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Cherry Lane Music Company Guns n' Roses Anthology


Songbook for Electric Guitar

  • 21 Songs by Guns N' Roses
  • Arranged for guitar
  • In standard notation and tablature
  • With lyrics and chords
  • ISBN 9780571530007
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 208 Pages
Level Of Difficulty Hard
Incl. Notes Yes
With Tabs Yes
With Chords Yes
With Text Yes
Bonus Audio No
Bonus Video No
Blues/R&B/Soul No
Country No
Folklore/Traditionals No
Jazz No
Classical Music No
Latin No
Metal No
Golden Oldies/Evergreens No
Pop No
Alternative No
Reggae No
Rock Yes
German Popular Songs No
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G´n`R Anthology for guitar, play like Slash
Rockfan 18.09.2014
I purchased the G´n´R Anthology because I wanted to play my favorite Guns and Roses songs and not be reliant on wrong and confusing guitar tabs from the internet.
You get the songs in the real arrangement and even every Slash Solo from every song.
The book includes guitar tabs and notes of several songs of the first four "Gunners" albums.
Make sure that you know what a bending is or a hammer on if you´d like to play the songs with the help of this book, otherwise it won´t be fun. But even beginners can learn the basic riffs from the songs with this book. If you get lost, use your G´n´R CDs and compare them to the written notation.
I think most hits are included in this book, there are for example eight songs from the "Appetite for Destruction" album, including smash hits like "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Nighttrain".
Two songs are from the "G´n` R lies" album which I don´t have in my record collection, so I don´t know the song "I used to love her".
The choice of songs of the "Use your illusion II " album is good, I think.
My favorites like "You could be mine" or "Civil war" are included in the book.
I am not very happy with the choice of songs for the "Use your illusion I" album:
There are a few songs which I personally think are not the best from the UYI 1 album.I ´m missing " Back off b****" for instance or"Don´t damn me". But that´s my personal taste and others might think different about this.
And if you want to play the famous Slash Solo for "Novermber Rain" , you can, because it is included in the songbook.
The songbook provides a good overview over the bands work.


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Play like Slash
Mario aus D. 28.09.2017
Um mich kurz zu fassen:

Endlich n Buch oder einfach Tabs wo man den Zusammenhang versteht, wer von den beiden Gitarristen (bei Patience sind es sogar 3 da Duff au mal auf 6 Saiten umsteigt) welchen Part spielt.
Zu Empfehlen ist es daher definitiv :)


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Le songbook indispensable pour les amateurs des Gun's N' Roses.
Agnes 25.05.2011
Un très bon songbook, très complet, on retrouve les classiques qu'on prend plaisir à écouter, les arrangements sont parfaits, les écritures claires. Rien à dire.
Le livre présente bien, le sommaire est bien expliqué.
Destiné à beaucoup d'instrument, il ravira les multi-instrumentistes. Comme les guitaristes comme moi. Quand on y prend le temps, les fameux solos de Slash sont évidemment assez accessible, et une fois qu'on les a bien travaillé, on peut espérer faire forte impression.
Les accords sont détaillés, et on ressent la fierté de jouer les plans qui nous ont fais rêver. Reste à attendre la réception du chapeau, du songbook, et la pousse des cheveux bouclés.. Après ça, on se sentira vraiment, comme une vrai Rockstar. Merci Thomann, très bon livre, et bon transport !


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François S. 23.07.2012
des titres bien choisis, ainsi qu'un transcription exacte ! vous trouverez enfin les vraies versions de vos chansons des Guns préférées ! foncez les yeux fermer ! vous ne le regretterais surement pas !


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