Hello New Gear – April 2020

Hello New Gear – April 2020

Welcome back to Hello New Gear, this time we have a Springtime April edition with many new and exciting audio tools, gadgets and gear. Get prepared for takeoff…


IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator Bundle

A fantastic video and live-streaming kit containing iRig Mic Lav, iKlip Grip Pro and a 10″ LED ring light. Check out the individual product pages (and videos below) for specs, you won’t be disappointed. This bundle will get you ready for professional-looking and sounding videos in no time! Check out the video below:

Price €79


TC Electronic Plethora X5

The TC Electronic Plethora X5 is an effects pedalboard for electric guitar & bass with flexible & easy to use TonePrint technology. It includes 127 customisable board memory presets consisting of up to 5 TonePrint pedals (Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb, Flashback 2 Delay, Sub n Up Octaver, Brainwaves Pitch Shifter, Corona Chorus, Hypergravity Compressor, Mimiq Doubler, Vortex Flanger, Pipeline Tap Tremolo, Quintessence Harmony, Sentry Noise Gate, Shaker Vibrato). You can also create your very own sounds using the in-depth TonePrint Editor. This multi-effects pedal has so much versatility it makes your head spin! Check out the video below for more details…

Price €469

Arturia AudioFuse Rev2

A 14 x 14 USB Audio Interface with talkback via integrated mic (up to 96 kHz sampling rate), integrated re-amping function, a separate master & monitor mix, 2 x mic / instr. / line combo inputs, XLR / jack, 2 x line inputs (6.3 mm jack), 2 x phono RCA inputs, 2 x insert connectors (6.3 mm stereo jack), 4 x line outputs (2x L / R 6.3 mm jack), MIDI input & output (incl. 5-pin MIDI adapter), word clock input and output (cinch [usable as S / PDIF coax]), and ADAT input and output (optically usable as S / PDIF). This is one of the most complete consumer USB audio interfaces out there!

Price €607

Steinberg UR24C

This is the latest 2 x 4 USB 3.0 audio interface with iPad connectivity, 2 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps, +48 V phantom power, latency-free DSP-supported monitoring with REV-X Hall, channel strip and Guitar Amp Classics (also included as VST 3 and AU plug-ins), Monitor Mix Control, 4 line outputs (RCA, ideal for DJ equipment), USB 3.0 power supply and robust metal housing. To top it all off, the package includes Cubase AI and the Cubasis LE DAW app for iPad (download versions).

Price €241

Elgato Multi Mount Smartphone Holder and Key Light Air

Elgato Multi-Mount Smartphone Holder is a sleek, padded, extendable smartphone holder. It’s compatible with all Elgato Multi Mount accessories and features a quick-clamping steel cradle for all phones with a maximum width of 8.5 cm.

The Key Light Air works very well in conjunction with the Smartphone Holder and provides WLAN-enabled studio lighting for video productions and is fully controllable via the app and the Elgato Stream Deck. The light temperature and brightness is adjustable (up to 1400 lumens) and the light is provided with 80 OSRAM LEDs.

Prices: €14 (holder) and €124 (light)

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