Hello New Gear – July 2018

Hello New Gear – July 2018

Introducing hot and innovative products that can help you raise your music to the next level… ? The July 2018 edition is here…

TritonAudio NeoLev

These little devices are used to decouple studio monitors, hi-fi speakers, turntables, CD / DVD / BluRay players, preamplifiers or other devices (which weigh up to 8kg) from the surface they sit on, meaning that it separates it, mechanically, in this case using repulsive neodymium magnets. In essence the device will “float” above the surface and this will avoid any vibrations that may interfere with the performance of the device. For studio monitors, for example, this will result in a clearer sound without any low frequencies being absorbed by the desk. Having doubts? Try it yourself…

Price: €38 

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Black

So what, another pair of Bluetooth headphones… Yeah but these fit so well that they feel like an all-together new product. And with the “music share” feature (this allows another pair of headphones to be plugged into one of the ear pieces by using a 3.5 mm plug so a second person can listen in) they are revolutionising the way we listen to high quality music. With each charge you get 30 hours of play time, so you can listen till the break of dawn, without having to deal with angry neighbours banging on the walls…

Technical Specs:

Design / Construction: On-Ear
System: Closed Back
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
Adapter: No
Replaceable Cable: Yes

Price: €135

Mesa Boogie Head-Track

This device allows you to switch between two amp heads while only using one cabinet. That’s already great but the selling feature is a shared effects loop routing system that allows you to use the same effects on both heads without having to switch a single cable: an efficient solution for live playing, studio work, A/B comparison or simply enjoying different amps and effects through the same cab. More info in this video…


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Technical Specs:

Type: A/B, Looper
LED Display: Yes
PSU Connector: Yes
Shape: Floor Effects Pedal
MIDI Interface: No

Price: €458

Sound Devices MixPre-10T

This 12-track USB audio interface and mic preamp (Kashmir with 76 db gain) looks like it just landed from outer space, and its performance is appropriately “out of this world”. It can be powered via eight AA batteries or optional XL-WPH3 power supply (not included). Free Wingman app is available for download and can be used as a remote control for the MixPre-10T.

Technical Specs:

Integrated Stereo Microhone: No
Microphone Inputs: 8
48 V Phantom power: Yes
Line Inputs: 8
Storage Medium: SD/SDHC/SDXC Card
Headphone connection: Yes
Integrated Speaker: No
Resolution max.: 24 bit
Max. Sample Rate: 192 kHz
Limiter: Yes

Price: €2,069

BOSS WL Series

BOSS has finally jumped on the wireless bandwagon, and they’ve done it right! Two products are now on the market that will make wireless guitar and bass playing a breeze for anyone who wants to avoid getting tangled up in the notorious jungle of cables…

Let’s start with the BOSS WL-20 for its sheer simplicity, a very compact plug & play device that provides a reliable wireless connection between the instrument and amplifier with passive Hi-Z pickups. Simply dock the transmitter and receiver together for about 10 seconds to set the optimum wireless connection, newly developed BOSS technology delivers premium audio performance with rock-solid stability, ultra-low latency (2.3 ms), and 50-foot/15-meter range (line-of-sight propagation), built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous playing time, simple charging with a standard USB adaptor (5 V/500 mA or greater), cable tone simulation reproduces the natural capacitive effect of a 10-foot or 3-meter guitar cable. Practical, pure and simple.

Price: €178

There is also a low-impedance version (for acoustic guitar, keyboard, etc.) available called the BOSS WL-20L

The BOSS WL-50 is the same concept in a different format. It’s designed to fit on your pedal board and can be run on two AA batteries or using a standard 9v power adapter. Handy indeed!

Price: €198


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Technical Specs (for both products):

Frequency Band: 2,4 GHz
Diversity: No
Switchable-Frequencies: No
Removeable Antenna: No
Pilot Tone: No
Max. Amount of Channels: 14
Battery Type (Transmitter): Accu

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