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Fender 51 Nocaster Pickup Set

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  • Country Bridge
  • Funk Neck
  • Indie Middle
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Original Telecaster Pickup Set

  • 2 Set 51 ' Nocaster
  • Alnico 3 magnets
Aktive Circuit No
Wiring 2-Conductor
Pickup Output Vintage
Cap Yes
Colour Chrome
Position Bridge, Neck
Stacked - hum free No
Telecaster Yes
Stratocaster No
Other No
Item number 190231
155 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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Terrific sound
TonyOsax 28.06.2018
I have a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster which has the SCN pickups. Personally I think they sound very good, but it's true that they don't have the brightness and twang of single coil pickups and there is always a hint of humbucker tone with them. I have had an on-off, love-hate relationship with the guitar because of this since I bought it in 2006. I finally decided to replace the SCNs with Fender 51 Nocasters.

Actually, this was my second attempt to get a tone I would be happy with. My first attempt was with Lollar Vintage Ts. I was full of hope that installing such highly regarded (and very expensive) pickups would perform a magical transformation and give me the guitar of my dreams. It was a very salutary lesson, that putting the worlds best pickups into a modern American guitar does not make it sound like a 52 Tele. The Lollars were really good, but they were very bright and had tremendous sustain, neither of which I really wanted.

So, this time, with the Nocasters, my expectations were more modest. I expected that the fundamental character of the guitar would remain unchanged, but I would get the brightness and twang that is missing with the SCNs. That, indeed, turned out to be the case. The pickups are very well suited to the American Deluxe (or Standard, which is fundamentally the same guitar) and tonally are very similar to the SCNs. They are full bodied and warm, but they have more brightness, twang and noise. I've been able to compare by guitar to an American Standard Tele with Twisted Tele and Broadcaster pickups. In truth, there isn't much to choose between them and I would have been happy with either, I preferred the Nocaster.

The thing I am not happy about is the set of fittings that came with the pickups, which are only for vintage style Teles. The screws for the neck pickup just plain do not fit a modern Tele. They are too long for the body cavity and too thin for the pickguard. Maybe I'm being picky, but I think that providing the right kind of fittings for both styles of Tele is a fundamental requirement that Fender should have met.


Excellent upgrade
Anonymous 27.12.2015
I bought these to upgrade the pick ups in my Squire Affinity Telecaster. The standard pick ups were lacking, but thats not surprising considering the low price.

The Nocasters arrived in 3 days, which i was very pleased about. They were packaged very well and obviously with some thought. I was immediately impressed with the service from Thomann.

I fitted them with no problems, but its worth pointing out that they come with slot head screws rather than cross head, must be for that vintage vibe i guess.

I was immediately blown away by the difference in sound quality - The neck pickup on a clean setting is just superb, the wooliness of the Squire pick up was gone and replaced by such clarity and full bodiedness, its difficult to put into words just how good it sounds.

The neck pickup is equally as good - It still twangs like anything if you want it to, but its got a fullness to it that is just perfect. The two combined is even better, this guitar with my Blackstar amp can give me pretty much any tone i need, apart from high gain metal (but thats not really what these pick ups are about).

I can think of no downside to these, for the money i think they are superb, and i really doubt you could get better no matter how much you spend. My cheap Squire now sounds as good as any Fender, and i'm chuffed to bits.
If you are considering a set of these just buy them, they really are as good as people say.


51 nocaster pickups
Shay 02.03.2014
I love my nocaster pickups, I put them into a 62 reissue bound edge alder body rosewood board, made in japan tele. I have another set on order for my 52 reissue made in USA. The nocasters have a vintage tone like the original vintage pickups that came in the 52 but are much clearer and fuller, hard to put in words but more edge with overdrive, more strength compared with a humbucker. I tried texas specials and they were too ice pick like. Nocasters to me are the most authentic. The bridge pickup has RWRP ( reverse winding and reverse polarity) for hum cancelling which is VIP.


xpeter 04.03.2021
I found one of the most beautiful telecaster tones...


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