ESP LTD EC-1000 Vintage Black

Including 3 months online course!

Including 3 months online course!

With the purchase of a new ESP, E-II or LTD guitar or bass, the new owner receives three months free access to expanded content of online example courses from seven programmes of the renowned Musicians Institute: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Visual Media, Keyboard and Music Theory! Also available to any buyers is a complete PDF of the Musicians Institute guitar and bass technique course syllabus. The courses offered are identical to those currently enrolled MI students use and are taught with by their renowned instructors!

Electric Guitar

  • Body: Mahogany
  • 3-Piece set-in neck: Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)
  • Fretboard: Ebony (Diospyros)
  • 24 Frets
  • Fretboard inlays: Abalone flags
  • Tone Pros T3B-T & T1Z locking bridge
  • Binding
  • Pickups: Active EMG 81 & EMG 60 humbuckers
  • 1 Toggle switch
  • Gold-plated hardware
  • Colour: Matte Black
available since June 2006
Item number 192156
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Body Mahogany
Top None
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Ebony
Frets 24
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
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1.069 €
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Solid Guitar
WarL1ghT 26.05.2019
I've bought this guitar because i needed a solid and good sounding axe to play with the band . And i've got to say , i'm not dissapointed at all , i'm actually very impressed

- The Finish is incredible , it feels so good and you can sense the work that has been put into the instrument
- The Pickups are great , the output that they have is really good to play aggresive and punchy stuff , you can really work with the sound that this guitar offers . Me and my band are kind of a Heavy-Groovy Metal so if you're looking for a guitar to play similar stuff , this might be your way to go .
- The look of the guitar is awesome , really , It's a single cut with a matte finish and amazing decals on it , can't have anything against that

- As you'd expect a Les Paul guitar to be , it's a bit heavy , not too bad though , so don't worry thinking it's weighting like a tank , but it's just a bit heavier than your regular standard style guitar
- I find that it's going out of tune regularly , i can't say if it's the lock-in tuners , or maybe i should've tighten the screws of the tuning keys tighter , i can't tell why is that , but it's not a tragedy considering it's not a floyd rose guitar neither a guitar with EverTune Bridge to stay in tune really really good , so i can't say it's a horrible thing at all .

Overall :
This is a solid choice , you're getting awesome sound for an aggresive and metalish type of play , the look and the finish of the guitar is just marvelous , and the cons are not even things that are impossible to work with . I recommend this guitar to anyone that's looking for a crunchy , punchy and rich metal sound . Combining this with an awesome Head amp and Cab , it will be a beast !


THE metal Les Paul
snakeyay 02.10.2020
EMGs, ESP - do I need to say more? If you are browsing for a guitar, you have probably already watched countless videos of pickup tone comparison, reviews, wood type, bridge type and all other guitar geekness you could come up with.

This guitar was ordered as a replacement to my first Thomann purchase, which was an EC-1000 but with Seymour Duncans in it. The pickups kinda need more "oomph" for my taste (I'm a big metal guy), so I have decided to go with EMGs. BUT, BUT - the first guitar did arrive damaged, and it seemed as though the finish started coming off and Thomann were ever-so-generous to actually take the blame (even though it cannot be confirmed, the guitar was upheld in Customs for 3 weeks), so they have agreed to fully refund me - and this is where this metal beast came through.

The ordeal was a nightmare, but it is finally over and this guitar, it is just utter perfection.

I've played on an Ibanez S470 with ZR Tremolo bridge and my hand placement needed heavy adjusting, but the playability, the everything is just freaking amazing.

Did the guitar come with some standard faults? Yeah - there is a "nibble" where it seems the finish kinda "gathered up" and there is a bubble, but I embrace it. There are chinks in the neck, although you cannot feel it when playing it - then again, it is wood, it is not plastic.

If you are looking for a metal machine with a heavy tone, EMGs and a proper modern Les Paul - look no further, this is the one.

One of the best purchases I have as of yet.


GeorgeTailor 20.07.2020
This is probably the best guitar you can get for such price.
The finish of the guitar is amazing, looks gorgeous and feels nice. The back of the neck is very easy to switch positions, it does not 'stick' to the hand.

- sound is very aggressive and deep if you play with distortion;
- amazing look;
- amazing finish;
- feels very comfortable to play.

- 'golden' paint wears off after a while, especially on the bridge where you rest your hand if you do a lot of palm muting;
- Neck nut is waay too high, depending on the strength with which you press you can alter the sound on a single fret even by a half tone! But you can always bring it to your local luthier or lower the nut yourself if you know how to do that.
- Kind of heavy.


Amazing experience
Anonymous 13.12.2015
I have played it for one month, and I must say this is a super experience: very strong and heavy. It is very confortable when I press the string, easy handling, and you can perform diverse of heavy metal, together with Boss Metalcore and Marshall amplifier.
In general, this is one of the best choice, if you want a brilliant metal sound without paying too much.