Daddario EXL117


Guitar string set for electric guitars

  • For "D" tuning
  • Material: Nickel-plated steel
  • Gauges: 011 - 014 - 019 - 032 - 044 - 056
  • Medium Top/Heavy Bottom
Gauge 011 - 056
Strength of the strings 0,011" – 0,056"
Material Nickel Plated Steel
G-String Wound No
available since March 2010
Item number 242051
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Strength of the strings from 0,011"
Strength of the strings to 0,056"
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Daddario EXL117
Yanbul 08.03.2014

I´ve recently discovered these strings for me. I was in the middle of recording process and I needed some fresh strings. I found one set at home and bought a couple of them at a local guitar store. Normally I used to play on Rotosound MA11 sig. set. So I will be comparing them a little.

I play an Ibanez RG2020x tunned in drop c. Over the years I figured out the perfect set for me - it was Rotosound MA11 (11-59), but I ran out of them and needed some fresh strings quickly, so I picked up the daddarios. Although the sixth string is a .56 gauge, the tension is quite nice and the strings feel nice. The quality is nice as well and I can play them for about 1-2 weeks, depending on the playing time. The sound is pretty bright and tight, provoking me to play djent and ola-style chugga-chugga all the time haha :D But to be honest the .59 rotosound string sounds more beefier. Generally the rotos sound a bit brighter and nastier then the daddarios. You should concider this when choosing the strings for your particular guitar. Also the .11 roto string has a little more tension then the daddario one, dunno why lol. The Daddarios are kinda easier to bend as well.

All in all, the daddarios exl117 are pretty good strings for standard D/Drop C tuning. I would suggest you to try the Rotos MA11 though.


Great for people who likes thicker strings
Jones From The North 13.12.2021
I have been using these string for E std, half step down, D std and Drop C for a while.
I like thicker strings with lots of tension, so I've moved over to EXL148's to Drop C and D std.
But these bad boys have more than enough tension in in them to not be floppy all the way down to Drop B.
Like i said, i just prefer heavy gauge strings.
They last a good amount of time with Fast Fret, though they last without as well.
I know some people hate Fast Fret with a passion.

- D'Addario quality and dependability
- Lasts a decent amount of time
- Great sound for a great price

- None I can think off.


Love them!!!
Isaac Campos 05.03.2019
Just that...
I find in them anything I need, tone and definition-wise, and I just couldn't be happier with their quality!!!
I like to play around with different tunings, and thet offer a wide range of gauges. Also, the fact that a huge range of singles of any gauge are available to customize sets, is brilliant!!!
From time to time I try other brands, and many are OK, but is just I have found my feel and tone with D'Addario, and I'm always going back to using them.
It's a matter of taste, as always when sound is involved.
For me they're PERFECT, I love them!!!


Best string for Drop C (25.5" guitar)
Humanoidtyphoon47 02.08.2019
I always loved this combination of 11 and 56 strings...Got that chunkiness of the low strings and the fast high while maintaining the tightness of the whole gauges...if you play some of those sweet Killswitch Engage riff...these strings got you covered


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