In-house Service Centre: Studio, Software & Electronics

In-house Service Centre: Studio, Software & Electronics

Our Service Centre is in charge of handling your mics, audio interfaces, synths (digital, analogue and modular), studio monitors, keyboards, digital pianos and software with care and getting any issue fixed which may arise. Our passionate employees are detail obsessed and love what they do. In this blog article we give you a peek of what goes on inside the Studio Service Centre, Software Support Centre and Electronics workshop. Enjoy and happy studio time! 

The pros can handle it!

Whether the issue is big or small our workers put their sweat, blood and tears into analyzing and testing your product and giving you adequate and timely feedback.

Services at Studio Service Centre

Our team of experts offers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Testing products that get sent back to us (mics, USB audio interfaces, studio monitors, midi controllers, keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers, modular components, rack components / effects, etc.)
  • Communicating through our trusted colleagues from national and international Customer Care
  • Communicating with brands and their respective service facilities and partners
  • Watching customer videos to identify the issues and find the most fitting solution 
  • Doing minor repairs on house brand products (under warranty) that get sent back to us (bigger repairs get sent directly to the manufacturer’s designated service facility)
  • Warranty checks for our house brands (in cooperation with our customer service)
  • Checking the quality of returned goods to see if they are suitable as B-Stock items
  • Solving issues, by phone or email, from internal stakeholder such as customer servicelogisticspartner managementproduct management, etc.
  • Registration and Licensing issues
  • Installation problems
  • Compatibility issues between software and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS)
  • Bugs and other software glitches or issues

Our trained staff works hard to find solutions for your individual cases, and issues with the manufacturers and their partners, to solve these adequately. Don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter how small the problem may seem.

Electronics Workshop / Repair Service

The Studio Service Centre works together with the Electronics Workshop when there are repairs and/or analysis to be done on products from our house brands (or minor repairs from other brands). Trained employees – including some master technicians – take care of the repair and service of electronic equipment. They have all the tools needed to find a quick solution and to do it properly. Here are a few photos from the workshop, and some of the tools used:

Inside the Service Centre

Check out this short Instagram Video to have a look inside the service centre:


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Don’t hesitate to contact us

Support Hotline:


phone: +49-9546-9223-55


Returns / Repairs & Damages:


phone: +49-9546-9223-476


Studio / Synth / Software Department in the shop:


phone: +49-9546-9223-30

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