IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo I/O


Audio Interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC

  • Very compact design for portable use
  • 2 Combined mic / instrument inputs via combination jacks
  • 2 High-quality microphone preamplifiers with individually adjustable gain and phantom power
  • 2 Balanced line outputs
  • Headphone output with volume control on 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
  • Switchable direct monitoring
  • AD/DA conversion: 24bit / 48kHz
  • MIDI in/out
  • Power supply via USB
  • 9 Volt power supply (not included) or batteries (2x AA)
  • Microphone inputs: 2 x XLR balanced
  • +48V +/-4V phantom power
  • 50 dB gain
  • Impdeance: 3.2 ohms
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz
  • Noise level -103 dB (A)
  • Instrument inputs: 2x 6.3 mm jack unbalanced
  • Gain: 27 dB
  • Impdeance: 1 ohms
  • Frequency range: 5 - 21000 Hz
  • Noise level -104 dB (A)
  • Line outputs: 2x 6.3 mm jack balanced, max. Output level: 16 dBu / 600 ohms
  • Frequency range: 10 - 21000 Hz
  • Dynamic range: 106 dB-A
  • MIDI input and output: 2 x 2.5 mm mono jack
  • Power supply connection 9 V DC 500 mA
  • Device connection mini-DIN
  • Dimensions: 127 x 75 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 197g (incl. batteries)
  • System requirements: iOS 7.0, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation), iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation), iPod touch (6th generation), from Android 5 on devices with USB digital audio functions, from Win7, from Mac OS X 10.6

Delivery contents:

  • iRig Pro Duo
  • Lightning on mini DIN cable 0.6 m
  • USB-C on mini-DIN cable 0.6 m
  • USB to mini-DIN cable 0.6 m
  • 2 x 2.5mm jack on MIDI cable 0.1 m
  • 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
  • AmpliTube 4 and AmpliTube 5 SE
Myynnissä vuodesta Helmikuu 2020
Tuotenumero 484423
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
Type Audio Interface
Recording / Playback Channels 2x2
Number of Mic Inputs 2
Number of Line Inputs 2
Instrument Inputs 2
Number of Line Outs 2
Headphone Outs 1
Phantom power 1
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 0
Number of ADAT Connectors 0
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Word Clock No
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors Lightning
MIDI interface 1
Max. sample rate (kHz) 48 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered 1
USB Version 1.1
Width in mm 127 mm
Depth in mm 75 mm
Height in mm 37 mm
Included in delivery Lightning to Mini-DIN Cable 0,6 m, USB-C to Mini-DIN Cable 0,6 m, USB to Mini-DIN Cable 0,6 m, 2x 2.5 mm Jack to MIDI Cable 0,1 m, 2x 1,5 V AA Batteries
Zero latency monitoring 1
Connection Format Mini DIN-USB Type A, Mini DIN-USB Type C, Mini DIN-Lightning
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31 Arvostelut

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Excellent little unit
Ian84 24.07.2020
I bought this so I could plug in my guitar into my iPhone (using Garage Band for recording and Amplitube for effects and amp sims) for quick-and-dirty recording of ideas.

Since I also wanted to be able to use it with my own pedal board and MIDI keyboard through Reaper with various sample-based libraries I wanted it to have two inputs (stereo) and MIDI, so I would not have to buy two interfaces: one for my phone and one for a laptop. That's how I ended up at this box and not a cheaper iRig.

It's been a true pleasure to use. I haven't had any issues with latency or the like. The sounds on my phone or laptop are excellent with no detectable noise, and it provides a cost-effective interface that also doubles as an on-the-go recorder when used with a phone.

Since Garage Band is completely free and Amplitube comes with about 30 effects/amps/cabs (after the free upgrade that comes with the product) you can enough to get started with basic tracks of guitars and drums. Amplitube also has a drum machine included and you can export-and-paste it as regular audio to Garage Band. The amps are not all fabulous, but they are good enough for quickly recording ideas.

You have to use batteries and headphones when connected to an iPhone (8). The latter was not clear from the manual, but not a problem. It does come with all the cables you need to connect to iPhones or iPads, Android devices, USB, or Macs. That's quite neat, so you don't have nasty surprises when it comes to cables. Everything you need is included, including a set of batteries.

The only quirky thing in MacOS was the permission to access the microphone. Since I had no intention of singing I selected "no" initially, which caused no sound to be heard even though I could see the audio meters flare up when I strummed my guitar strings. I had to choose "yes" to hear the sounds from the device. That could have been mentioned in the manual, but after a bit of tinkering everything worked pretty much without any hiccups or issues.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Does the job, but not well.
ostenreview 18.10.2020
First off, this is an expensive product but don't think this will be your last & final purchase relating to it. The IK iRig thunderbolt connector cable snapped very easily, well that's 50€ extra. No IK iRig power-supply is provided, they use a non-standard 5V adapter, that costs 50€ extra also. Basically doesn't work on Android, which is OK, I use my old iPhone instead.

Record quality seems OK, indicators are non-descriptive and if the battery starts running out, the device just turns on and off incrementally.

Install the iOS App, well you gotta pay for add-ons.

USB powered? Nope, not if you use a mobile device.

They provide 2 AA batteries, because they want to up sell you on their proprietary power adapter. The batteries drain *very* fast.

Basically a half arsed product and they attempt to milk every penny out of you. I wouldn't buy this a product from this ever company again.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Great overall USB audio interface
HelpMeIAmLost 10.04.2020
It's definitely not cheap, but for the price, this interface performs really well. It comes with different cable interfaces which gives you an option to use it on a laptop/PC via USB, or to an iPad via Lightning port. What's great is that it comes bundled with licensed software from IK Multimedia when you register it. The softwares can be updated as well. Their Custom Shop app gives you even more options to add plug-ins, not just for your mic, but also for your electric guitar and bass. The iRig Pro Duo I/O is made of plastic but it's solid and well-built.It has a matte finish that feels nice to the touch and prevents slipping.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Handy, portable solution
automaciej 30.05.2021
Initially the interface didn't work with my Pixel phone. I waited a few months, and eventually it started working. I used it to record TikTok duets with good results.
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