckduckgo you are listed as Thomann UK and only once we click through we find you are NOT a UK company but an EU company and the prices listed are excluding VAT and you have all sorts of complications servicing UK customers because you are NOT really “Thomann UK” as shown in the listings and the prices shown are nowhere near the real prices charged as you are really “Thomann DE”!

    Please correct how your business name is presented on search engines to avoid this deceptive click bait of good looking prices that are then increased by VAT and potentially customs tariffs as well as items being held hostage by couriers unless an extortionate admin “brokerage” fee is also paid!

    I ordered just before and just after 1st Jan 21.
    There was no difference in the delivery time with either order, (about 6-7 days). Yes I did have to pay the vat separately on the second order, and there was a charge of £11.50 from UPS.

    My order total was £145, the total charge from UPS was £48.37 that’s a total of £193.37, here is where it gets interesting….

    1. The items I ordered weren’t in stock in the UK for several months.
    2. The pre-order price for the same items listed on UK stores would have totalled £199.98

    Please people, do the mathematics, Thoman are a good company and they certainly don’t deserve some of the comments on here.

    I will be using Thoman again 👍🏼

    So, am I right in thinking that if my order is say £130, Thomann will charge me the VAT plus £8 delivery and I will not have to pay anything to UPS upon reciept?

    So orders below £135 the VAT will be charged by Thomann and that’s it? That’s what I understood. And as I’m already paying £8 for shipping why should I be paying more shipping fee? That’s bullshit! I’m cancelling my order now!!!!

    Seems like the courier is getting paid twice £8 delivery and £10 for adjusting their paperwork… regardless of many of the comments above… Thomann will lose a lot of UK business… Thomann you need to take the hit of courier moneygrabbing fees or at least put pressure on them to not be so greedy. My loss is your loss but I can get my gear in the UK… you can’t get my custom anywhere else. regards

    UpS have had my order for a month !!

    I’ve had several emails stating a date for delivery-
    “ your parcel has left the country of origin and is in transit. It will be delivered to you by the end of the day”
    I’ve tried the useless UPS app , I’ve phoned UPS and even their staff don’t know where my parcel is.
    She told me it had left Germany and is now in Frankfurt! Seriously???!!

    It turns out one month later, my parcel is still in Frankfurt Germany.
    This is clearly the blame of UPS as other orders from the continent this year have took less than a week to arrive.

    The lowered costs of items on Thomann is because you pay the VAT at a later date. That’s to be expected.

    However, After reading this blog and all the extra costs. 2.5% for this an unknown customs charge and god knows whAt else. A tip for the van drivers dog ??
    Its still a mystery how much extra I will have to pay.
    And the ridiculous time it’s took waiting for my delivery. Which is unacceptable;

    this will have to be my final purchase from Thomann.

    Unless Thomann decided to open a branch in the UK

    Until then , it’s …
    Good Buy Thomann,
    Good Bye Thomann

    Everything was great trading with Europe before dec 31 2020.

    This is what brexit voters wanted, now they are moaning about what they actually voted for.

    Politics 101.

    What a shame, loved Thomann and spent thousands with you… like the majority of U.K. citizens I will buy from elsewhere (in the U.K.) from now on…it’s the customs charges and the unnecessary charges that UPS are trying to rip us all off with?
    Handling charges? Didn’t they handle our goods when we were in the EU?
    Thanks for great service Thomann and good bye 😢

    @ Andy Power

    Yes they did but we had customs free imports before brexit, now couriers have to fill lots of paperwork so charge (like any non eu import)

    But hey, brexit voters knew this right 😉

    Move on mate, we’ve left, get over it…life is too short 🙂

    Sorry, but this whole thing is a complete farce and whoever dreamed this up should be certified. Shame really. Hope sanity will ultimately return soon, but in the meantime, I will not be purchasing anything from an EU country.

    looks like too big a hassle to order from thomann now. get rid of the conservative government. vote Labour…always. why is it called thomannuk if there is no uk shop?

    well goodbye Thomann, its been a blast. What a shame all of this has happened

    Wont’ be ordering from Thomann again…. Won’t even bother checking their site.
    A major company (they say ‘The major company’) in the field should have the wherewithal to arrange their courier services to give the customer a one-stop-shop for ordering.

    As a previous poster said “It all comes from China anyway.” Might as well oder direct from the source.

    As it turns out, not such a ‘pro’ company after all.

    We will never know because most hardcore brexit voters will NEVER admit they where wrong.

    But at a guess the majority that are blaming Thomann (and all other eu retailers) voted for it.

    The EU Commission has done nothing but make Brexit as bad as possible for the UK to protect its little empire. We won’t know if Brexit is a success for at least 5 years, if you love the EU so much then why don’t you go and live there.

    Tired of reading this rubbish from bitter remainers, just get on with your life mate, it is too short to spend worrying about stuff you can’t change 🙂

    Not sure I get this right for orders under £135.
    When I buy goods for £100 (excl. VAT), Thomann will add £20 of VAT plus £8 for shipping so I will pay £128 to Thomann. That part is clear. Do I still have to pay UPS or HMRC on top of that?

