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Online průvodci Thomann: Guitar Amp Heads

Though there are other options, the stack remains a rock icon, and is still the most flexible form of guitar amplification.

Welcome to our Guitar
AmpereUnit of current; the amount of electricity flowing through a conductor. One Ampere is equal to the flow of 6.25x10^18 electrons through a conductor in one second.
Heads Online Advisor.

Though combo amps are highly convenient in many respects, and recent developments in the
DigitalAll digital equipment, formats and systems represent audio in numerical code or form. Digital information is a precise way of expressing any of information that can be quantified in some way.
domain have attracted a great deal of interest, the
StackA form of guitar amplification, generally associated with rock music, in which the amplifier circuitry ('amp') is separate from (and usually placed on top of) one or more speaker cabinets ('cabs').
- the combination of a separate
AmplifierA device for increasing the power of a signal by taking power from a supply and shaping the output to match the input signal.
or ‘head’, and speaker
CabinetThe housing for a loudspeaker, often abbreviated to "cab".
or ‘cab’ - remains a vital tool for most serious players. Though transistor-based guitar heads do exist, the market remains dominated by the
ValveA device consisting of a glass tube from which air is removed, containing one or more electrical contacts operating at high temperature, which as the predecessor of the transistor, was essential to the development of electronics (particularly amplification) and is still favoured in guitar amplification and high-end hi-fi for its warm sound.
technology that has played such a crucial role in shaping the rock guitar sounds of the past forty years.

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