Behringer B115W


Active 15" / 1" Speaker

  • With built-in Bluetooth audio transmission
  • 1000 Watt peak
  • "Wireless ready" for the optional Behringer digital wireless system
  • Two mic / line inputs
  • 2-Band EQ
  • Additional line output
  • Stand mount flange
  • Dimensions: 713 x 427 x 313 mm
  • Weight: 17.7 kg
  • Optional protective cover: Article no. 321143 (not included)
available since September 2013
Item number 319596
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 427 mm
Depth 313 mm
Height 713 mm
Weight 17,7 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 15
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 1000 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 3
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
larghezza 427 mm
profondità 313 mm
Altezza 713 mm
Peso 17,7 kg
Number of Tweeters 1
Number of Mids 0
Stereo Wireless 1
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote No
Line Out XLR
Cover 321143
Frequency range (-3dB) from 45 Hz
Frequency range (-3dB) to 20000 Hz
Summary EQ 1
Flyable No
Thomann cover 321143
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64 Customer ratings

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behringer b115w speakers rock.!
Daren 04.03.2014
ok so find these at such a low price made me wonder if they had got the code wrong, answer was no, these are the real speakers at this super low price.!
so why did i but these and what do i think?
i do little mini festivals and set up a huge and heavy pa system for alsorts of music events and also just got into pa driven cinema,"keeps the kids quiet at parties" so lugging around all my heavy duty pa systems around is just too much, epecally now i'm getting asked to do the cinema side of things so had to find a light weight answer without, the amps, the mixers, loads of leads ect just for the cinema.! so hours over the internet i found these babies
form the box i was instantly impressed how light they fell for the size and so that was one issue over.! so wireless bluetooth? it was instant, took about all of 15seconds to pair to my macbook pro and wondered if it had actually worked being so quick, yes.! music came straight out.!
the sound?
i'm so incredibly fussy for the right sound and was'nt expecting much at this price spec compared to my extremely expensive pa already.!
all i can say i wow.!!!!! very warm, very solid clear sound, the bass is just spot on and punchy whlst the treble matches it perfectly lending its self to make a lovely crisp sound with some weight behind it.!
i absolutely adore these speakers, not only for all the labour saving lugging around, but are going to be perfect for all sorts of applications, i think it would be safe to say you could do small venue dj'ing with these, i'e pubs/wedding perhaps, and keep a nice volume and keeping a lovey sound to them, i found from a nutral balance from your device, i'm slightly adjusting the bass to bars up and the treble on bar up.
for cinema like i've purchased these for, wow again, clear perfect voices, no distortion at all with low rumbles or booms, and boom - vocals - and highs do no compete with one another, they all seem so far to be at the same level, in other words, no crashing action and loosing the vocals as a result.!
end words.! for small events, ect absolutely will not get such high quality sound and wireless to for under £1000 per speaker in my humble opinion
thormann, how you sell at this price is beyond me, i'll be back for a great service again thankyou


Fair price product
M1tsos 13.08.2020
Very decent active speaker.. ofc its a behringer you cant expect miracles.. but for the price range is very very good and decent option


Aris P 17.12.2019
Excellent speakers, powerful, very easy to set up, the Bluetooth is awesome you don't need all these cables to work with, for small and medium events, presentations is everything you need. The sound is perfect, very good bass and tweeter, doing the job fine and cheap with all these features. I highly recommend it.


Great sound
Anonymous 28.10.2021
Really good for small venues light weight and really good sound