Top 5 E-drums 2021

Top 5 E-drums 2021

Electronic drums have long since established themselves as instruments in their own right. And their advantages are also obvious: great feel thanks to excellent pads, thousands of sounds (often your own) many additional functions for practicing and recording and if necessary you can also play very quietly. Modern e-drums can also look like acoustic drum sets – but they don’t have to. Our top 5 shows you current kits with all possibilities. Simon also introduces in the video below!  🥁


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Roland TD-07DMK V-Drum Set

The Roland company is considered one of the pioneers in the e-drum sector and, with the TD-07DMK V-Drum Set, offers an affordable entry into the world of electronic drumming. The strength of the Roland kits is that they don’t afford any noticeable weaknesses, the same goes for the TD-07DMK model. The kit is robustly constructed, sounds excellent, gives an authentic feel thanks, to the mesh heads, and is intuitive to use. It offers sound tinkerers numerous effects as well as extensive editing options, and the excellent coaching functions make it an ideal tool for learning the drums! Of course, there is also a Bluetooth function on board so that you can accompany your favorite songs without cables.

Price: 749€

Yamaha DTX6K3-X E-Drum Set

With the DTX6K3-X, Yamaha has an e-drum set in its range whose ingenious “Kit Modifier” function enables the sound to be adjusted spontaneously in real time using three knobs. Cumbersome diving into submenus is a thing of the past. And the DTX6K3-X also has a lot to offer: over 700 sounds, 37 play-along songs, 3-zone cymbals, up to four layers per pad, multi-effects and practical exercise functions. You can integrate your own sounds using a USB stick via sample import. The TCS drum pads, which are an excellent compromise between mesh heads and hard rubber pads in terms of hardness, ensure a pleasant playing feel. The Ride Pad has position detection, which enables dynamic play and multi-layered sounds. Wow!

Price: 1,598€

Millenium MPS-1000 E-Drum Set

Some people might only realize at second glance that the Millenium MPS-1000 is an electronic drum kit. The reason for this is the wooden shells equipped with mesh heads, which are dimensioned similarly to an acoustic drum kit. This also applies to the hi-hat and cymbal pads, with diameters similar to acoustic ones (between 13 and 18 inches). So there is a big plus for the aesthetics, but the technical data also makes you sit up and take notice: 820 sounds, Bluetooth, a sample import function and a 3.2-inch color display are further features that make the MPS-1000 a competitive kit against established manufacturers.

Price: 998€

Efnote 5 E-Drum Set

Compared to the well-known manufacturers of e-drums, Efnote is a newcomer in this field, but Efnote 5 has many years of development work by highly qualified employees and a lot of innovative potential. With its wooden shells in a silver sparkle look, the set has an extremely attractive appearance and can hardly be distinguished from acoustic drums. The module with its full-metal housing, and a touchscreen, underlines the luxurious image of the kit. An absolute highlight is the cymbal pads, which can be played over their entire surface and convey an extremely realistic feel and a large dynamic range. The Efnote 5 offers “only” 98 acoustic drum and percussion sounds, but a sound quality and dynamics that could hardly be closer to the real thing.

Price: 2,979€

Roland TD-50K2 V-Drum Kit

The Roland TD-50K2 is an uncompromising e-drum set with unique features that set it apart from the competition. These include the digital snare, hi-hat and ride pads, whose multi-sensor technology enables such a multitude of tonal and dynamic gradations that you feel as if you are playing on acoustic instruments. The editing options for the sounds allow the most subtle adjustments, such as the tension of the snare skin, the texture of the head, different types of damping, different microphone positions and much more. With the possibility of recording 32 separate channels on the computer using the USB interface function, the TD-50K2 also does an excellent job in the studio.

Price: 5,399€

So, which e-drum kit would you go for immediately, and why? Let us know with a comment.

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