Top 5 Ukuleles of 2018

Top 5 Ukuleles of 2018

Ukulele! Don’t you just love that word? It simply rolls off the tongue. This instrument has brought plenty of tropical flare to the year 2018, check out our Top 5 Ukuleles below. Great fun often comes in small packages…

Harley Benton Kahuna CLU Bass Mahogany Uke

If there’s one thing cooler than a ukulele, it’s a ukulele bass. Harley Benton offers the Kahuna CLU-Bass Mahogany Uke as an affordable representative in this category. In full mahogany it is very chic and valuable. Also, with its scale of just 53 centimetres it is easy to handle for small hands – an insider tip for young beginner bassists!

Baton Rouge V2-SW

With the V2-SW, Baton Rouge introduces a straightforward, functional soprano ukulele. The body is made of mahogany and covered with a very thin, open-pored varnish, which feels nice and natural, but protects the wood sufficiently. Nevertheless there are some nice details to admire, especially the lazered sun around the sound hole…

Ortega RUWN-CE Walnut Horizon Series

And now for something completely different: The Ortega RUWN-CE is a ukulele, but obviously it got some electric guitar genes. A body with cutaway and headstock with machine heads on one side only are anything but traditional. Together with the walnut body a ukulele of a special kind is created.

Harley Benton Ukulele Pack

The Harley Benton Ukulele Pack contains everything you need to keep the prospective ukulele virtuoso busy for at least the first year. The Ukulele belongs in the soprano size and feels especially comfortable for smaller hands. A matte brown varnish protects the instrument and gives it a discreet look. It comes with a tunerchord table and a set of picks, all essential to protect the beginner from frustration. A new set of strings and a gig bag are the icing on the cake!

Flight Concert DUC440 Koa 2018

With the Concert DUC440 Koa 2018 Flight presents a ukulele of the nobler kind. Here the body is made of Hawaiian Koa wood, as ukuleles were originally made. Since a veneer is used here, however, the price remains in pleasingly affordable regions. The DUC440 Koa is a visually and acoustically harmonious instrument. Gig bag included.

What do you think of our Top 5 ukuleles? Which one tickles your fancy? Which ones have you tried? Can you recommend any others? Let us know. 

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