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Tasten gesucht - piano-/ organ-/ keyboardplayer wanted

17.04. en DE -Dortmund · Hallo Wir ( Gitarre/​Gesang + Kon­tra­bass ) suchen auf diesem Weg Piano, Orgel oder Key­board ( bzw natür­lich deren Spieler/​in ) für semi-ans­pru­ch­vo­lles kom­mer­zie­lles “ Acoustic Neo Swing ” Cover­pro­jekt - es gibt eine mehr oder weniger gesetzte Setlist von ca 1,5 h - bes­tehend haupt­sä­ch­lich aus klas­sis­chen Real-Book Swing Stan­dards. Ein­fache Backing Vocals wären super, aus­serdem sollte schon die Fähig­keit zum Solieren vor­handen sein ( siehe Videos)! Anges­pro­chen werden sollen Leute, die sich mit regel­mäs­sigen (ange­dacht + halb­wegs rea­lis­tisch sind so 10 - 15/ Jahr ) Auf­tritten etwas ( Tas­chen- ) Geld ver­dienen wollen + bereit sind, da demen­ts­pre­chend auch ‘was für zu tun - z.B zu Hause…. Wir machen regel­mässig (Pro­jekt-)studio Auf­nahmen + Videos zu Pro­bez­we­cken, des­halb könnte eine gewisse Tech­ni­kaf­fi­nität nicht schaden. Kon­takte zu div. (!) Boo­kern vor­handen. Proben in Dort­mund-Innens­tadt. Guckst du bitte hier: https://​­​channel/​UCy0­ge­k7kKyxBjt­B0WT­YuzUQ bzw https://​sound­​search?q=rubin%20kater Danke... Hi there We ( guitar/ vox + double bass ) are loo­king for a piano/ key­board player for a com­mer­cial cover­pro­ject of mostly - but not exclu­si­vely - real­book stuff - I’ d call it “ acoustic neo swing”. Setlist of approx.1,5 hrs ready. Some sort of easy backing vocals would defi­ni­tely be most wel­come! This is for people who want to make some money with gig­ging ( approx. 10 -15 / year ) and are pre­pared to do their bit for that - i.e. prac­ti­sing at home…. We' ve got con­tacts to various (!) boo­kers. Rehear­sals in cen­tral Dort­mund. We regu­larly do recor­dings + videos, hence some kind of tech­nical affi­nity would do no harm. Please, have a peek: https://​­​channel/​UCy0­ge­k7kKyxBjt­B0WT­YuzUQ or https://​sound­​search?q=rubin%20kater Cheers.....

Yamaha Electo Piano P-120

380 € · 09.03. en LU -Luxembourg · Yamaha P120 Digital Piano 88 Weighted Keys P-120 Yamaha P-120 88-key Graded Hammer Effect Digital Piano Avai­lable for local pickup only. Great wor­king and pla­ying con­di­tion. Shows normal signs of wear from use and pla­ying. Sheet music rest included. Sus­tain pedal included. Can be used as a MIDI key­board or as a regular stage piano Des­crip­tion by manu­fac­turer: Dimen­sions Width - 135.4 cm (53-5/​16") Height - 13.7 cm (5-3/​8") Depth - 33.4 cm (13-1/​8" Weight - 18.6 kg (40 lbs. 15 oz.) Con­trol Inter­face Key­board Number of Keys -88 Type Graded Hammer (GH) Key­board Touch Sen­si­ti­vity - Hard/​Medium/​Soft/​Fixed Dis­play Type LED Size - 7-seg­ment, 3-digit Panel Lan­guage English Voices Tone Gene­ra­ting Tech­no­logy AWM Dynamic Stereo Sam­pling Number of Dynamic Levels - 3 Stereo Sus­tain Sam­ples - Yes Key-off Sam­ples - Yes Number of Polyp­hony (Max.) - 64 Preset Number of Voices - 14 Reverb - Yes Chorus - Yes Bri­lliance - yes (Slider) Fun­ctions - Dual/​Layers - Yes Split -Yes Number of Preset Songs - 50 Recor­ding Number of Songs - 3 Number of Tracks - 2 Data Capa­city - Approx. 10,000 notes Recor­ding Fun­ction - Yes Com­pa­tible Data Format - Play­back Recor­ding - NO (Ori­ginal Format) Metro­nome - Yes Tempo Range - 32-280 Trans­pose - -12 to 0, 0 to +12 Tuning - Yes Scale Type - 7 types Con­nec­ti­vity - DC IN 16V Headp­hones - x 2 Sus­tain Pedal - Yes MIDI In/​Out AUX OUT (L/​L+R, R), LEVEL FIXED (L, R) AUX Pedal -Yes Made in Japan

