Change strings on an electric guitar
How to change strings on an electric guitar

How to change strings on an electric guitar

Over time your strings will start to lose its resonance. This is due to the accumulation of dirt in the winding. This dirt is made up of salts, oils and acids released from perspiration, along with surrounding dust particles. Knowing when it’s time to change your strings can thus vary depending on how you play, how often you play, even where you play and how you personally take care of your guitar. If your strings are losing its brilliance, or showing signs of oxidation then it may be time for a change, and if you break a string then it’s advisable to change the full set. Here are the different stages in changing the strings of an electric guitar.

Necessary equipment for changing strings:

How to change your strings on your electric guitar:

  • Purchase a new set of strings at your favourite store .
  • Remove the old strings with the help of the string winder and wire cutter.
  • Install the new strings while keeping the tension somewhat loose with enough slack to wrap it around the tuning peg. Once secure, start winding the peg to tighten the strings.
  • Cut any excess string sticking out form the pegs both for aesthetic reasons as well as safety reasons ie poking your eyes.
  • Tune it up and you’re ready to go!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so on that note we leave you with this short video tutorial!

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    Really not very helpful. Thankfully I know how to do this properly, as this article doesn’t give nearly enough information to help a beginner. Would have expected better from Thomann!! Your articles and mini – guides are usually very informative.

    Hi Janice, will make a note of this, thanks for your feedback.

    Hey first off, bold of you to put a critic in the comments, seems like most blogs only approve the comments that say how great they are (even if they are not), and that video pretty much gives all the instruction necessary, thanks for sharing.

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