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Seymour Duncan AHB-1S


Active Humbucker Set

  • Consisting of AHB1-B and AHB1-N
  • Sound features: high output, attack, long sustain and clarity
  • Neck pickup: alnico V bar magnet
  • Bridge pickup: ceramic bar magnet
  • Balanced signal in the preamp for absolute background noise free transmission
  • Up to 14 dB less noise than comparable pickups
  • Resonance frequency neck: 750 Hz
  • Resonance frequency bridge: 530 Hz
  • Including potis, jack and battery clip
  • 3-Wire shielded connection cables
  • Colour: black
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Active Yes
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output High
Kappe No
Colour Black
Position Bridge, Neck
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219 €
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Noiseless, powerful and loud
TerryMcK 23.08.2013
I built these into a baritone guitar I designed and made on recommendation from the guys at the Seymour Duncan factory themselves.
I just had to make a few design changes to accommodate the battery.
I wired the guitar in 1 vol, 1 tone, 3 way switch format. The pickups themselves connect with push on connectors making it very easy to change them out if desired.

Beware these pickups are extremely powerful and will overload the input stage of a solid state input stage (modelling amplifiers for instance) quite easily. It is best if you turn on a little compression first of all. On valve amplifiers there is no such problem and you will be rewarded with a superb crystalline clarity on low guitar volume settings all the way to a superb overdriving of the input stage when the volume control is full.
You can achieve the same with a solid state amplifier but as stated with compression on.
There is absolutely no noise at all from these pickups, no buzzing that you get with non active pickups (stage lights are good to induce this), no hiss from the circuitry and when you take your hands off the strings no mains induced buzz.

Battery life. I left the guitar lead plugged in to see how long the battery would last. Up to now I have had the same battery for around 100 hours continuous use and it still works. Only time will tell how long it will last before being replaced.

All in all these guitar pickups work great with low B strings all the way up to the top of the register. The balance between the pickups is superb as long as you get the pickup height right. The neck pickup is very mellow sounding, the bridge pickup as you would expect is sharp but still with a lot of depth. When you blend both pickups together you get another very distinct sound. It is quite a honky mellowness.

The pickups come as a matched set marked B and N with all the cables, 4 potentiometers, 2 capacitors, nuts, washers, screws and springs. All you need to supply is the pickup rings, switch and jack socket. Of course if you are putting them into and existing guitar you will have all of that already. You must use the 25K pots that come in the kit though as the design calls for them. Also you must use the supplied capacitors too.

I can thoroughly and heartily recommend these.


Awesome sound!
Chrisz 28.10.2014
The sound on the Seymour Duncan AHB-1S pickups is just brilliant. I'm using them in my PRS SE and they sound very meaty and substantially better than the stock BDSM pickups. Output level is very high as expected yet noiseless. For cleans you'll need an amp that won't break up easily as these pickups push out a lot of sound. You can get nice bluesy tones out of them in the neck position with just a touch of gain to round out the sound. For lead/distortion they are extremely heavy and tight sounding. I'd say it's perfect for both neck and bridge, but if you play a lot of chordsy stuff, stick to a sligtly lower output active pickup like the EMG-60.


Very high output
Jamie4783 06.12.2016
Normally I use EMGs but these break the limits very high output and very nice


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Très haut niveau de sortie avec beaucoup de clarté
Clément960 31.07.2012
Ces micros ont un niveau de sortie hors du commun. Toutefois, ils gardent une clarté et une articulation du son excellente. Même ne mettant la saturation à un niveau elevé, le son reste propre.
Je trouve qu'ils ont plus de dynamique que les EMG et plus de chaleur, ce qui les rapprochent plus d'un son de micro passifs en un sens, mais tout en conservant les avantages des micros actifs:
- basse impédance: pas d'influence de la longueur du câble sur le son, l'utilisation du volume de la guitare réduit le niveau de sortie mais ne modifie pas le son.
- une qualité de son excellente, pas de souffle parasite.
Le set comprend un micro manche et un chevalet, qui ont des caractéres bien distinctes. Le micro manche s'adapte très bien en son clair, sans pour autant se laisser désirer un saturé pour un bon solo métal. Le micro côté chevalet est ravageur en saturé, mais suffisamment chaleureux pour également s'utiliser en son clair.
Bref un excellent set, pour ma part, je l'ai monté dans une ibanez en acajou. Je joue du metal et j'en suis très satisfait


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