Create Online Presence of Your Business in Just 700 AED- Website Designing

1 € · 31.01. en AE -Dubai · Online pre­sence of Busi­ness is very impor­tant because it’s what allows people to come across you, inter­re­late with you, and get to know, like, and belief on you. Your online pre­sence has a very broad reach, and when built pro­duc­ti­vely it can spread brand awa­re­ness and gain you fans, follo­wers, leads, cus­to­mers, and anyt­hing else you could yet want for your busi­ness. Buil­ding online pre­sence for one Busi­ness can be less time con­su­ming and less frus­tra­ting if you know “From where to start”. How to start buil­ding your online pre­sence Not sure from where to start with buil­ding your online pre­sence? You’re not alone. The­re’s a lot that goes into crea­ting your online pre­sence. 1. Esta­blis­hing your busi­ness goals 2. Crea­ting your dif­fe­rent pro­files and accounts on social media 3. Buil­ding a web­site (your home base) 4. Figu­ring out the best ways to engage and interact across these dif­fe­rent mediums. You don’t have to be all over the places online, but you do have to be somew­here online. Web­site Deve­lop­ment 1. If you want your busi­ness to be suc­cessful in the current mar­ket­place, you’ve got to have a pro­fes­sional web­site. Your web­site is the back­bone of your busi­ness. 2. Your web­site serves as that “home base” where you can transmit your cus­to­mers to make a pur­chase or learn more about an exac­ting pro­duct or ser­vice you offer. 3. Your web­site is the per­fect place to guide your cus­tomer. 4. A web­site is worth inves­ting in because it remains a live and active tool for your com­pany as you grow. If you’re not online and your oppo­si­tion is, they have a enor­mous advan­tage over you when it comes to cus­to­mers fin­ding you. Loo­king to improve your mar­ke­ting with an online pre­sence? Let us know! We have web­site options to suit any busi­ness and budget, and can help manage your online pre­sence. We have lots of options to suit you! Con­tact us today! To get More Infor­ma­tion and Pri­cing: Per­fonec Com­puter LLC

Camara 360º profesional Live streaming VR Orah 4i

1600 € · 02.01. en Madrid · ---- Es la mejor cámara para rea­lizar live strea­ming VR, si quieren una cámara 360º increíble, pueden ver las opi­niones a nivel mun­dial, ya que en España es la única, se vende ya que cam­biamos de estra­tegia y no le vamos a dar el uso que puede brindar dicha cámara.--- Cap­ture y com­parta fácil­mente el mundo que le rodea en 360 ° con la cámara Orah 4i Live Sphe­rical VR , desa­rro­llada por VideoS­titch. Con cuatro sen­sores de imagen, cuatro lentes y cuatro micró­fonos de rango de alta fre­cuencia, el Orah 4i graba audio ambi­só­nico y video 4K a 30 fps para una expe­riencia de video inmer­siva esfé­rica con faci­lidad de uso plug-and-play. Su cuerpo com­ple­ta­mente metá­lico está dise­ñado para la efi­ciencia tér­mica para largas sesiones de dis­paro y la esta­bi­li­za­ción incor­po­rada y la correc­ción del hori­zonte man­tienen el video sin pro­blemas. Los lentes de ojo de pez de ocho ele­mentos mul­ti­capa de vidrio reducen la lla­ma­rada, mien­tras que la expo­si­ción auto­má­tica y el balance de blancos ayudan a la repro­duc­ción de escenas pre­cisa. Más que solo una cámara, el 4i usa un solo cable para conec­tarse a una caja de cos­tura dedi­cada con una CPU Intel y una GPU NVIDIA GeForce para unir cuatro entradas de video en una usando su propia ver­sión per­so­na­li­zada del soft­ware Vaha­naVR de VideoS­titch. El video resul­tante cosido se puede alma­cenar para su pos­te­rior edi­ción a través de la ranura de la tar­jeta SD o se puede uti­lizar para trans­mi­sión inme­diata en vivo. La caja está llena de conec­tores, incluidos cuatro puertos USB 3.0, dos puertos USB 2.0, doble gigabit LAN y conec­tores de micró­fono y auri­cu­lares. Wi-Fi 802.11ac y Blue­tooth 4.0 tam­bién están dis­po­ni­bles. Plug-and-Stream Creado con la faci­lidad de uso en mente, el Orah 4i es una unidad plug-and-play autó­noma. La unidad de la cámara uti­liza un solo cable Ethernet para enchu­farlo a la caja de cos­tura, que luego puede trans­mi­tirse a través de Internet conec­tán­dose a su enru­tador a través de Ethernet o Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac. O bien, gu