    Thanks for our recent purchase, although seriously delayed by logistic issues.
    Couple of points arising:
    The free kettle lead turned out to be chargeable for duty & VAT, as it had been (quite correctly) assigned a value on the commercial invoice submitted with the shipment.
    The commercial invoice was issued in EUR, for a different amount than the actual GBP price I paid to Thomann – for which I have been invoiced.
    I contacted UPS UK Brokerage, who agreed to use my GBP invoice to reduce the Duty and VAT charged, albeit by only a relatively small amount. I found UPS very helpful, although of course the handling and shipment times have become ridiculously long, compared to the former Free Movement situation.
    I will continue to use Thomann, as a good service is what matters. Let’s hope that the VAT and clearance issues become smoother in due course.
    The charges from HMRC are particularly upsetting, it’s “Invoice value * duty * VAT + Vat Value Adjustment” so we actually pay VAT on the Duty charged (concealed robbery)
    Brexit was bound to be a serious impediment to International trade, and it’s not comforting to think that a return to EU Membership is unlikely to happen in my lifetime.

    Just if anybody is still reading this far down – I ordered £150 of equipment on the 26th Jan, the additional charges were £49 (£30 VAT, £7.50 import duty and that contentious £11.50 UPS charge). So for £199 I got another fantastic HB guitar, a wah-wah, a couple of leads, a tuner and some other small trinkets all in my hand by the 6th Feb…there is absolutely nowhere on earth I could have got better value.
    I really don’t know what all the moaning is about…. or what people actually expect.

    Keep up the good work Thomann.

    Non-politically, if you work out an item is now more cost effective to buy from a UK supplier currently, then do so. If trade switches to UK traders, the deals due to increased UK buying power will improve over time. Buy British if it works for you, and then our UK companies are more likely to win better worldwide trade deals. It’s early days so read the terms of your purchase it’s now from the EU. We’re not part of it anymore… move on!

    Regular customer. Just bought a Harley Benton guitar. £170. Paid £38 VAT as expected, Then brokerage charge £11.50 and duties £3.38. UPS driver let me pay by cash or card, and he gave me a full signed receipt. There is no UPS rip off charges and I was pleasantly surprised. Will buy with Thomann again. Cheers gang.

    Hi all hope this helps, Purchased a Fender Pinwheel February 3 2021 via Thomann Uk £135 + £27vat shipping included .. now the package is shipped via Germany to the UK .. UPS want to charge me £46.05p government charges including handling fee of £11.50, which I have not consented to by the way as no other option was given to self broker .. £135 is the limit before UK government apply charges .. I spoke to HMRC to confirm this and they said if any charges exist as I’ve paid the VAT any excise duty if applicable would amount to less than £4 .. UPS will not give me a breakdown of the charges but referred me to . I’ve sent them an email regarding the charges including a copy of the invoice from Thomann and not even an acknowledgement that they have received the email so it appears someone somewhere has made an error in the calculations .. I spoke to a rude man at my local UPS office and he said it’s Vat charges and international shipping duties oh c’mon I wasn’t on the last banana boat into the UK to be told rubbish he would not even help with any other UPS contact information, could it be UPS don’t care and are just out to grab your money at any excuse

    Can confirm the UPS brokerage fee was as high as £21.80 for a £137 order (pre VAT).

    I wasn’t careful enough when reading this and I thought the order needs to be OVER £135 to avoid paying higher taxes… ended up paying the unnecessarily high brokerage fee. Two items were shipped in two separate packages and contained quite a few mixed items, perhaps this could explain the higher charges?

    Very annoying, but can’t blame Thomann in any way.

    I was going to order a guitar kit – it was in the shopping cart – but then I started reading the fine print, and the comments on this page – I know it’s not Thomann’s fault, but there are too many unknowns and it isn’t clear how much extra I’ll have to pay on delivery. I’m going to wait until this is sorted.

    Let’s hope this all gets sorted as soon as possible. I’ve always been impressed by Thomann’s products and customer support and look forward to normal service being restored as soon as possible!

    As a company we have used Thomann for many years and we have just looked to get costs for again, but with the order over £6200 (ex vat) we will have to leave it and look elsewhere. It’s a damn shame as we have no issues with the equipment and even with our 30 years trading and good UK discounts we still find Thomann great value for money and a great one stop shop. But with the UPS issues that are being talked about we cannot risk giving them a blank cheque, just not worth it at all. Yes Bexit has caused the issues, but allowing UPS free reign to charge what they want and with the horror stories about rude customer support this means we have to go elsewhere. Thanks for the support and great service over the years and it’s a shame that a delivery company causes the loss of sales!

