Evans Onyx Studio Set Coated


Batter Head Set

  • ETP ONX2-F
  • The set consists of: Evans 10 "- 12" - 14 " Onyx drumheads
  • Black
  • Two-ply of 0.19 mm thick film
  • With a special ultra-fine micro lacquer - not only gives it a matte black appearance but also provides additional protection
  • Low and medium frequency range are characteristic features of the Onyx series
Sizes 10"+12"+14"
Colour black
Head`s Type Double Ply
Finish Textured, Coated
Damper Ring No
Dot No
K dostání od Duben 2013
Číslo produktu 313835
Prodejní jednotka 1 ks
50 € 1 227,39 Kč
Cena vč. DPH nezahrnuje poštovné 15 €
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Sammy sez
Sammy B. 25.05.2013
a very easy to mount skin with a smoking hot look the onyx set tuned up very quickly and evenly, even with a rather cheap nasty torque key. the set has quite a high attack rate even when tuned quite low. even without control rings they cut pretty quick and overtones aren't a problem. coupled with the evans hydraulic black snare skin i got the sound i was looking for at a very good price. they seem very hard wearing and dont appear to dent or lose the coating and i tend to be a bit rough as many amateurs are. i would give them a five star rating for sound and durability. the only downside to them is, overall volume is diminished compared to the skins that came with my gretch g2 studio kit but i guess if you mic up its not an issue. they will most likely become my standard set in future purchases.
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