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Stairville xBrick Full-Colour 16x3W


LED Effects

The new xBrick Full-Colour is a professional LED floodlight with extremely compact dimensions and excellent colour mixing.

The 16 piece high-power RGB LEDs provide an enormous light output, leaving RGB colour shadows as a thing of the past.

The desired colour is mixed directly under the lens, and the device provides the user with different control options, such as DMX 512, automatic mode, music mode (Sound-to-Light), and Master/Slave mode, allowing the xBrick to be used almost anywhere. Via the LCD display all functions of the xBrick can be easily adjusted.

Via the double bracket the device can be set up on the ground or mounted on a truss, wall, or ceiling. No matter whether on stage, in the architectural field, at fairs and exhibitions, nightclubs, or countless other applications, the xBrick Full-Colour does an excellent job.

  • Light source: 16 LEDs 3 W Tri colour RGB
  • Power supply: AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 60 W
  • Beam angle: 30°
  • Control: DMX-512 mode (5 or 13 channels), Automatic mode, Sound-to-Light mode, Program mode, Master/Slave
  • LCD Display
  • DMX In- and output: 3-Pin XLR
  • Power in- and output: IEC (cold device plug)
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 365 x 215 x 70 mm (with bracket)
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Suitable diffusion filters: + 25° Art.


    and + 40° Art.


    (both not included)
Outdoor No
Number of LEDs 16
LED Power 3
Colour Mixing RGB
LED Type x-in-1
Fanless Yes
Remote control not supported
wireless DMX No
housing colour Black
Individually controllable LEDs No
Length 0,3 m
Číslo produktu 259187
111 € 2 827,55 Kč
Cena vč. DPH nezahrnuje poštovné 15 €
Cena v Kč je pouze orientační
Naskladnění během 7-9 týdnů
Naskladnění během 7-9 týdnů

Tento produkt bude brzy naskladněn a hned poté může být expedován.

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Jsem velice s tímto sv?tlem spokojený. *****
Anonymní 17.09.2016
Toto sv?tlo, pou¸íváme spí¨ jako divadelní, p?esto jeho "disco" funkce se dají b?hem p?edstavení také výborn? zu¸itkovat. Sv?telnost m? velice mile pot?¨ila, proto dávám 5 hv?zdi?ek. Jako amatér jsem spokojený s jednoduchostí ovládání. Jsem velice spokojený s tímto sv?tlem. :-D
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abram 31.12.2018
super vec na pódiu, ale sú potrebné aspo? dva kusy
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dj Jaro 02.12.2018
vynikající svetla , nedá se jim nic vytknou
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google translate gb
Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Very Nice lights. Missing only one feature.
Pete R. 29.07.2014
I have had 10 of these units for the past 3-4 years (Mk1) and toped up with 6 more (Mk2) within the last year or so, had no real issues only that they blow fuses quite regularly and 1 did get returned (Mk1) under the 3 year warranty as it failed to come back on. This as always with Thomann was easy and fast.
They have a spare fuse holder in the IEC connector so I keep fuses in them for when they blow, i probably use the lights 10 times a year for 2 days at a time and would estimate that every other time they are out a fuse blows.

If you are using the lights to uplight a wall, the stands do get in the way and are not tall enough to allow an XLR to sit in the DMX socket without caching the floor, I have got around this by adding some stands, but if you are flying these or using them as a general wash this isn't an issue.

The main feature that is missing which is a real pain for me, is the ability to set a solid colour. You have the ability in standalone mode to set either "Fade" which fades through the colour spectrum at a chosen speed, "Sound" which plays back patterns in time with music or "Colour" which I would expect to be able to set for instance red or blue, so the light stays on a pre selected colour but this setting scrolls through different colours without fading or the ability to adjust the speed.
So the only way to keep the lights on lets say red all the time, is to DMX them together and have a control desk, a real pain if you have 16 lights around a marquee and you want to alternate red and white, especially if you are uplighting the walls as the addition of the DMX lead means you need an additional stand to get the angle right with out the DMX cable hitting the floor.

All in all a very nice light but the lack of a solid colour option means that they are sometimes a pain to use. Not really recommended for architectural use as the fuses do blow.

The Mk2 update was nice with the IEC Loop out.
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