Mesa Boogie Thiele Box

Pantalla de guitarra

  • 1 altavoz 12"
  • Potencia: 90 W
  • Altavoz Celestion 90
  • Impedancia: 8Ohm
  • Medida: 40 x 48 x 32,4cm
  • Peso: 16,35kg
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Muestras de sonido

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Metal
  • Rock

Más información

Capacidad de carga 90 W
Impedancia 8
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4.9 / 5.0
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Tiny beast!!

Dar Eire, 10.02.2017
What an impressive little package! I had expected this to be good being a Mesa Boogie product but I can tell you,it has far exceeded my expectations.I am using a Boogie Mark V 25 head which I also got here on Thomann and had been using a pretty good brand name 2x12 cab with celestion V30s in it.It sounded fantastic,the amp head is after all amazing but the cab was a bit big and I had read that the Boogie cabinets are voiced better for the Boogie amps.My research and time spent reading up on it led me to the Thiele and I thought I'd buy it and see what it was like.
Wow!!....First of all it is SOO tiny and easy to carry and nice and light with a weight of only approx. 16.35 kg.I had considered locating an older version with the EV speaker in it as they have such a great reputation but I know they are crazy heavy so was curious to see what the lighter C90 speaker in this was like....It's really fantastic,excellent focused sound,presence and buckets of power,definitely no need for the EV version at all!I play a very wide range of music styles live and in the studio so I needed something that was gonna' work for that and be very versatile and I wasn't sure if a closed back cab was the way to go.Well my fears were alleviated,it sounds incredible regardless of what style I'm playing,really!! I think what I had previously read was also true,the thiele cab seems to compliment the Mark V 25 extremely well,voiced to perfection for it,although I am sure that it would sound great with any head such is the quality of this cabinet.There is a real solid presence and punch to the sound,almost resonating through your body even at quite low volume and when the volume is cranked,well then it truly sings,extremely focused,powerful and directional and interacts very nicely with the guitar I felt.The true test for me was the first live gig with a 6 piece band and a loud drummer having previously gigged the aforementioned 2x12 cab and the 25 watt Mesa Boogie head,I have to say I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be up to the job......Man was I wrong,I kept looking back at it in disbelief at how well it was performing and at only 12 o'clock on the master volume on the clean channel and 4 on the OD channel,wow,totally outshining the pretty high quality 2x12 cabinet I had been using before in the same band set up.My guitar seemed to be ever present cutting right through the other instruments on stage at me yet with a very pleasing tone.The guys in the band also remarked on how good it sounded! I was going to keep my old 2x12 too but it is now up for sale as there is no need as this thiele cab covers everything perfectly!
It seems to be a very solid build too with high quality tolex covering and grill cloth and a strong handle.It's very nice to look at I think and the supplied padded cover is a nice touch.I know it's a pretty expensive cab but I definitely think it's worth it with such quality sound and extreme handiness regarding weight and size,especially for the gigging musician.It gets a massive thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend it!!
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