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Auralex Acoustics MoPAD


Acoustic Isolation Pads

  • Solution for the decoupling of loudspeakers (up to 44 kg) from their supporting surface
  • Eliminate disturbing resonances, vibrations
  • Inclination: 0°, 4° & 8° possible
  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 cm per pad
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Including: 1 set contains 4 MoPads standard pads plus 4 wedge pads adjusting the inclination
Type Studio Monitor Decoupler
available since September 2008
Item number 216549
30 €
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These make all the difference
Paul Davies 07.09.2014
I purchased these as part of a home studio build. I had KRK Rokit monitors which despite being very good at re-producing sound had background noise and the bass levels were subdued. I read many reviews about various methods to limit the amount of vibration in speakers which in turn change the overall sound of your mix. By far the most positive was the Auralex Mopads. However due to budget constraints (I was spending allot on the keys and PC for the studio) I purchase a cheaper brand of mopads. They made almost no difference and in fact allowed my monitors to slowly move toward the edge of the shelf and almost fall off. It became clear that to get quality even in something as small as this, you have to buy a good brand. I received the mopads quickly from Thomann (always very good on shipping) and they made an immediate difference. They come in two bags (one for each set) and as well as the main pieces which the monitors sit on, you have various wedges which can be added to change the angle in 5 different ways so that the monitors are pitched towards your ears at the right height. The quality of the foam is fantastic, with my monitors staying in place. But the best thing of all is the sound. Bass is tighter, high end is crisper. I heartily recommend these. However, one negative is that if you clean your monitors with a yellow cleaning cloth, the foam pulls bits off them and is hard to clean afterwards.


Simpel, cheap and amazing!
Ken Decleer 07.10.2021
Does what it needs to do for a fraction of the price of other solutions!
I use it between my monitors and my monitor stands.
The result is just amazing!


Great Isolation pads
Moshik 18.07.2021
It does exactly what it needs to do.
With 3 inclinations possible, one can find a good position to the monitors without any struggle.
The material is good and durable; both pads are really stable below the monitors.
Although this product is a bit more expensive than its competitors - It is still worth it!


Inexpensive Instant Studio Upgrade!
Soundguy99 06.02.2019
Bought a second set for the second pair of speakers! These are truly an inexpensive, yet an effective way to quickly improve the sound of your studio monitors. Besides helping to isolate your speakers form your desk, they also come with a set of wedges to help find a better angle of listening for more accurate focus.


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