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Moeck 1020 Flauto 1 Plus Soprano


Soprano Recorder

Small musicians often forget to take care of their recorders and the recorder head in particular has to be handled very carefully. That is why the head on this model has been constructed from a special hard-wearing plastic and the lower joint from reliable maple wood, ensuring that "fluty" sound.

  • German fingering
  • Headpiece from special, hard-wearing plastic
  • Head: Burgundy
  • Without double holes
  • Maple lower joint
  • Incl. Bag made from cloth
Material Plastic, wood
Double Holes No
Číslo produktu 100305
37 € 944,41 Kč
Cena vč. DPH nezahrnuje poštovné 15 €
Cena v Kč je pouze orientační
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Na skladě

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Odešleme pravděpodobně do Pátek, 3.12.
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the Moeck 1020 Flauto 1 Plus - a good recorder for beginners and intermediates
Regina4498 19.02.2014

I bought Moek 1020 Flauto 1 Plus in order to learn playing recorders.
It fulfills this purpose pretty well.

The response of this recorder is better than with many more expensive ones. I had an easy time finding the right amount of pressure to play this instrument.

The recorder comes with a bag which is pretty usefull.

Some of you might think that this is the big weakness of this instrument because of the plastic mouthpiece.
That's not the case. Sure there are recorders with wooden mouthpieces that sound better but it's not as big of a difference as you might think.

The wood looks high quality and the mouthpiece is not made out of cheap plastic.
All in all this instrument is really high quality as you would expect when buying a Moeck recorder.
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