James Andrew Wyatt

20.03. en GB -Eastbourne · James Andrew Wyatt(Pic­tured) Ex-Drummer with The Nomads, The Blues Brot­hers, Highway Stars & Gun Fleet. James' 1980's Bromley Bands were followed by him taking up sin­ging with Amanda Floyd AGSM & 2 Solo cola­bo­ra­tions with Amanda as arranger & then his invol­ve­ment with the New Life Youth Group Music & Dance Media Euro­pean Tour 1994. He joined The Fellowship Of Chris­tian Wri­ters Group in 1995, giving Live readings of his Poetry. He then Passed the Audi­tion for Phil Allen with his Cor­ners­tone Worship Band in 1996 after 2 years of ear­lier invol­ve­ment. Phil Allen was one of the 3 Direc­tors of Cor­ners­tone Pro­duc­tion Ser­vices Limited a Regis­tered Com­pany. Having Con­tri­buted Music Jour­na­lism to Darker Than Blue, More Black than Purple, and other maga­zines & internet sites, as Bob Gel­doff had also Con­tri­buted Music Jour­na­lism early in his career to the NME. James took an Author/​Musi­cian's break wor­king at Bromley College Library 2001-2002 as a Library Assis­tant. James Andrew Wyatt Com­posed his Rock Varia­tions. An Art Rock Album with Pho­to­graphic Art by him, of Sto­nehenge. And Per­formed Live as James Wyatt's Adre­na­line Spilt and started wri­ting the 3 albums worth of mate­rial, with recor­ding started. With 6 Adverts placed in the New Musical Express, bet­ween 2012 and 2014. And the 10 Song Rock Varia­tions released World Wide on Star Now. If you are inter­ested in this Artist please con­tact James on the email - Email: adre­na­li­nes­

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Casio PX-S1000 BK

Piano digital 88 teclas con acción martillo a escala (Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard) de marfil/ébano sintético, 18 sonidos, Polifonía de 192 voces, Función de partición y capas, Chorus, 'Brilliance', DSP, 60 canciones, Transposición, Metrónomo, Audio Bluetooth, 2 conexiones...

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JBL One Series 104

Active Monitor System 4.5" Woofer, 0.75" Tweeter, 60 W class D amplifier (2 x 30 W), Optimised for desktop applications, Front volume control, Frequency range: 88 - 20,000 Hz (-3 dB SPL), 60 - 20,000 Hz (-10 dB), Max....

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Audient Sono

Amp Modeling Interface 24-Bit / 96 kHz, 10 x 4 Amp Modeling Audio Interface, 2 x Combo inputs mic / line with Audient Class A microphone preamp (60 dB gain), Instrument input with tube preamp including 12AX7 tube and...

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Chapman Guitars ML1 Mod Baritone Graphite V2

Guitarra eléctrica Cuerpo de aliso, Tapa de chapa de fresno, Mástil de arce, Diapasón de ébano (Diospyros Celebica), Anchura de la cejilla: 42mm, Radio de 350mm, 24 trastes, Escala de 711mm (28"), Pastillas Chapman Sonorus Zero Baritone Humbucker, Controles...

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Electro Harmonix Mono Synth

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Guitar Synthesiser, Eleven mono-synthesizer sounds, Eleven programmable user presets, Controls: Vol Dry, Vol Synth, Sens, Ctrl, Type, LED: effect on, Footswitch: Preset, Bypass, Connections: Input (6.3 mm jack), EXP (6.3 mm jack), Synth Output...

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Antares Auto-Tune Access

Pitch Correction Plugin (Download) Software for automatic intonation correction in real time, Easy and fast pitch correction, Based on the algorithms of Auto-Tune Pro, Simple parameter set for easy operation, Low-latency for live applications, Compatible to Antares Auto-Key (Article...

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 Upgrade AI

Audio MIDI sequencer (DAW)Upgrade from Cubase AI 6 or later 32 Bit Integer and 64 Bit Float, Unlimited number of simultaneously usable audio and MIDI tracks, Supports up to 256 physical inputs and outputs, 5.1 Surround...

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Marshall Major III Bluetooth Brown

Auriculares estéreo Diseño 'On-Ear', Parte posterior cerrada, Plegables, Tecnología Bluetooth® aptX, Hasta 30 horas de autonomía, Knob de control en los auriculares, Altavoz dinámico de bobina móvil de 40 mm, Bisabras de nueva construcción y diadema para un mejor...

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Tama Imperialstar 7pcs ltd. -BBOB

Tama Imperialstar series, model: IP62H6NBBOB+8, limited 7pcs version, finish: Blacked Out Black (BBOB), covered 8-ply, 7.5mm thick poplar shells, black nickel shell hardware, set containing 22"x18" bass drum with Accu Tune bass drum hoop, 08"x07" - 10"x08" - 12"x09" tom...

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Clavia Nord Piano Monitor

Monitores Desarrollados para la reproducción dinámica perfecta de la Nord Piano Library, Optimizados para la escucha de campo cercano, Entrada de audio auxiliar adicional para conectar un ordenador portátil o teléfono inteligente, Potencia: 2 x 80W, Tweeter de 3/4",...

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Fender Sixty-Six MN DPB

Guitarra eléctrica Jazz Bass Serie 'Alternate Reality', Cuerpo de fresno, Mástil de arce, Diapasón de arce, Montaje del mástil: Atornillado (Bolt on), Forma del mástil: 'C' moderna, Inlays de puntos negros, 22 trastes Medium Jumbo, Cejilla de hueso sintético,...

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Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Standard

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Standard (ESD); guitar effects plugin; Guitar Match technology simulates specific guitars, which can be played wiht regular guitars; contains Guitar Match-Essential with 2 guitars, 45 effect pedals and rack processors as well as 30 classic...

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