EMG 89R Black


Pickup for Electric Guitar

  • Active hybrid of a humbucker and a single coil
  • Alnico V magnet
  • Position: Neck
  • Similar to the EMG 89, but with reversed coils so that the single coil side is closer to the neck to capture the sweet spot
  • Includes separate preamps and coils for a humbucker and single coil sound
  • Humbucker sound similarly full, warm and powerful as an EMG 85, single coil similarly bright, airy and bell-like as an EMG SA
  • Output: medium
  • Connections: 2-wire
  • Dimensions (width x height x installation depth): 69.9 x 38.1 x 22.9 mm
  • Distance between the fixing screws: 78.5 mm
  • Cap colour: Black
  • Made in USA

Delivery contents:

  • EMGs exclusive solderless installation system:
  • 25 k Tone potentiometer
  • Standard shaft: 10.5 mm
  • 25k Push/pull pot
  • Battery bus
  • Stereo output socket
  • Two Pickup In/Out Bus
  • Fixing screws and springs
  • Pickup cable
  • 2 Connecting cables
  • Output cable
  • Battery cable
Item number 104629
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Active Yes
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output Medium
Cap Yes
Colour Black
Position Neck
107 €
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In stock within 6-8 weeks

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29 Reviews

EMG 89r
JesperCFC 29.08.2013
I purchased this pickup to go alongside the EMG 81TW pickup in my Epiphone gothic explorer. I wanted the EMG 81-85 set up with a slight twist, the twist being i wanted to coil split the pickups for clean and emulated acoustic sounds.
In one word, WOW, this pickup is fantastic. This pickup takes the 85 and makes it able to coil split, the R version has the single coil at the top of the pickup instead of the base. The reason why i chose the 89R over the 89 was the single coil will have more bass than the 89 would, the closer the pickup is to the centre of the neck the bassier the response.
Under distortion its a dirty nasty fantastically tight pickup that made a great black metal sound when alternate picking single strings. I found that it doesn't respond to clean too well, that is to say there was still a fuzzyness around the sound so crystal clean was not possible, however when coil split the clean was a nice fat round tone, made the acoustic simulator on my pre-amp sound amazing, great live, great in the studio.
EMG's simple solder-less set up made installing this pickup easy.

Forget the typical 81-85 set up, make that classic EMG tone more flexible without loosing any of the original tone. get the 81TW and then get either this 89R or the 89. you wont regret it.


Excellent REAL dual mode pickup (humbucker / single coil)
Anthony3107 30.01.2014
in common with the EMG 89, this pickup is excellent, but this is the neck version.
It too is dual mode: it does the classic EMG 85 sound, but when you use the included push/pull pot to switch the mode, it switches to a very convincing EMG SA sound - the most single-coil like split I have heard on any pickup. The difference with the 89R is that the single coil position is in the furthest position from the bridge, so you get that strat neck pickup sound much more effectively than if you simply used another 89 - which has the single coil split nearer to the bridge.

The only complaint I have with this pickup is that the split is so effective, that the level is a little quieter, and the tone is as bright as if you switched to an SA pickup, it would be nice if you did not have to change the volume and tone positions quite so much to continue, but that's personal preference.

What is worth considering is that this pickup is 10 Euros less than the 89, so you could consider buying 2 of these if you were cutting cost


bobby j 15.05.2013
I reciently purchased a EMG ( extra metal growl ) 89R active guiat pick up in black.I did some on line research and via you tube heard this pickup both clean and distorted - I was very impressed with the sound so I decided to upgarde my Yamaha SG 2000 with this pickup - EMG pickups are quite easy to install as they come with a good clear comprehensive wiring diagram - best of all no soldering is required!

Mr R.Javan


Paired with SA /SA on a HSS Strat
Levon Harper 21.11.2022
Bought it to put in on a strat with SA/SA on neck and middle and wanted to retain the traditional 4 position. The 89R on single coil mode activates the north coil of the humbucker and its like having an SA on the bridge closer to a traditional strat retaining the quacky 4 position tone. In humbucker mode it's fat and bright.