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the t.bone SC 140 Stereoset Bundle

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  • Classical dry
  • Classical wet
  • Strumming dry
  • Strumming wet
  • Picking dry
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  • XY Cymbals
  • XY Shaker
  • XY Woodblocks
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Bundle offer comprising

the t.bone SC 140 Stereo Set

  • Microphone Stereo Set
  • Matched pair condenser microphones the t.bone SC140
  • With 18 mm capsules
  • Cardioid
  • Ideal for recording of drum set (overhead, hihat), acoustic guitar or piano
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • 48V Phantom power required
  • With low cut (-3 dB @ 75 Hz o. 150Hz) and pad switch (-10 dB o. -20dB)
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB (12.6mV/ Pa)
  • Max. SPL: 130 dB
  • Incl. shock mount, wind shields and stereo bar
  • Delivered in a aluminium case

2x pro snake TPM 10

  • Professional microphone cable
  • Length: 10 m
  • Black Yongsheng XLR plug (made by Neutrik)
  • XLR male --> XLR female
  • Incl. hook and loop fastener
Microphone Set For Guitars Yes
Microphone Set For Drums No
Microphone Set For Vocals & Speech Yes
Microphone Set For Cameras No
Microphone Set For Wind Instruments No
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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A nice bargain
Tim6185 22.11.2013
I have been nicely surprised by theses mic's. They were bought for recording (primarily) acoustic guitar. They do a fine job particularly if used x/y as this allows mono without phase problems. As a spaced pair they sound great but like all other mic's don't mono too well. They seem to catch the top guitar strings in a warm way without that fizzy spiky stuff you can so easily get. The bottom end is warm without boom. I also used them on a full band recording (bass, electric guitar, harmonica, vocals) as overheads on the drums. Again a nice crisp sound that could either be used with lower frequencies rolled-off for cymbals, or as a full range recording. On mandolin they are very good, fiddle a bit bright but may be very good at a little distance in the right room. Not much good for vocals - the large LDC win every time. I haven't tried these on guitar cab but again suspect that there are better options.

The mic's feel chunky and of good quality. The clips are a little awkward as they a bit too tight but at least your mic's don't end up on the floor. The clip threads are only plastic a feel as they may easily cross-thread. The same applies to the crossbar which is all plastic including the thread. The roll-off switches are useful but I tend to use the pad on drums only and the HPF on the mixer.

All in all worth every penny. I guess you would have to spend quite a bit more to get significantly better. A keeper.


Great value stereo pair
misterong 16.05.2013
I bought these for snare drum duties. They work brilliantly on top and bottom together. Subsequently I have been using them as a stereo room pair in x-y config and they are great. solid build quality, good accessories. They will get a lot of use in general.


The secret weapon for drum overheads
LaszloM 26.11.2013
Hey, wake up guys! Buy this one and you won't have any issues with drum overheads in the future! Clean sounding, sensitive microphones, the holder is really cool for XY miking. I feel a bit harsh in high end which can be corrected by an eq. Used for acoustic guitar is useful as well, with proper positioning you can get a full and even sound.


Good Quality Results That Won't Break The Bank
Simon P 29.07.2013
I was after a stereo set of directional microphones and did a lot of searching for something that was in my price range at the time, and really struggled to find something that would do the job without breaking the bank... Until I spotted these.

Basically I can't say a bad thing about them. They feel nice and weighty and have a good build quality. They also have a very good frequency response. At least I've never noticed anything missing anyway.

They also work great at varying volumes. Either ear splittingly loud or very quiet and subtle. They seem to be able to cope with anything I've thrown at them.
And to top all that they come in a great Thomann carrying case.


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