    Hi, Item is £137 b stock. Why not charge £34.99? It’s been there for 2 months.
    Except for this item I have always thought them expensive – as I buy used or MiC.
    Thanks Thomann for the lovely humour – not so taxing. 😉
    Adolf had a hi-tech free daily Air delivery service and was attempting a personal sea/land alternative too……………. Blitzmail.

    Reading through this.keep your orders below 135.00 and its change except 8.00 postage.The postal threshold used to be 100.

    So really it’s down to UPS to provide breakdown of charges prior to placing order at Thomann so that we don’t get any nasty surprises.
    Hope this is what Thomann are working towards achieving or going to another courier if need be.
    UPS will be losing a lot of Business if Thomann go elsewhere.
    Put my orders on hold for now, will place them when this fiasco is sorted.
    Also don’t think the French have helped with delivery times.

    It’s not a UK specific issue. It’s been caused by Brexit (idiots) but the UK is not unique. I’ve just moved back to the UK from living in Switzerland (big mistake) and we faced the same scenario as Switzerland is not in the EU either.

    UPS in Switzerland robbed us blind as much as possible, they inevitably got things wrong and never apologized or offered refunds. I used to ask that they ship via other than UPS and Thomann normally obliged. I’m not sure if this is an option for the UK, you could ask?

    Brexit is a mess, these consequences were there to be seen before voting by looking at how things worked at other non-EU locations but I know it’s too late now.

    To be frank, Thomann’s service isn’t great, I’ve had a few arguments over how they hide behind ‘warranty terms’ but in this instance, I have to agree with those that call out that it’s not their fault. It’s not.

    The courier (e.g. UPS) should be charging a FIXED FEE for admin (e.g. £5 per shipment) instead of charging a percentage fee (e.g. 2.5%). It does not cost more in admin (paperwork) just because the item costs more. They are just exploiting the situation to make money, and in doing so turning people away from Thomann (and other EU suppliers). Shame. Perhaps Thomann needs to find an ethical courier? Dump UPS.

    Good point Dave. There’s an opportunity here for another courier company.

    ok a few quid more to pay on a guitar, we are getting our jabs, the EU is well behind so don’t forget the benefits of brexit

    I shall continue to purchase knowing the new calcs etc. And appreciate your kind advice Thomann is a great provider of quality goods.
    It is sad we left the EU and I await the day we rejoin and incarcerate Johnson and co.

    The whole problem is NOT knowing the calcs! The UPS charge is stated as a minimum of £11.50, but it could be anything above that – we just don’t know when we are placing the order. UPS are a bunch of useless money-grabbing tw@ts and I wouldn’t trust them to ONLY apply a charge of £11.50 to my order. I was about to order a guitar today for £439 from Thomann, but after reading this, and having an unknown charge also to be applied, I’m not going to bother. I’ll order from a UK based company when they are back in stock. Also, if I returned an item because it was faulty, or not suitable, who do I claim the VAT back from???

    Good Lord. Thoman, why the hell have you NOT just given some hard fast EXAMPLES off your UK web page or EU web page …….if we were shopping at either from the UK.

    For gods sake, just show CLIPS of your online webpages and some prices shown at say 135 euros or whatever the cut off rules are regarding VAT….THEN SHOW THE UK CUSTOMER WHAT THEY FINALLY WILL END UP PAYING FOR THAT PRODUCT.

    Its astonishing that you have not had the intelligence to show 3 simple examples that cover the price CUT OFF rules regarding VAT etc…………… could you neglect to do these EXAMPLES to a whole country of possible continued customers that you are trying to maintain………..?

    what a bunch of idiots you are.

    It seems the big issue here is the UPS charge. Please get onto them and get them to make it a fixed charge. Threaten them with using a different courier, there are quite a few that would love to acquire that business, should make them jump a bit.
    I got stung with this and I will not order again until it’s resolved, it’s cured my G-A-S for a while at least!

    UPS stands for Uncertain Postal Surcharge

    I would bet on DV247/Musicstore, they have a very competitive price on the X32 Rack ((£6659:00) which includes delivery & shipping but what they don’t tell you is that once you have purchased, you’ll receive an order email but stating in big red letters “Some customers are experiencing issues with UPS as they have made a mistake, you will be charged for the shipping & customs duties on the package but we will credit your account once we receive the paid invoice” No-where does it say how long before you get you money back for the shipping & customs duties & the website doesn’t show this (advertised as free shipping & delivery from the uk). I had contacted the UK, French & German telephone support lines & support emails but no-one had come back to me. I had to go back to Paypal before they contacted me. Do not buy from this company, all you will get is no-response to any concerns unless you go through paypal. DO NOT TRUST DV247/Musicstore Period. Customer services is poor, I would have rather ordered through Thomann De & paid the customs duties as i worked out the same as DV247/Musicstore!


    I wouldn’t bet on DV247/Musicstore, they have a very competitive price on the X32 Rack (£659:00)

    Hello friends at Thomann,

    Any news on your new process? We know we have to pay VAT, but the current situation with non-transparent UPS fees is not good, won’t be ordering until the full price is known.

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