k&f Artists & Creators

k&f Artists & Creators

Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson is a Canadian-born and Berlin-based techno & minimal techno artist.

“He’s developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson’s tracks, you almost immediately know it’s his. And yet there’s no mistaking any given track for another”. – Resident Advisor


“No matter what sounds you profess to be your music of choice, chances are, that at some point over the last five years, you will have got your rocks off to Matt Edwards (Radioslave).” – Resident Advisor


Rebekah is a British DJ and dance music producer who runs the Decoy and Elements labels, and produces and deejays industrial techno.

Inhalt Der Nacht

Christoph Heinze (aka Inhalt Der Nacht) formerly known as Escape To Mars creates techno music and is the founder of the labels Modul & Lebendig.


Jamie Roberts, better known by his stage name Blawan, is an English DJ and record producer from South Yorkshire. He came to prominence with his debut release Fram on the label Hessle Audio and signed to R&S Records.


Hybrasil learned his craft working as a house engineer at Temple Lane and Grouse Lodge Studios, where he recorded and produced music across genres such as Blues, Jazz, Folk Music, World Music and Prog Rock. After many years of honing his skills, work on the Hybrasil live and studio project began. What followed was a series of digital/vinyl releases on his own eponymous label and a number of key performances at festivals and clubs across the continent.

Felix Fleer (host)

Felix Fleer is the Thomann Synthesizers YouTube channel ambassador and content creator in Thomann’s Berlin studio. He works as a DJ, producer, live act, radio host and label owner (of the Raw Imprint record label). He takes pride in creating more that just club sounds, he is someone who shapes melodies and atmospheres for many different surroundings and situations.

Ahmet Sisman (host)

Ahmet Sisman is a DJ, producer, promoter and mastering engineer based in Essen. Founder of The Third Room and modular gear nerd for the Thomann Synthesizers Channel.

Jason Jervis (Get Jervis)

Musical mayhem with some eccentric bits of electronic kit! Some reviews, some noodling and the occasional thought or two.. Jason has been appearing on Thoman’s Synthesizers YouTube channel for a few years now and never ceases to entertain and inspire.


BoBeats makes excellent videos about music production, synthesizers and creativity!


CUCKOO takes synths, bleeps, dance and pop to the stage. Original songs in a soundosphere inspired by the sounds of early video games.

Doctor Mix

Doctor Mix has a YouTube channel where you can find weekly reviews, tips & techniques on music production, mixing and mastering. Watch his team in action at their London studios and discover the gear and techniques they use to deliver professional masters to our www.DoctorMix.com clients

Gaz Williams

Gaz Williams is a bass player, producer and music technologist.


Based out of Berlin, Germany, electronic music composer and performer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called “One hell of a trip”. His music has been released on Opal Tapes, Seil Records and many more. Recently, he has become a YouTube personality talking about esoteric music equipment and avant-garde music techniques.


If you haven’t seen LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER‘s videos yet you’re in for a real treat! He’s like an audio/sound/music mad scientist! Check out his content:

Noize London

Noize London produces, mixes and masters music… and now vlogs too! He loves beer, even more so if the branding is music themed.

Red Means Recording

Red Means Recording is Jeremy Blake, he makes music and videos about music technology 🙂


SynthMania is the channel and website of Paolo Di Nicolantonio. In this channel you can find videos of synthesizers and many other types of musical and electronic gear.


With his new project VØSNE, Vincent is working to produce a diverse and eclectic music, which derives its inspiration from funky deep house grooves and the ethereal sounds of hypnotic techno. – Resident Advisor

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