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Gravity SP 3202 Studiomonitor Stand


Stand for Studio Monitors

  • Massive cast-iron foot
  • Black powder-coating
  • Load capacity: 50 kg
  • Pipe diameter: 42/35 mm
  • Height adjustable from 900 - 1500 mm
  • Dimensions shelf: 250 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
available since October 2016
Item number 399997
55 €
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Done not bad, but not stable for heavy weight monitors...
RPstudio 22.10.2021
I find this is good:
1) Standing cone is not bad. Heavy enough. Lots of metal details.
2) The connection to the stand (top) is additionally reinforced with 4 screws and high-quality welded...
3) Stand adjustment connection made of strong metal.

I find this not good:
1) The base (on down) is screwed with one screw. Over time, gaining with more weight can turn into a big tragedy.
2) I do not recommend heavy weight monitors, maybe only up to 5-7 kg.
My Genelec 8050 the monitor column fluctuates very strongly and is not stable, but... it weighs only 12.7 kg and... it can tip over at any time...
3) When building a heavier monitor on this stand, I would recommend placing sand bags on the base. And then (only with a bag on the base), I do not recommend building anything heavier than 10-15 kg. Sorry... -Load capacity up to 50 kg is written in the product specification - which IS NOT TRUE...

I only recommend this stands for monitors up to 5-7 kg.


as a first monitor stand, I can wholeheartedly recommend this
Peter V_ 18.07.2019
Solid boxing, it has some good weight which is of course never a bad thing when it comes to any type of stands. Instruction manual is close to nonexistent, but it does not have too many parts and it's easy to figure out what goes where, so it's not a big issue.

One thing that sort of stood out for me is I could tighten the stem/body to the bottom piece without actually screwing it fully on, which gave me some freedom of rotating the upper piece but at the same time it wasn't straight and I'd assume if left like that it might tend to bend. I had to fully tighten it and move the whole piece around if I had to. Again, not a biggie unless you're cemented to your chair or constantly moving around. I'm using a pair of these for holding up studio monitors for mixing so I'm fine with this.

It wiggles a little bit when pushed (with weight on top of it) but other than that it doesn't budge at all. I'm not using the bottom spike screws only the rubber feet, I'd guess those could give me some additional stability but I'd rather not scratch the floor up with those. As the manual is 4 drawings in total I wasn't sure what to make of those.

In the end, this is my first ever monitor stands and I'm wasn't at all disappointed, I think I got good value for my money. Can totally recommend!


okay if I dont count the accuracy to quality
sadthoguah 20.05.2019
the stand is a disaster which shows me once and for all not to buy cheap stuff anymore!

after hooking it up (all the way correct to mention that) the device stood terribly unstraight. so I had to use the spikes first to fix one of the issues and that was to get the stand itself straight and.. after 5 or 6 corrections using the spikes in different positions the stand was straight. the second pro came with the top plate which for shame was also unstraight so.. I cut some paper and pressed it under one of the plates bottoms where the tending was to be unstraight downwards. after doing "all that" I got a well working stand for my mini dekker home studio hybrid homedisco/studio light effect. distastrous man, no cheap gear anymore.

the stand in its core is stable and the quality itself is good but I dont need a stand which isnt accurate after hooking up and putting down on the ground.


Great, heavy but arrived with a bend on one of the supporting plates
Starving Shepherd 25.10.2021
Heavy base, should have the point of the triangle the same direction as the face of the speaker. One arrived with a bent plate (underneath the larger plate) but that was bent back into shape with a little brute force and didn't really affect the top plate.
My larger speakers (KRK 8s) are very stable and will return to upright with a reasonable wobble.


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