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the sssnake PFP2050


Headphone Extension Cable

  • Stereo jack to jack socket (6.3 mm on both sides)
  • Length: 5 m
Length 5 m
Item number 153216
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well built good quality
RobC 03.06.2013
Headphone extensions have caused my hours of problems in my studio over the years, cheap cables just aren't worth the money, if they're not cutting out its a loose connection and headphones are taped into the socket, noise or any number of other complaints. It was thoroughly refreshing to find these well priced extensions that actually met criteria. They have handy little latches to stop artists/musicians wandering off and pulling cans out of the socket, they are made well (none have broken as of yet) and best yet, if they do break, you can simply unscrew the end and repair it yourself in seconds, none of this moulded nonsense. The sound is clean and noise free, would and will buy again.


Must have!
Anonymous 22.06.2016
We have all been there

In the studio and your client is standing in a comfortable position in front of the microphone ready to go and you remember to get them headphones.... except the cable for the DT150s is only a couple of meters long and they are just out of reach.... woops!

This cable is awesome! It has a lock on it so it wont ever come out (People tend to walk off mid session to get their phone from where they are charging it and forget they are plugged in). It allows your artist to be in the optimal position at all times and it lets you rest assured that your expensive headphones arn't going to get tanked out of your expensive headphone amp or monitor controller.

The best time to use these are for recording drums. Before i got this cable i had to setup my recording desk right next to the drummer which not only cramps him up, it also destroys my ears after a 10 hour session!

This way he can have his space to do his thing and I can do mine. This is also great for any of your drummers trying to run a click track live, it would be great to be next to the laptop at all times buy tiny venues make this almost impossible. Get your guitarist to set the click tracks going and you can chill with your headphone extender.

This cable also comes in handy for applications it wasnt designed for. Always carry one of these in your gig bag! As a session guitarist sometimes you cant be right next to your amp (especially at bigger shows) and you need and extra couple of meters. Sure its not going to be as good as your guitar cable but after you distort it and run it through 10 pedals i don't think you will notice.

Amazing price
The most useful thing for the studio
Locking feature protects gear and nuisance singers
Sounds great


Every studio needs one! Make sure you have yours ready!


Great Value Cable
DaveAGT 17.09.2021
Using several of these in my studio with no issues.
Good connectors and the cable is tough enough to take a bit of abuse.
No need to spend more!


GENIUNE & excellent
elnegros 25.10.2020
I am Drummer and I use this extension for my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X for recording of my own drums. This piece of gear is heavy duty and trustful. I am telling this because, there are lot of counterfeit product around.
But Thomann always supply you with the genuine and reliable parts.

so this piece of gear is genuine, solid, and heavy duty. When I insert my stereo phone jack, the insert point is tight and fixed. No need to worry if your stereo phone will ever get out accidentally from the extension. No way, this will ever happen.

thank you thomann..


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