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Harley Benton G112

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Guitar Box

  • Power handling: 100 Watts (70 watts RMS)
  • 12" Speaker
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • 1x Handle
  • 1x Jack
  • Semi-open MDF cabinet
  • Dimensions : 545 x 257 x 453 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Colour: Black
Max. Load 100 W
Impedance 8
Weight 11,0 kg
available since February 2008
Item number 139026
82 €
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Anyone call for a cab?
Gain_Badger 28.10.2014
Edited after using the cab live a lot :-)
There are many better cabs out there, but none for the money. If you aren't a gear snob or tone hound and have realised that probably 99% of your audience really don't give a monkey about the nuance of sound but just want to dance like loonies and don't want to wince with any harshness in the sound.
Welcome to my world. Boutique cabs cost more before they start earning. My gear has to earn. I needed to reinforce our sound. Not 'make louder' but reinforce.
Combo on a beer crate behind me, extension cab on the other side of the stage on a beer crate. I'd been borrowing a Marshall 50watt combo + 1x12 which sounded no better. If we need louder, we mic up.Seems gear snobs and thieves like Marshall. I'm HB-80R+ this cab now and we still sound AWESOME! for less than the cost of just the stolen cab.
Construction wise, it classes as adequate. It's an MDF chassis and mine had a footprint on the inside...Who cares! It is adequate. Interesting to note how the audiophile hi-fi lot used to witter on about how much better the sound from MDF cabinets compared to ply was, yet in the guitar world, MDF is treated as a joke. There's MDF and mdf I guess. This passes muster for MDF as opposed to barely compacted wood dust in glue.
The speaker has no identifying marks on mine. It makes a sound. Not a very nice one at first, but run full power for 10 minutes and it smooths out.
It has now spent some hours making some very high volume levels indeed, and those volume levels have been unperturbed by unwanted cabinet colouration or speaker distortion. Think of it as running the cone in, like you'd an old engine that'd been reconditioned. As it has softened up, so has any brittleness about the edges of the sound. The speaker is a good match for the Celestion Seventy/80 in the combo. Less bass and perhaps a little harsher but nothing of consequence. There are no strident overtones or pockets of missing frequencies, just a damn fine sound. No nasal honkiness when chunking and chopping either.
The cab is open back and reflex ported. There are no tubes, but is ported. This is a hint. You can place the cab near a wall or even gaffa stiff card at a pinch to make it a closed back. Bass beefs up as a result.
Same with open back combos. Make a closer for tighter bass.
The corner guards aren't fitted too neatly, but really, it makes a nice sound so who cares?.
For playing with amp heads for practice. As a cab, as an amp extension speaker, you'll not get better without spending big coin. The Vintage model may be more refined, but this has cojones. If you sip tea from a cup, go vintage model. Me?, I gulp from a mug


Bartelby 05.06.2020
I watch many YouTube channels and some serious people review and recommend Harley Benton.

I'm a hobby guitarist moving up from a Vox Pathfinder amp to an Orange Micro Terror, and so I need a cab. On a budget.

The G112.
Dear god, I had no idea how big this thing was, no idea how loud this thing is, no idea how many of my neighbours would be moving out. It's so loud.

Ok, first thing is the cosmetic issue. This cab is beautiful. Matte black tolex with a charcoal grille and a very discreet HB logo. It is stealth, it lurks. I pray every night that Thomann don't change the design before I can buy another one (and I will be purchasing another one).

I may be a guitar noob, but I do know what sounds good and every new piece of audio equipment I buy is given the 'Jungle Boogie' benchmark test. That piece of music has a lovely balance of frequencies to allow comparison over devices.

The G112 is, of course, dominant in the mid-range whilst delivering rounded bottoms and perky tops. Plump would be the word. (So you don't think I'm buttering your bread, I own a HB-20R amp and the speaker in that is very muddy in comparison, the aforementioned Pathfinder has much more clarity. Sorry Thomann.)

It has a solid construction without any flaws I can find. If you are a working musician you could fling this into a van and not worry about it falling apart. For the price, and I paid £69, you never need care about the drummer falling over it when he's drunk. Again.

Did I mention how loud it is?


Surprised by the quality
LJ Dellar 10.05.2020
I bought this to use at home with my Mooer Little Monster AC, expecting to replace it at a later date and use the cabinet to install a home built 18 watt tube amplifier, and I fully expected to get the quality of sound I had paid for.

Well I am really surprised at how good this sounds just as it comes. There's plenty of dynamic range, transients are handled gracefully and the bottom end is tighter than I would have expected, especially in an open-backed speaker.

Yes, the cabinet is made of a composite (so are Marshalls) and yes it is glued, rather than screwed together. There is some untidiness in the finishing of the glue inside the cab where it can't be seen, and you only get one jack socket so you can't chain speakers together, but this costs less than many speakers without a cabinet.

From the outside the finish is fine, has reasonable corner protection and tidy grill cloth. Overall this is a bargain, and has the added bonus of being roomy enough to take an amplifier inside AND a long Accutronics reverb tank (if you felt inclined to do a little woodwork).

I think I might get another to build my Bluesbreaker home-brew amp into.


Great practice cab
Strings in the snow 21.08.2021
I got this to use as a cabinet for home practice with my Orange Rocker 15 Terror head, basically as an alternative to getting the combo version. I mostly intended to use it as an option for occasional 'loud' practice when sick of attaching a loadbox to the head and running it into a DAW, so I didn't want to spend too much money.

As it happens, I've ended up using it far more than I expected. It's nice and light for moving around, the speaker jack input is positioned well for a head sitting on top, and the sound is perfect for practice (though it has improved with use; it sounded a little bit 'stiff' at the start, but the speaker is now broken in). It's a tidy, unobtrusive little unit that doesn't take up too much space in my apartment, and does its job well when required.

Is it going to replace a 4x12" earthshaking monster cab? Probably not, but that's hardly what it's for. As a practice option or a backup, it gives you the sound of a full 12" speaker cone (compared to the 8" or 10" options found in most small combos) for a lot less than the typical price difference between a head or combo version of the same amp, and the outlay won't cause you any sleepness nights if/when you decide to replace or upgrade it.


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