EMG 81TW Black


Pickup for Electric Guitar

  • Active hybrid of a humbucker and a single coil
  • Ceramic and steel magnets
  • Position: bridge
  • Humbucker-esque crunch and attack, similar to the EMG 81 but with additional single coil sound
  • Output: high
  • Connections: solderless
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 69.9 x 38.1 x 27.6 mm
  • Distance between the mounting screws: 78.5 mm
  • Cap colour: black
  • Made in the USA


  • EMG's exclusive solderless installation system
  • 25 k Tone potentiometer
  • 25 k Push / Pull potentiometer
  • Battery bus
  • Stereo output socket
  • 2x Pickup in / out bus
  • Mounting screws and springs
  • Pickup cable
  • 2x Connecting cables
  • Output cable
  • Battery cable
Available since April 2008
Item number 205048
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Active Yes
Output Medium
Cap Yes
Colour Black
Position Bridge
111 €
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17 Reviews

A classic sound BUT a pain to install
Jackson99 24.03.2021
I got the 81 for the classic EMG sound to update my Washburn EC29. I got the solder less circuit with an EMG 3 position strat toggle to keep things tidy and fast (BTW I am very good at soldering)....IF ONLY I KNEW!!! The installation took me a whole day: 1. The prewired pickup cables could barely fit through the guitar holes as the ends with the click-on adaptors are bigger than the wire diameter and the TW has 3!!! The schematics are useless: LOTS of explanations and scenarios but lack of basic explanations of what the circuit should do and how the signal should run. I found out myself that when you get the EMG switch, you do't need the EMG cable base, how the signal should go in and out of the tone pots, how the power is distributed across etc... If I soldered the thing it would take me 10 minutes FFS...Be prepared for a lot of work AND be prepared that your guitar wiring holes might be SMALL which means you basically need drilling skills as well...


EMG 81 but better
JesperCFC 17.08.2013
EMG has become a large part of a lot of metal musicians sound for many years.
I've tried lots of pickups and making the swap to active pickups was a great decision.
The EMG 81 is a great pickup, tight powerful sound. good response with a clean signal and tight punchy direct sound when exposed to a high gain signal.
The EMG 81TW version of the 81 has a pot that when pulled out splits the pickup so it acts like a single coil pickup. i used this in single coil mode when playing bright clean strumming and acoustic sounds. as with single coil pickups against humbuckers, the single coil mode is quieter than its humbucker mode so it responds just how you would expect it. think of it as an EMG 81 and an EMG SA in one slot
As for installation it was a five minuet job due to the simple non-solder set up. it turned my guitar into a monster that i gigged with for ages, and when i accidentally broke that guitar, the pickup came right out of it and into another guitar.
The 81tw is great if you like the tone of the 81 but want a little bit more flexibility.


Why is pickup not more poplar?
Token 21.04.2020
I love the sound of the EMG81. It's nice, thick and compressed. Great for High Gain sounds. I however have a single humbucker guitar and having just the 81 in the bridge does not cut it for cleans. Enter the TW. The split coil solves the problem. It maintains all the qualities of the 81, but cleans it up and adds the sparkle of a single coil to the sound. And it's noiseless!


Doesn't sound like an 81 - its a different beast
James Lupson 04.08.2020
Sounds more like a 60, more warm with more low end.